She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 341 - Exposed

Chapter 341 - Exposed

Chapter 341: Exposed

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Lily’s answer was straightforward. “I compared his DNA with yours, as well as with Ian’s. The results show that he is unrelated to either of you.”

He was unrelated to either of them?

So, he wasn’t Ryan Smith at all?

Nora frowned. It seemed like her guess had been off the mark.

But if Old Maddy wasn’t Ryan, then who was he?

While she was thinking about it, Lily added, “His DNA is kinda strange, though. Is he mentally ill?”

Nora was taken aback. “What’s the matter?”

“From his DNA, it seems that he has genetic psychosis.”

Nora cast her eyes down. “Yeah, he’s a madman.”

“No wonder, then.”

Lily hung up after voicing her objective observations.

Nora stared at the phone for a while.

In the end, she tossed it into her pocket.

The solution was actually very simple. She would know who Old Maddy was once she cured his illness, right?

Besides, curing him would only take her half a month.

Her martial arts tournament match that night was rather late, so Nora decided to go to the hospital to visit Ian first.

Ian was staying at a private hospital with excellent facilities. Nora had a lot of self-awareness; she knew that her existence was a disgrace to Ian, so she didn’t go to his ward. Instead, she was planning to approach his attending doctor to ask about his condition.

As soon as she arrived at the door to Ian’s attending doctor’s office, she heard Joel’s voice coming from inside. “Are you still unable to reach Anti?”

The attending doctor nodded. “Yes, Anti rarely checks her email.”

Joel heaved a huge sigh. “In that case, Uncle Ian’s condition…”

“The hemangiomas in his brain are very hard to remove. On top of that, he is in very poor health, so we don’t recommend surgery. Anti is the only one whose hands are fast enough to control the bleeding and the anesthesia.”

Joel’s voice turned cold. “Then keep looking for him.”


Nora slowly took a few steps backward as she listened to their conversation. She raised her eyebrows and her lips curled into a smile.

Ian had refused to take the Andersons’ Carefree Pills all this time because he held a grudge against them for Yvette’s betrayal.

He had probably never thought that he would ultimately still need her to save his life.

Nora picked up her phone, opened Anti’s email inbox, and searched through it. Sure enough, she found the SOS email that the Smiths had sent.

When Nora was quietly leaving the hospital, Yvonne, who had come to visit Ian, happened to be getting out of the car.

Yvonne frowned as she gazed at Nora from the back.

It seemed like Nora wasn’t as dumb as she looked, after all. She had actually thought of coming to the hospital to please Dad?

She would never give Nora the opportunity, though!

At the martial arts tournament arena.

Neither Nora nor Justin had arrived yet. Quentin had arrived early, so he was sitting on the sofa in the dining area in boredom and thinking about the moves that Nora had used the day before.

No. 028 undoubtedly had remarkable skills.

It didn’t seem like much when she defeated the others with just a single move—after all, Quentin was also capable of doing the same—but when she was up against Victor the day before, she had still defeated him with one move all the same. Now, that was difficult.

Just who exactly was No. 028?

When had someone like her appeared in New York?

Had he become at risk of losing his position as third in the world?

Quentin thought about it with a great sense of crisis. At the same time, he also developed a sort of hostility toward No. 028.

An opponent like that would shake his position!

Quentin was still thinking about it when he suddenly spotted Big Sister and a few disciples from the Quinn School of Martial Arts. They had gathered and were talking in hushed voices.

Quentin immediately tossed No. 028 to the back of his mind, pretended to be nonchalant, and went toward Big Sister.

Linda was sitting with the rest of the Quinn School of Martial Arts disciples and talking to them. She was completely unaware that someone had suddenly come up behind her.

“Linda, it’s been some time since you started impersonating Big Sister. When do you intend to come clean about it?”

Linda scratched her head. “I should have confessed about it yesterday. After all, my opponents will only get stronger and stronger, and I won’t be able to cope anymore. If Big Sister hadn’t stepped forward and helped me out yesterday, I really don’t know how I would’ve dealt with Victor!”

Quentin: “????”