She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 344 - Something Happened!

Chapter 344 - Something Happened!

Chapter 344: Something Happened!


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Yesterday morning, when she took Old Maddy’s pulse, it was still normal. Everything was under her control. How could he suddenly be on his last breath?

She walked out and frowned. “I want to go to the hospital!”

“Miss Smith.”

The police stopped her. “Please cooperate with our investigation. You need to come to the police station with us right now.”

Nora still wanted to say something, but the other person had already placed his hand on the gun at his waist. “Miss Smith, please come with us immediately. Otherwise, you will be interfering with our operations! We have the right to arrest you!”

Nora clenched her fists and took a deep breath.

Nora lowered her eyes and slowly said, “OK, I’ll come with you, but can I change my clothes first?”

She was still wearing pajamas.

The police officer nodded. “Yes, please.”

After Nora closed the door, she took out her phone and sent Lily a message, asking her to come immediately. She contacted the doctor to look for the hospital where Old Maddy was and to ensure his safety.

After sending it, she called Tanya and told her to pick up Pete after school and take him to her place, in case Pete returned to the Smiths and found out that something had happened to her.

After settling the two matters, she changed into her usual clothes and went out.

When she went downstairs with the police, the hall was already filled with the servants. When they saw her, their eyes became furious.

Yvonne looked worried as she looked at her. “Nora, I told you long ago not to experiment on Old Maddy. Did something happen?”

Nora glanced at her and retracted her gaze. “I told you, I’m treating him.”

Yvonne bit her lip. “Don’t worry. The Smiths won’t just watch you get into trouble. Besides, you’re Mr. Hunt’s girlfriend. The Hunts won’t ignore you either.”

When she said this, Nora’s eyes instantly became sharp.

No matter how she looked at it, this meant that the two families would fish her out. Was this confirming her crimes?

She smiled mockingly. “No need. I believe the police will clear my name.”

Yvonne choked on her words.

When ordinary people were caught by the police, shouldn’t their first reaction be to cry for help?

Why was Nora so calm?

While Yvonne was stunned, Florence pointed at her and cursed, “Miss Nora, why are you saying this to Miss Yvonne? This matter happened because of your treatment. Miss Yvonne is also concerned about you! If you didn’t do anything, how could anything have happened to Old Maddy?!”

Her eyes were red from agitation. “Old Maddy is Mr. Smith’s friend! If anything happens to him, Mr. Smith will not let you off! You’re too much!!”

Florence’s words made the servants at home feel sad.

Everyone pointed at her. “That’s right. Old Maddy is also a member of the family! We’ve all worked for the Smiths for many years. The Smiths have always treated us like family. We’re not being used casually!”

“Miss Yvonne has always treated us as humans too. How could she treat Old Maddy like that?! Does she know that Old Maddy’s life is important too! We should let the police investigate her!”

“You say you’re a doctor, but aren’t you trying to make a name for yourself by using Old Maddy? But in the end, you’re just a quack!”

The butler stood outside the door and looked at everything in the house.

Logically speaking, after this matter happened, the butler should have immediately contacted Joel and the Smiths’ lawyer and gotten them to come over. They should have protected the daughter of the Smiths first.

How could the daughter of the Smiths be taken away before the situation was clear?

Then wouldn’t the Smiths lose face?!

However, the butler clenched his fists.

He recalled going to Old Maddy’s room today and seeing that he was still in a deep sleep. When he walked over, he saw that his mouth and nose were bleeding, and his breathing was almost gone!

The butler outside lowered his head for a moment.. He did not look for anyone and just let the police take Nora away.