She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 350 - I’m Here To Take My Fiancée With Me!

Chapter 350 - I’m Here To Take My Fiancée With Me!

Chapter 350: I’m Here To Take My Fiancée With Me!

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Big Sister wasn’t there, either?

Where did she go?

After Quentin, whose mind was full of question marks, hung up, he saw Louis and Warren looking at him eagerly and waiting for him to make the decision.

Quentin frowned. “When Joel went to bail her out, they gave him a very strange reason for rejecting the bail request, which made me feel that Nora must have gotten herself in trouble.”

Next to him, Louis exclaimed, “Surely she didn’t really cheat someone of money, did she?!”

Quentin and Warren both looked at him. “What are you talking about?”

Louis said with certainty, “Think about it—she’s just someone from a small town in California. How could she possibly own a card with no credit limit? I already found it very strange that time. Maybe she’s involved in a fraud syndicate!”

Warren and Maureen looked at each other.

Maureen also stroked her chin and said hesitantly, “Now that you put it that way, Nora also knows a relatively impressive hacker called Solo!”


Quentin frowned. “I know that guy. He’s an international hacker who’s on a wanted list overseas! Why is Nora involved with him?”

Maureen and Warren looked at each other.

Louis came to a conclusion. “It’s all over. It looks like Nora is gonna be involved in other kinds of trouble even without the medical malpractice incident this time! Besides, I heard that Old Maddy’s situation isn’t looking good!”

Warren nodded. “It’s precisely because we heard that Old Maddy is still unconscious that Maureen and I are so anxious. On top of that, his vitals are slowly declining… His organs are already beginning to fail! That’s why we were trying to think of a solution. Sigh!”

Louis said, “It’s over, it’s all over! From the start, Uncle Ian disliked Nora, yet she’s gotten herself in so much trouble now… Quentin, what should we do?”

“… There’s only one way out now,” said Quentin.

“What is it?”

“Breaking her out of prison.”



At the police station.

After patrolling the hospital for a while, Morris came back to continue interrogating Nora.

Nora was still sitting like a big boss. She leaned against the chair, stared at him, and said, “You’ve looked into everything, right? So, can I go to the hospital to save my patient now?”

Morris, who had a huge frown on his face, stared at the woman in front of him.

His men had indeed investigated what had happened, and also questioned the Smiths’ servants. All of them testified that Nora hadn’t used any drugs when she was treating Old Maddy. Instead, she had performed acupuncture on him.

He looked at Nora sternly. “You’re not allowed to leave until we have an outcome with the investigations.”

Nora’s eyes darkened a little.

Her voice gradually became cold. “Captain Ford, I don’t know what you’re investigating, but someone is waiting for me to save his life right now! The more time you waste here, the higher the likelihood that Old Maddy isn’t going to survive!”

Morris’ expression remained unchanged. He said, “There are so many doctors in the hospital, Ms. Smith. Our medical examiners have also hurried over. I heard that the Hunts have also sent doctors over. It doesn’t seem like there will be any problem even if you aren’t there.”

Nora frowned and gradually became impatient. “So, is Captain Ford going to take responsibility if he dies?”

She had already been detained for more than six hours.

In other words, she had been repeatedly interrogated by a stream of people, and hadn’t slept for six hours!

Her physical discomfort was gradually making her irritable.

Morris, however, stared hard at her and said, “It seems to me that what Ms. Smith wants isn’t to go over and treat the patient but to take the opportunity to escape, right?”

The frowning Nora was perplexed. “If you don’t trust me, then ask your men to go with me!”

Morris sneered, “If I let you leave, Ms. Smith, I’m afraid even my men won’t be able to hold you back.”

After all, they had already been fooled once twenty years ago!


Nora was lost for words.

She’d clearly had a pretty good impression of Morris when she interacted with him previously, but for some reason, his attitude had changed drastically this time.

Morris had tried to sound her out previously, but he had also indirectly protected her. However, he was completely hostile and was also treating her like she was a murderer now.

What had happened?

She didn’t understand. However, she wasn’t interested in figuring it out at the moment, either. She stood up and said, “Captain Ford, I am Old Maddy’s attending doctor. Now that something has happened to him, I am obligated to treat him! If you continue to detain me, then don’t blame me if I don’t hold back anymore!”

Nora flexed her wrists as she spoke.

Her personality had always been this way. Once she lost her temper, she didn’t give two hoots about anything anymore. Even if this was the police station, it wasn’t going to stop her from going out to treat Old Maddy!

Morris sneered at the stance she had taken. He asked unhurriedly, “And how exactly are you planning to not hold back, Ms. Smith?”

Together with his words, the two men beside him immediately took out their guns and pointed them at Nora.

Nora narrowed her eyes.

Right at this moment, a deep and aggressive voice suddenly came from the door. “Captain Ford, don’t you think you owe me an explanation for treating my fiancée like that?”

As the voice rang out, someone suddenly opened the door.

Justin appeared at the door. The big and tall man stood right there, the aura around him increasing sharply and weighing down on Morris.

Morris got up when he saw him, though he was neither lowly nor overbearing. “Mr. Hunt.”

Justin had already strode into the room.

Behind Justin was a veteran lawyer from the Hunts. He had never lost any of the cases he took over the years.

Morris and Justin stood face to face. The two men were equally matched, neither of them losing out to the other in momentum.

Justin glanced at Nora, who was standing at the other side. There was nothing wrong with her, except that her docile-looking almond-shaped eyes that usually looked a little lazy were looking a little angry.

This made the look in Justin’s eyes turn even colder. He looked straight at Morris and said, “Captain Ford, shouldn’t you give me an explanation for detaining my fiancée without any reason?”

Morris cast his eyes down but remained very aggressive. He replied, “My apologies, Mr. Hunt, but your fiancée is involved in a confidential case. I am not at liberty to disclose any information.”

Justin narrowed his sharp eyes. “Captain Ford, perhaps there’s one thing you don’t understand—Ms.. Smith is my fiancée; she’s not someone whom you can just arrest so casually. If you can’t produce any actual evidence, then I’m taking my fiancée with me! ”