She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 332 - Old Maddy's Condition

Chapter 332 - Old Maddy's Condition

Chapter 332: Old Maddy’s Condition


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This was exactly the reason why Nora had wanted to call her.

She would never give her close friend trouble just because of her son’s request, of course. After all, Joel had Mia with someone else.

She could tell that Mia had great potential for dancing, and she also knew that Tanya had been searching for a successor all these years.

After she had reached a certain level in her dancing and started her own dance brand, it was simply too difficult for her to find a suitable successor.

Although Nora hadn’t had much contact with Mia, she could tell that she was a kind little girl.

That was why she had decided to bring it up.

Tanya must be referring to Mia, right?

She hesitated for a moment before she asked, “How do you feel about it?”

Tanya bit her lip and sighed. She replied, “I don’t know what to do, either. She likes dancing very much. Whenever I hold dance classes, she would secretly come over and learn, but I pretend not to know anything about it. Sometimes, when I see her dancing by herself without my guidance, I find myself somewhat in a daze as if I’m looking at myself when I was younger…”

She had once walked past an area where few people went after class. There, she had seen Mia wearing a white princess dress tiptoeing, her form lithe and graceful.

Mia was born with a small frame. Like Tanya, the girl also had a tall and thin body shape.

It was a pity for someone with a body build like hers not to dance.

She cherished talent, but whenever she thought of Mia’s mother, she couldn’t help but feel that she couldn’t afford to mess with them.

The more Tanya thought about it, the more fed up she became. “Forget it, I’ll just wait and see for a little longer!”

Nora stared at her. Suddenly, she said, “Sometimes, if you wait and see, the opportunity may pass you by.”

Tanya was satisfied with Mia for sure. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so troubled and said so much to her. She had always been a direct and straightforward person, able to go with the flow.

Till now, Nora had never seen Tanya unable to let go of anything.

The fact that she was in such an internal struggle about Mia went to show just how much Tanya liked Mia.

To be honest, Tanya had made up her mind a long time ago to teach Mia dancing. She was just missing that last push.

Therefore, when Nora said that, after keeping quiet for a while, Tanya suddenly said, “You’re right. I’ll start teaching her tomorrow! Or at least, I’ll let her join the dance class!”

She won’t take her as an apprentice first. She would just teach her like she was just a normal student for now!

Seeing that the troubled look on her had disappeared, Nora nodded. “That works.”

After the two chatted a little more, Tanya finally hung up.

Nora didn’t tell Pete and Mia about it. Taking Mia as a student and teaching her how to dance was Tanya’s decision, and had nothing to do with her. She didn’t need to go to the children and tell them about it to gain favors.

The day passed quickly.

Early next morning, Nora got out of bed and went to perform acupuncture on Old Maddy again.

Barring any accidents, she would be visiting Old Maddy and treating his illness for the next half a month.

Unexpectedly, though, as soon as she reached the small house in the backyard, she saw the butler standing outside the house in a dilemma. At the sight of her, he immediately panicked and said, “Ms. Nora, Old Maddy is still unconscious. Surely nothing has gone wrong, right?”

The fact that he was still unconscious… showed that his health had suffered a lot and that he had been in a highly tense mental state over the years. Thus, after she had performed acupuncture on him, thereby allowing him to relax, he had fallen into a deep sleep.

Nora entered the house and checked Old Maddy’s pulse.

The butler watched them from the side.

The sight of Ms. Nora checking Old Maddy’s pulse like an alternative medicine practitioner surprised him. After all, alternative medicine practitioners were generally more advanced in age. Could someone as young as her… really do it?

The butler once again questioned Nora’s medical skills.

This was especially because, since the day before, Old Maddy had only woken up once halfway because of hunger. After eating a little something, he had fallen asleep again.

Surely Ms. Nora’s medical treatment wouldn’t really cause Old Maddy’s death, right?

While he was thinking about it, he saw Nora brandish the extra-long needle and stick it into Old Maddy’s head again. A few jabs later, Nora got onto her feet and said, “He’s fine. He’ll recover after he sleeps for a few more days.”

Then, she turned and left.

The butler: “…”

Was there anyone who slept for 23.5 hours out of 24 a day?!

While walking back to the main house after leaving Old Maddy’s residence, Nora received a call from Lily. Lily said, “I’ve received the DNA sample you sent. I’ll start the test now.. The results will be out in eight hours.”