She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 333 - Provocation

Chapter 333 - Provocation

Chapter 333: Provocation

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Eight hours?

Nora glanced behind her at Old Maddy’s residence and nodded. “Okay,” she said.

After hanging up, she went out and drove to the underground arena. Her only task during this period of time was to advance to Class F as quickly as possible so that she could spar with Big Brother.

As usual, she changed into the red tight-fitting dress in the car. Then, she entered the underground arena.

As soon as she went in, she heard people deep in discussion next to her.

“Who do you think will be stronger this year? Big Brother or Big Sister?”

“Both of them are very strong. It’s just that Big Brother participated in the last martial arts tournament, so he has already displayed his strength for all to see, whereas Big Sister didn’t.”

“She’s still amazing even if she’s never participated in it before. Big Sister is of equal repute as Big Brother.”

“That’s right. Also, have you guys seen Big Sister’s first few matches? I wonder just how exciting the final match will be!”

“I did, I did! Compared to Big Sister, Big Brother’s build is a little too weak!”

“Hahaha! When the time comes for them to compete, will Big Sister hold Big Brother down just by sitting on him?”


Amidst comments like theirs, a voice traveled over. “All of you are such good-for-nothings. How could the champion possibly emerge only from those two sects?”

The person’s words took everyone who was talking by surprise.

Even Nora, who was about to pass by them, stopped and looked at the person speaking.

The person who had spoken was from a small four-man team. None of them had masks on, and they were wearing clothes specific to a certain sect.

Those clothes…

“You guys are from Benevolence Hall?”

Benevolence Hall was a martial arts sect.

It was also a sect that someone had established out of the blue in recent years. This was their first time participating in the martial arts tournament, so people weren’t very optimistic about them.

Someone laughed and said, “Who else could it be, if not Big Sister or Big Brother? Well, certainly not someone from the Benevolence Hall, right?”

The person who had spoken just now nodded. He puffed his chest out and sneered, “That’s right. Even though it hasn’t been long since the Benevolence Hall was established, our first senior disciple, Victor, can crush Big Brother and Big Sister for sure!”

The man laughed. “Victor? Who the hell is that? Why haven’t I heard of him before?”

The others echoed him. They asked, “The name Benevolence Hall sounds so weak. Whose disciples are you guys?”

The Benevolence Hall disciples laughed and replied, “Our trainer’s name will scare you to death! He’s the internationally renowned boxing champion, Abigail!”

Abigail was a strong and muscular African man.

He was the champion of the previous year’s international boxing competition. When he won, he had said on stage that he would love to have the opportunity to witness the level of martial arts in the States.

In particular, he held great interest in the Quinn School of Martial Arts, which was famous for its training in physical strength. He had even questioned why the Quinn School of Martial Arts hadn’t sent anyone to participate in the boxing competition and wondered if it was because they were afraid of being embarrassed if they lost the match. If so, then he would have to come over and personally challenge them to a duel.


Quinn had been outraged when the news reached him.

He had raved and ranted about him for three days straight in the training gym and said that his was an internal style of martial arts that was occupied with spiritual and mental aspects. How could it possibly be the same as that lout’s style of martial arts?!

Who knew just how that devious old Irvin might be laughing at him behind his back because of this?!

Little did they expect that the sect with a name as elegant as the Benevolence Hall was actually established by Abigail, though? On top of that, he had really come to the States!

While a frowning Nora was musing over this, a random member of the audience had already curled his lips disdainfully and scoffed, “What’s the big deal about a boxing champion? Is he even comparable to the martial artists in the States? The martial artists here are very powerful! We’ll beat you guys up no matter how many people you throw at us! We’ll knock all your teeth out, and beat you up so bad that even your mom won’t recognize you!”

Victor was a big and tall man. He had a sullen look on his face at the moment. When he heard what the man said, he sneered, “Then get Big Brother or Big Sister to come out here and fight with me.”

The members of the audience immediately retorted, “Oh my, do you think they’ll fight you just because you say so? Big Brother and Big Sister are very busy people. Who would have that much time to deal with you? Why should Big Brother and Big Sister show you that much courtesy when everyone wants to challenge the two of them to make a name for themselves?”

“Exactly! Why should they show you that much courtesy?!”

Victor frowned at what they said.. Before he could say anything, the people behind him shouted, “Tsk, as if they are that awesome. If they are that great, then why don’t they come and teach us a lesson? I bet they don’t even live up to their reputations!”