She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 347 - Things Are Not Simple

Chapter 347 - Things Are Not Simple

Chapter 347: Things Are Not Simple

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The person on the other end paused before continuing, “… When a life is on the line, bail cannot be granted. He’s worried that Miss Nora will escape after being bailed out.”


Joel frowned.

This order should not have been given for an ordinary girl. It was more suitable to be given to fugitives and murderers!

They were afraid that she would find an opportunity to escape. Once she was arrested, she would be detained for 24 hours and would not be let go of.

What was Nora’s identity?

The interrogation room in the police station was cold. It was surrounded by metal walls and doors.

The two police officers stared at the woman sitting opposite them. One of them slowly said, “Miss Nora, even if you don’t admit it, Old Maddy is indeed on the verge of death. If something happens to him, you won’t have a good time!”

However, the woman was lying on the chair made for interrogation. She had her head tilted and her eyes closed as she pretended to sleep.

The two police officers looked at each other. One of them couldn’t help but frown. “I know. Are you stalling for time? Waiting for the Smiths’ lawyer to bail you out? But even so, you hurt his life. Don’t you have anything to say?”

As a police officer, he hated these people from wealthy families who treated human lives as nothing.

The two police officers were very righteous.

They saw Old Maddy being taken away by the ambulance with their own eyes and heard the housekeeper and servants of the Smiths say that Nora insisted on treating Old Maddy.

They even found long silver needles in Old Maddy’s residence.

Everyone had heard of acupuncture. They were used in alternative medicine.

But they had never seen any needles that long…

In particular, Captain Ford had specially instructed that if Nora was ever involved with someone’s life, she must be detained and watched.

This meant that she was definitely a dangerous person.

Therefore, the two of them looked at Nora fiercely. “Miss Nora, please cooperate with our investigation!”

Nora still did not speak.

At this moment, she heard footsteps at the door.

It was the sound of leather boots stepping on the