She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 331 - Are You Taking Apprentices?

Chapter 331 - Are You Taking Apprentices?

Chapter 331: Are You Taking Apprentices?

Nora was terribly amused. It seemed like the right time to have a good chat with the young man, and let him know how strong she was.

She said calmly, “You don’t have to follow me around.”

Then, without waiting for Quentin’s response, she went up the stairs.

Quentin: “…”

He stared angrily after Nora. He was about to say something mean when, for some reason, he suddenly found her kinda familiar to the eye.

Although she was wearing trousers whereas No. 028 was always in either a long black or red dress, the two of them actually looked somewhat similar from the back.

He must be mistaken.

No. 028 was such a frank and straightforward person. How could she possibly be Nora?

Just like how No. 820’s physique was similar to Big Brother’s, there were a ton of people in the world with similar body builds!

Quentin shook his head and dispelled the thought. At this point, someone walked over from a short distance away, giving Quentin such a shock that he hurriedly hid into the dark.

He had become so accustomed to being in the limelight at the underground arena that he had actually forgotten to hide, causing himself to almost expose his existence to the Smiths’ servants.

After Nora entered the living room, she had pretty much rid herself of Quentin. He would never openly show up in front of others.

Pete was already home and was currently playing blocks with Mia.

Mia spoke softly, so even though Pete felt that what she was playing with was very boring, he nevertheless accompanied her with a frown.

The simple-minded Brandon circled around the two. He said, “Mia, why are you so stupid?! You can’t do that there… Ah! It collapsed!”

Mia pouted and stared at Brandon in silence.

Brandon panicked. “Hey, don’t cry. Little crybaby, please don’t cry. I won’t touch your things anymore, okay?