She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 348 - Yvonne is About to be Exposed

Chapter 348 - Yvonne is About to be Exposed

Chapter 348: Yvonne is About to be Exposed

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Nora could sense that Morris seemed very serious about this case.

She lowered her eyes and said seriously, “Old Maddy’s nerves have been damaged a little, causing him to be weak and not suitable for medication. Therefore, I’ve been using acupuncture.”

Morris was stunned. “Acupuncture?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Nora slowly sat up straight.

Morris pursed his lips. “Are you sure you didn’t use any other drugs to help with the treatment?”


“Okay.” Morris stood up. “Miss Nora, I’ll have to trouble you to stay here for the time being. We’ll go look for Old Maddy to get evidence.”

“Captain Ford, I need to see Old Maddy and treat him,” Nora insisted.

Morris lowered his eyes. “It’s not convenient for you to go out now.”

Nora frowned. “Then you can go and take a look at Old Maddy’s condition. If he is really at the brink of death, please let me out.”

Brink of death…

Morris looked up at her. “Are you really a doctor?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Nora let the other party size her up. “I’m Anti.”

At this time, she could no longer hide her identity.

Morris was clearly surprised. “You’re Anti?”

Nora nodded.

Morris was silent for a moment and did not leave. However, he sat down again. “As far as I know, Anti only became famous overseas in the past five years. May I ask how many years Miss Nora has been studying medicine?”

Nora leaned back in her chair. Her eyes drooped and she looked very sleepy. “24 years.”

She had been studying medicine since she was young.

However, her studies were more complicated. There was alternative medicine and modern medicine.

Morris was stunned. “From what I know, most surgeons are old and have experienced some cases. How many years has Miss Nora been a practicing doctor?”

Practicing doctor?

Nora smiled. “Five years.”

Could a doctor become a top surgeon in five years?

Moreover, it was not that Anti had gained a small amount of fame. This person had suddenly appeared and become famous overseas. In other words, Nora had just arrived overseas and had already become a famous surgeon.

Any surgery would require a lot of practice.

Morris pursed his lips and suddenly said, “Miss Nora, can you tell me what bizarre things have happened to you?”

Bizarre things?

Nora held her chin with both hands. “Does being pregnant with two children for no reason count?”

Morris was speechless.

He grimaced. “What about the rest?”

Nora spread her hands. “That’s all.”

Morris suddenly said, “Miss Nora, don’t you think your talent in medicine is a little shocking?”

How was this shocking?

She had been fast since elementary school, including other aspects, but she had learned everything steadily.

Nora looked at Morris. “Captain Ford, being smart isn’t anything strange, is it? Since ancient times, there have been many smart people. In ancient China, Gan Luo was crowned when he was just a 12-year-old child. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Morris was speechless.

After failing to give her a reasonable explanation, Morris stood up. “I’m going to the hospital to check on Old Maddy.”

In the hospital.

Yvonne looked at the doctors entering and exiting the operation theater. Everyone was trying their best to extend Old Maddy’s life.

But these people were going in the wrong direction.

Old Maddy was not sick or had his nerves damaged.

He was actually… poisoned.

Yvonne took a deep breath.

The pill she had told Florence about back then was not a Carefree Pill at all. It was a kind of poison. After entering the human body, it would automatically enter the blood.

Unless a very accurate instrument was used, it could not be detected.

Meanwhile, when the doctors were working hard to save Old Maddy, they would always consider it from the perspective that Nora was the one who had harmed him. They would never think of poison.

After Old Maddy died, the toxic molecules in his blood would slowly disappear, making it even harder to find out.

As Yvonne was thinking about this, she saw Morris walking over with a group of forensic scientists. He immediately gave an order. “I want all the data on Old Maddy’s body!”

“Yes, Captain Ford.”

With this response, everyone dispersed and participated in the rescue work.

However, there were a few people who did not resuscitate him. Instead, they were recording all the data on Old Maddy.

Some people had even drawn a few tubes of Old Maddy’s blood.

Yvonne clenched her fists tightly.

What was going on?

In another hour or so, the poison would be out of the blood. Now that the blood had been preserved, wouldn’t it be troublesome if they were to investigate?

Everything had been going well. No one would have thought that Old Maddy had been poisoned.

But what was wrong with this Captain Ford who had appeared out of nowhere?!