She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 345 - Saving People!

Chapter 345 - Saving People!

Chapter 345: Saving People!

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After the police took Nora away, Joel received the news and left the company to return home.

As soon as he entered, he took the lead to shout at the butler. “Is anyone allowed to enter the Smiths’ main gate?”

The butler hurriedly apologized. “Mr. Joel, Old Maddy almost died at that time. I was also worried about him, so I didn’t block them.”

Joel glanced at him.

Knowing that the butler usually had a good relationship with Old Maddy, he did not refute because he always felt that a home had to look like a home and not be cold as if everyone was a robot.

He approved of the butler on this point.

Joel asked, “How’s Old Maddy?”

Without waiting for the butler to speak, Florence said anxiously, “He has been sent to the hospital. He’s still in the midst of emergency treatment, but he might not wake up. No one knows! Mr. Joel, what should we do now? If the old sir finds out about this, he’ll definitely be sad! He values Old Maddy very much!”

Florence did not mention anything about Nora being taken away. Her mind was only filled with Ian’s safety.

Joel lowered his eyes.

Yvonne asked, “Joel, what about Nora?”

At the mention of her, Florence immediately said resentfully, “What can we do? We should let her suffer! That wild girl from California made such a mistake! That’s a life she was messing with! How dare she? If the old sir finds out about this, he definitely won’t let her off!”

These words made Joel’s eyes turn cold.

No matter how bad she was, she was still a member of the Smiths.

The butler looked at Joel and coughed. “I think we shouldn’t be too anxious about Miss Nora’s matter. If Old Maddy recovers, then Miss Nora will naturally be fine and will be acquitted. But if something happens to Old Maddy, we can think of a way to save Miss Nora. Besides, this would also let the old sir vent his anger.”

In other words, locking Nora in the police station was a form of punishment.

Even if she was a Smith, she should be held responsible for causing the death of a patient!

The Smiths could not break the law. This was a rule that had been set since Ian’s time. Therefore, no matter how rowdy the others were, like Warren and Louis, they did not dare to commit any crimes!

Because if they were confirmed to have done something wrong, Ian would not care!

When Joel heard this, he was silent for a while.

If Nora was Ian’s daughter, even if she really made a mistake, he would immediately bail her out and wait for the case to be confirmed.

But she was not.

As he was thinking about this, his phone suddenly rang. He lowered his head to take a look and was suddenly stunned when he saw the number.

It was a number he had memorized by heart all these years.

He frowned and picked up the call.

As soon as the call went through, Tanya’s voice came from the other end. “Mr. Joel, I called you to ask what happened to Nora. I was in class just now. After seeing her message, I couldn’t get through to her.”

Joel’s eyes darkened slightly as he briefly explained the situation.

Tanya was silent for a long time before saying, “Nora’s medical skills are indeed very impressive. It’s impossible for such a medical accident to happen. This is definitely an accident. No matter what happens to her, Mr. Smith, you have to ensure her safety!”

After saying that, she hesitated for a moment before saying, “If you can save Nora, I can teach Mia how to dance!”

The words Joel was about to say were stuck in his throat.

In Tanya’s eyes, was he such a man who did not even care about his cousin’s life?

A bitter smile appeared on his lips. “Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to her.”

After hanging up, Joel looked at the butler. “Contact the lawyer and bail Nora out first!”

The butler lowered his eyes in disappointment and obediently said, “Yes.”

Yvonne bit her lips.

She was already like this, yet he still wanted to bail her out… It seemed like blood relations were indeed different.

However, no one expected that the butler would return half an hour later with unexpected news.

With a complicated expression, he stared at Joel and said, “The lawyer went to the police station, but he didn’t expect them to say that Miss Nora can’t be bailed out.”

Joel’s pupils shrank at these words. “Why?”

The butler shook his head. “I don’t know. It seems like some power is involved. When the lawyer gets the medical test results, Miss Nora’s matter must go according to the normal procedures. Unless Old Maddy survives, it will be difficult for Miss Nora to be released this time.”

There were other forces?

In New York, other than the Hunts, was there anyone more powerful than the Smiths?

Joel was certain that there was not.

At least not openly.

Unless the other party was…

As he was thinking, the butler said, “Sir, do you think we should go through other channels or find someone?”

The Smiths had a lot of connections.

However, Joel seemed to have thought of something. His pupils constricted. “There’s no need. We’ll go to the hospital to see Old Maddy!”

If that person had made a move, they would have to follow the proper procedures.

When they arrived at the hospital, they realized that Old Maddy was still undergoing surgery. The lights were still on and he had not come out yet.

The attending doctor waiting outside was very anxious. “Old Maddy’s nerves have been damaged. We can’t find the reason for his nose and mouth bleeding, but all his physical signs are going downhill. There’s nothing we can do!”

Joel frowned. “Haven’t you seen such a situation before?”

The attending doctor shook his head. “No… but I’ve heard of it!”

Joel looked at the attending doctor. “Where have you heard of it?”

The attending doctor said, “Many years ago, there was a woman overseas who was also bleeding from her mouth and nose for no reason. She was on her last breath. In the hospital, they had also checked all parts of her body, but they could not find any problems. In the end, it was Anti who saved her. Later on, Anti could not explain the reason either. It seemed to be caused by some imbalance in medicine…”


It was this Anti again!

Joel looked at the butler. “Contact Anti immediately and tell her to come and save Old Maddy!”


“… Yes!” said the butler.