She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 334 - No Virtue

Chapter 334 - No Virtue

Chapter 334: No Virtue

The others clenched their fists.

Irvin School of Martial Arts and Quinn School of Martial Arts had always been respected in the pugilistic world, especially in the past few years. In peaceful times, the pugilistic world had weakened and everyone had returned to normal.

Irvin School of Martial Arts and Quinn School of Martial Arts had instead become a form of spiritual sustenance for martial artists.

Although there had been people who had questioned Big Brother and Big Sister’s strength, Irvin School of Martial Arts’s Big Brother had won the championship at the age of 15 with an absolute advantage 10 years ago, silencing everyone.

Everyone was obsessed with Big Brother and Big Sister. This was also the reason why so many people asked to take a photo with them at the martial arts seminar.

Now, Victor had provoked the two of them right away, causing everyone to glare angrily at them.

“What are you doing?”

The person behind Victor said, “If you have the ability, get Big Brother or Big Sister to come out and fight openly. Otherwise, if you cause trouble and provoke us here, you’ll be chased out of the martial arts competition!”

The martial arts competition was only held to give the martial artists a sense of belonging. It was not to select the real champion but to give all the martial artists a goal.

If there was no martial arts competition, the sects would probably not want to practice martial arts anymore. They would only want to accumulate wealth and strengthen their bodies.

Therefore, there was a rule in the martial arts competition that all members were restricted from provoking or attacking in private. Once they were discovered, the person who attacked would be eliminated.

When those people heard this, they did not dare to move.

Victor glanced at them and clearly felt that it was a little boring. He turned around and walked towards the entrance.

Nora stood there and happened to block the intersection.

Seeing that Victor was getting closer and closer, Nora retracted her gaze and stepped into the martial arts competition first.

Nora, Justin, and Quentin met up. The three people, who were playing Class C today, did so effortlessly. After the match, the three of them sat on the sofa and waited for the next match. Suddenly, a bloodied and deformed person was carried down from a certain ring.

Someone carried a stretcher and walked past Nora and the other two.

There would definitely be injuries in the arena, so Nora did not notice it at first.

After a while, someone got off the stage and walked toward the food section. As he walked, everyone in the martial arts competition venue looked at him with resentment in their eyes.


Suddenly, someone shouted.

Victor stopped in his tracks and looked over. He saw someone from Quinn School of Martial Arts walking over. “Although this is a martial arts competition, it’s just a competition between the various sects. There’s no need to fight so hard, right?”

As soon as he said this, Victor sneered. “Oh? In boxing competitions, the opponent has to be knocked unconscious. I didn’t know that New York loved peace so much.”

His words were filled with mockery. “No wonder all the sects are like this now.”

The disciple from Quinn School of Martial Arts was stunned by his words, but he still said politely, “That’s not what I meant…”

Victor interrupted him again. “Then what do you mean? Are you blaming me for being too ruthless? Or should there be no casualties on the competition grounds?”

The disciple choked again. “No, casualties are inevitable. But you were too ruthless just now. The other party had already admitted defeat, so why were you still fighting? His life will be ruined if he continues like this!”

Victor sneered. “Oh, what does it have to do with me? Did I force him to participate in the martial arts competition?”

The disciple was speechless.

Every word that Victor said was aimed at the martial arts competition. His words held his disdain for the martial arts competition.

Everyone clenched their fists.

Victor swept the surroundings with his gaze and sneered. “In my opinion, the martial competition is the time to fight for the honor of the sect. If you can’t afford to play, then you should withdraw from the competition!”