She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 349 - Big Sister Didn’t Come~

Chapter 349 - Big Sister Didn’t Come~

Chapter 349: Big Sister Didn’t Come~

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“Captain Ford, it’s done,” said the medical examiner respectfully as he walked over to Morris with Old Maddy’s blood samples.

Morris stood with his hands behind him in a standard militant’s stance. He nodded and said, “Send his blood samples for inspection immediately, and check if he has taken any medication recently! Notify me immediately if you find any abnormalities.”

“Yes, sir.”

The few medical examiners hurried off after receiving their orders. Morris stared at the operation theater.

Right now, he didn’t actually care whether or not Old Maddy would survive, let alone whether or not Nora was really practicing medicine without a license, or whether or not this was an incident of medical malpractice. What he cared about was…

“Captain Ford, aren’t you guys making a too big a fuss over this?” Joel walked over, his attitude neither lowly nor overbearing.

Morris’ tone became more polite when he saw him. “I have to prioritize the Smiths’ affairs, after all. We mustn’t wrong Ms. Smith.”

Joel was smiling, but his fox-like eyes were full of suspicion and perplexity. “I don’t think it’s because of the Smiths, is it?”

Morris continued to stand ramrod straight. He stared straight ahead of him, and he looked very serious and very strict. He nodded. “I don’t understand what you’re trying to say, Mr. Smith. Don’t you want us to investigate this thoroughly?”

Joel frowned.

Even now, he still firmly believed that there weren’t any problems with Nora. She was just treating a mentally ill patient; even if she didn’t manage to cure him, her treatment would never cause his death.

There must be some kind of misunderstanding.

He straightened his back and replied, “Of course, not. The Smiths will never condone criminals.”

Morris nodded. “The Smiths have always had a strict upbringing.”

Joel stared at Morris.

To be honest, the two had already interacted with each other before. Although Morris had also been awfully serious previously, he wasn’t pedantic.

His relationships with the Smiths and the Hunts were also pretty good.

But unexpectedly, he hadn’t given them even the slightest hint about the incident this time.

Joel knew that what his little cousin was involved in was definitely no simple incident. It was probably related to something even more serious.

In the distance, Yvonne stared at Morris far away from her.

If one were to talk about the best bachelors in New York, one would be Justin and the other—Morris.

Although he was just a police officer, in truth, he was actually part of a special department with extremely high authority. No one knew what kind of case exactly he was investigating, but his identity was definitely not a simple one.

Of course, it was also because of this same sense of mystery around Morris that no one dared to pursue him.

Moreover, Morris didn’t have time for romance, either.

Yvonne had once thought about it—if things were impossible between her and Justin, then Morris was also an option.

She had dispelled all of those thoughts now, though.

She stared at the door nervously, only hoping for the outcome to be revealed soon.

Meanwhile, at the Smiths’.

The sky had gradually darkened.

A figure darted into the car park at the Smiths’ back door.

Louis stood there sneakily and looked around. He cupped his hands around his mouth like a trumpet and shouted, “Quentin! Quentin!”

But even after shouting for a long time, he didn’t see anyone.

Louis frowned and pouted. “Where has Quentin gone?”

He’d only just said that when he heard someone approaching in a hurry. He got such a huge shock that he quickly darted behind a car. Right after he did, he saw Maureen and Warren coming over in a hurry.

Louis breathed a sigh of relief when he saw them. He called out softly, “Warren, Maureen. Where are you guys going this late at night?”

Upon hearing his voice, Warren and Maureen immediately asked, “Why are you here?”

Louis went up nervously to the two of them and said with dissatisfaction, “Of course, it’s because I heard that Nora’s in trouble. Don’t things go wrong during medical treatments in hospitals all the time? How did it come to this? Also, Joel still hasn’t bailed Nora out… It must be because she isn’t Uncle Ian’s daughter!”

He sounded angrier and angrier as he spoke. “What’s wrong with Joel? Even if Nora’s mother betrayed Uncle Ian and went with Uncle Ryan instead, what does this have to do with Nora? We finally have a rich person… pooh, I mean, a girl in the family now, how can he do that?”

Warren was very much in agreement with him. He said, “You’re right! I don’t think Joel handled this well, either! He must be looking at things from Uncle Ian’s perspective instead. Besides, it’s not like you don’t know what Joel is like…”

Louis nodded. “Yeah, he always looks like he’s smiling, but is there anyone who doesn’t know that he’s the most underhanded person ever? He doesn’t even pay any attention to us, let alone to Nora. Joel may not want to care about her, but we can’t ignore her!”

“Yes, we must do something!” Warren said, “Maureen and I are planning to go to Maureen’s family and ask them to get a lawyer to bail Nora out first.”

Louis nodded. “I see. C’mon, let’s go! I’ll come with you guys! Now that Nora is in trouble, I mustn’t just stand by and watch. Warren, you can contribute in terms of strength while I… I…”

“Pay?” asked Warren.

Louis hugged his wallet at once. “I don’t have that kind of money! I’ll offer myself instead! Surely I can run errands, right?”

Warren: “…”

The few of them were about to set off when a figure suddenly appeared in front of the car. The person was in the shadows, so they couldn’t get a good look at them at all.

Despite that, when Louis saw the figure, he exclaimed in surprise, “Quentin!”

Warren also looked over.

Although Quentin was younger than Warren, his status in the family had faintly surpassed Warren’s after Ian put him in charge of the Smiths’ secret forces.

He was capable, so everyone went to Quentin whenever they were in trouble yet dared not approach Joel about it.

Quentin’s arms were folded. His chin was raised slightly and there was a little impatience on his countenance. He said, “Can you guys be a little smarter?”

Louis and Warren both felt that it was normal for him to reprimand them. “What’s wrong?” They asked.

Quentin let out a cold snort and replied, “There’s no way Joel would leave her on her own. Even if she isn’t Uncle Ian’s daughter, she’s still a Smith. Joel is someone very protective of his own, so he’s already sent someone to bail her out a long time ago!”

Louis was puzzled. “Then why isn’t Nora back yet?”

Quentin curled his lips disdainfully. “Of course, it’s because he didn’t succeed in bailing her out. The incident must be related to other things. We mustn’t act rashly!”

Louis flipped out. “Then are we supposed to just let Nora continue being detained?”

“… It’s not like they’ll starve her or deny her water in the police station. What’s the big deal about being detained for a few days? What are you so anxious for?”

Louis was furious. “How can you say that? If it were the Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts locked up in there, would you still be that calm?”

“… As if Big Sister would ever be locked up in there!”

Big Sister was probably in a match at the moment!

For that woman’s sake, he hadn’t even gone to the tournament today.

Quentin picked up his cell phone and dialed Linda’s number. He said, “If you see Big Sister, please tell her that I won’t be able to go to the tournament today.”

The two had exchanged numbers after Quentin unintentionally overheard the Quinn School of Martial Arts disciples’ chat the other day. This way, it would be convenient if they had to contact each other.

Linda said, “But…”

Quentin interrupted her. “I know we may be disqualified if I don’t go, but please ask for Big Sister’s understanding for me. I really have something on today.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about. What I mean is…”

Quentin interrupted her again. “What you want to say is that given Big Sister’s status, the tournament will definitely allow a team with fewer members to fight a team with more members, right? That’s fine, too. In any case, just relay the message to her for me.”

“…” Linda had panicked by then. She said, “Can you let me finish?”

“Go ahead,” said Quentin.

“It seems like Big Sister isn’t here tonight, either!”

Quentin: “???”