She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 343 - That’s Impossible!

Chapter 343 - That’s Impossible!

Chapter 343: That’s Impossible!

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Quentin asked scornfully, “Who are you?”

He couldn’t possibly be Big Brother, right?

He could understand why the Big Sister shown to the public was a fake—No. 028, aka Big Sister, wanted to keep her identity a secret. Judging from her personality, she seemed like a relatively low-key person.

But surely the Big Brother in the lounge couldn’t possibly be fake as well, right?

… even if the man in front of him did look a bit like Big Brother!

While Quentin was thinking about it, Justin withdrew his gaze. Instead, he smiled and said, “I’m Big Brother.”

Quentin: “!!”

He suddenly sneered, “Can you make up a more reliable identity for yourself if you really have to make one up? What a braggart! That’s so unrealistic!”

Was there anyone who didn’t know that the Quinn School of Martial Arts’ Big Sister and the Irvin School of Martial Arts’ Big Brother were mortal enemies? Quinn and Irvin always fought whenever they met, which caused the two schools to be at constant loggerheads.

Surely there was no way Big Sister would have a baby with Big Brother, right?

Besides, he had merely casually dragged someone to form a team with him, and then randomly got another person to make up the numbers. Surely there was no way both Big Sister and Big Brother were in his team, right?

Yet Justin neither argued nor explained any further. Instead, he followed after Nora and called out, “Wait for me, Mom.”


He must be showing off that Big Sister had borne him a child, right?

There was no doubt about it—he was definitely a man who had gotten to where he was by relying on his kid!

Quentin followed Justin huffily, finding his entire self an eyesore.

That night, Quentin fought extra hard.

In addition, he also finally stopped caring about being in the limelight—just so he could perform well in front of Big Sister!

After the two matches, Nora and Justin got ready to go home.

Quentin followed Nora eagerly. “Shall I take you home, Big Sister?”

“… No, it’s okay,” said Nora.

For the first time, Quentin followed her out the door. “No, it’s not. Let me take you home.”

Nora stopped and gave him a half-amused look. “No, it’s really okay.”

Wouldn’t he see her car if he went to the car park?

Although she disguised herself every time she came over, the car license plate number would still give her away if he were to see it.

Seeing how firmly she was refusing his offer, Quentin could only see her off obediently.

After separating from Justin at the entrance, Nora found an inconspicuous area, changed back into her usual outfit, and took off her mask. Only then did she walk to her car.

As soon as she reached the car park, she spotted Quentin looking at the front surreptitiously.

Justin had already gotten into the car with Cherry. However, he didn’t see Big Sister even after he craned his neck…

Nora stood behind him and looked at Justin’s car, too. She couldn’t help but click her tongue.

She hadn’t noticed before, but Justin had actually driven over in an ordinary Volkswagen. The car was very inconspicuous, and the two of them kept their masks on even after they got into the car.

Well, that made sense. He had to be cautious since he had brought the child here.


Nora stroked her chin. It seemed like she should also disguise herself while she was out. There was always a risk of exposure here.

Of course, the main reason was that she had been too lazy to change to a different car, ahem.

While she was thinking about it, Quentin stood up straight. He even lowered his gaze and muttered to himself, “Just who exactly is Big Sister?”

He turned to reenter the arena, but the moment he did, he instead saw Nora standing behind him. He got a huge shock at once.

He panicked. “Why are you here?”

Nora raised her brows.

Quentin straightened his back at once and went back to his usual dimwit self. He raised his chin and said proudly, “Are you looking for me? Do you feel unsafe just because I’m not at home? But do you know? It’s even more dangerous here!”

Then, Quentin said, “Forget it, let’s go. I’ll take you home.”

Nora: “…”

When she followed Quentin to the car, she even heard him muttering, “What a load of trouble. She’s thrown a spanner in my works now. I wanted to tail that car in front to see who Big Sister is.”

Upon hearing that, Nora’s words of rejection did a U-turn and she swallowed them back down.

Mm, she’d better let Quentin escort her back home instead, lest he had the spare energy to tail Justin.

… even though she was sure that Quentin wouldn’t succeed in tracking Justin, given his abilities.

Nora drove her big black jeep, whereas Quentin hid amongst the crowd in an unknown car. The two returned to the Smiths’ one after the other.

One must admit that Quentin was indeed skilled at tailing. Even someone like Nora could only sense that she was being tailed, yet couldn’t pinpoint Quentin’s location.

After parking the car, Nora got out and went upstairs. Then, she took a shower and went to bed with Pete.

Unexpectedly, she heard a sharp cry early the next morning!

Nora sat up abruptly. Before she even realized what was going on, someone suddenly knocked on her bedroom door.

She frowned, got up unhappily, and went out. When she opened the door, she saw two police officers standing outside. One of them took out his badge and showed it to her. He said, “You are under suspicion of endangering a person’s life, Ms. Smith. Please follow us to the station and aid in our investigation.”

Nora: “?”

She frowned and asked, “Whose life did I endanger?”

Seeing how calm she was, the police officers exchanged a look. Then, they said, “The victim is Old Maddy, who lives in your home. He was found on his last breath in his room this morning. He’s very weak now, and has already been sent to the hospital! Someone called the police and said that it was caused by you practicing medicine without a license!”

Old Maddy?

Nora’s pupils shrank. “That’s impossible!”