She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 342 - Big Sister And Big Brother~

Chapter 342 - Big Sister And Big Brother~

Chapter 342: Big Sister And Big Brother~

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Quentin was dumbfounded.

He listened to them in disbelief.

“Big Sister sure is awesome, though. Even when she was up against Victor, she still won with just one move.”

The tall and thick Linda was still chatting softly with her companions. She said, “I’d originally thought that even Big Sister would have to use a few moves, no matter what. Also, when Lucas told me to impersonate Big Sister, I had thought that there wasn’t such a big gap between Big Sister’s and my abilities, but unexpectedly, it’s actually this huge! I admit to Big Sister’s superiority from the bottom of my heart now!”

“Me too! Big Sister is simply amazing! To her, Big Brother is probably the only one who is a match for her.”

“Say, if Big Sister encounters Big Brother, which of the two do you think will be stronger?”


Quentin felt like his ears were ringing.

He subconsciously thought No. 028’s martial prowess—she was indeed very impressive. He had been worried just a moment ago that she would pose a threat to his position as third in the world, but unexpectedly, she was actually his idol, the Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts?

But if she was Big Sister, why would she team up with him?

He’d originally thought that what she had seen in him were his abilities! He had even wanted to take the two of them to the finals and let them piggyback off him!

That was what he thought, and that was what he said. He asked, “Since Big Sister is so strong, why did she join a team?”

The disciples were busy gossiping, so they didn’t notice that it was someone else who had asked the question. They immediately replied, “Yeah, I really don’t know what kind of sheer dumb luck Smithin has to actually be able to form a team with Big Sister. Their team name is too weak, though. Third In The World…? Even if Big Sister doesn’t take first place, she’s at least in second place, alright?”

“Yeah, life practically can’t get any easier for Smithin now that he can actually ride on Big Sister’s coattails!”

“What a shame that the others don’t know about it.”

“Speaking of which, there are actually people saying that No. 028 is lucky to be able to tag along with Smithin’s team. Now that’s the biggest joke I’ve heard this year!”

“Big Sister probably finds it too troublesome. But since teaming up can save her half of the time required, she will definitely do it.”

Quentin: “!!!”

He swallowed again and stared at the few of them in disbelief.

One of the reasons why he had invited a woman to join his team was that he’d thought that that would make it easier for him to show off—after all, if he succeeded in bringing a ‘weak and frail woman’ into Class F, he would probably become a legend in the tournament, right?

But unexpectedly, the teammate whom he had casually approached was actually Big Sister?

‘Third In The World’… That indeed lowered Big Sister’s ranking, didn’t it?

While he was in a daze, someone said, “Let’s not say any more. If we go on, Big Sister’s identity will be exposed. The surroundings are so dark, be careful not to let outsiders come near. If that happens, Linda’s true identity will be given away!”

Linda said casually, “We’re all from the Quinn School of Martial Arts here. What are you so scared of? There aren’t any outsiders here.”

After saying that, Linda and the rest looked around them. When their gazes swept across Quentin, they skipped him out of habit.

Ten seconds later.

Linda’s head abruptly whipped toward Quentin, who was still standing there in a daze.

Oh no!

Lately, Quentin had been following her around whenever he wasn’t in a match, which caused the Quinn School of Martial Arts disciples to become accustomed to seeing him around. In that instant just now, they had straight-up thought of him as one of their own!


Linda jumped onto her feet at once. “Y-you… you…”

Quentin looked at the group of disciples in front of him. He felt deeply deceived.

Nora came late today.

When Justin saw her outside the entrance, he raised his eyebrows. “You just got here?”

“Yeah.” Nora locked the car door and tossed the car key into her pocket. “Has the match started?”

“It’s starting soon.” Justin followed behind her and said with a smile, “Quentin is definitely going to nag at you again for coming so late.”

Nora gave an indifferent shrug. She was about to speak when she spotted Quentin standing in front of them in a daze, his eyes practically stuck on her.

Nora: “?”

She took a step forward and said, “Sorry, I’m a little late.”

She’d thought that Quentin would definitely take that as an excuse to lecture her a little, but unexpectedly…

A starry-eyed Quentin actually said, “It’s okay! I’ll wait, no matter how late you are!”

Nora: “??”

Justin, who was carrying Cherry and about to step through the door: “??”

Justin looked over, his dark eyes fixing themselves sinisterly on Quentin. As though he didn’t notice Justin staring at him at all, Quentin leaned toward Nora and said, “I’ve found out your true identity, Big Sister.”


Nora fell silent for a moment. Her true identity? Which? Did he find out that Nora Smith was Big Sister? Or that No. 028 was Big Sister?

She coughed and asked tentatively, “Which identity are you talking about?”

Quentin lowered his head. His face was as red as a tomato, just like someone who had become embarrassed upon meeting their idol. He replied, “Y’know, your identity as Big Sister! I heard about it from Linda and the others just now. I’d never thought that my comrade in battle would actually turn out to be Big Sister…”

Nora coughed. “Yeah.”

It seemed that her Nora Smith identity hadn’t been given away.

Her lips curled into a smile and she walked in front.

Quentin subconsciously followed behind her. He was about to say something to her again when Justin, who was carrying Cherry, inserted himself between the two of them.

Quentin: “…”

He looked at the big and tall man. When he thought of how the two of them were husband and wife, Quentin suddenly grabbed Justin’s arm, lowered his voice, and said, “You’re not worthy of Big Sister.”

Justin: “?”

Quentin sneered, “You’re a man, yet you’re always taking care of the child at home. Don’t you feel that you’re not worthy of Big Sister at all? In the ring, you always let Big Sister take action while you hide at the back instead… How did Big Sister fall in love with a wimp like you? Do the two of you even have common topics to talk about? Can you even be Big Sister’s sparring partner when she wants to spar?”


The corners of Justin’s lips spasmed as he stared at how Quentin was behaving. Suddenly, his lips curled into a smile and he said, “It can’t be helped.”

Quentin stopped talking and looked at him, wondering what he would say next. Little did he expect Justin to simply reply calmly, “She likes pretty boys like me.”

Nora walking in front: “…”

Quentin, who heard his reply: “!!!”

That guy wasn’t ashamed at all! On the contrary, he was proud of it!

He was too much!

Justin paused again. Then, he asked, “Besides, who do you think can be worthy of someone like her?”

Quentin puffed his chest out.

Justin’s words, however, pierced his ego. “You? How many moves can you last in a fight with her?”

Quentin: “!!”

He was just a little stronger than Victor.

In spite of that, Quentin refused to admit defeat. He said, “Yes, I’m indeed not worthy of Big Sister, but there’s someone who is! Big Brother can definitely fight on par with Big Sister! The two of them are a perfect match!”

Upon hearing that, Justin glanced at Nora, who was a little away from them. He suddenly lowered his head, leaned into his ear, and asked, “Then do you know who I am?”