She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 340 - Is He Ryan Smith?

Chapter 340 - Is He Ryan Smith?

Chapter 340: Is He Ryan Smith?

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Although Nora’s voice was low and hoarse, it was clear. With so many people present, her words reached everyone’s ears.

All the nannies and servants looked at one another. In the end, all of them lowered their heads in silence.

Yvonne suddenly flushed. She hadn’t expected Nora to speak so bluntly. Nevertheless, she had great mental resilience, so she immediately replied, “Nora, I know you’re irritated because I’m so long-winded, but there are some things that the Smiths can do, and some things that they can’t! You mustn’t treat Old Maddy so inhumanely! Your medical treatment has already caused him to become comatose! Are you going to bear the responsibility if he really dies?”

Nora stared at her. “Yeah, I will.”


Her words made Yvonne choke.

Even a doctor wouldn’t dare to say that, yet Nora had actually said it.

She took a deep breath. “Nora, you—”

Nora, however, didn’t pay her any more attention. She went straight into her bedroom and slammed the door shut, isolating herself from the commotion outside.

Her actions put Yvonne in a particularly awkward situation.

Florence, who was standing behind her, said angrily, “Ms. Yvonne, you shouldn’t bother yourself with her! If something really happens, let’s see how she’s going to answer for it!”

Yvonne took a deep breath and said pretentiously, “Mdm. Florence, I’m not trying to interfere with her affairs. I’m just worried about Dad! Dad was the one who personally allowed Old Maddy to live here, after all. Besides—others may not know this, but I’m sure you do—Dad occasionally visits Old Maddy like he’s visiting an old friend…”

Florence frowned. “Yes, we all treat Old Maddy like he’s family. I just didn’t expect a certain someone to be so cruel as to use him as a guinea pig for their experiments!”

Yvonne sighed. “Yes, that’s why I’ve been worried about Old Maddy’s safety all this time…”

The two of them entered the study while they spoke.

Yvonne closed the door and sighed. “Mdm. Florence, what if I give Dad a call now and tell him about this?”

Florence immediately waved and said, “No, you