She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 330 - Nora And No.028

Chapter 330 - Nora And No.028

Chapter 330: Nora And No.028

The butler immediately became excited when he saw his reaction.

Although everyone had heard of acupuncture, they were still shocked and astonished when they actually saw it for themselves. After all, few people practiced it. Also, the needle was so long that it felt like it could penetrate right through someone’s entire brain.

That was why they were so shocked by Nora’s actions.

However, when the butler saw that Old Maddy’s condition really did seem to have improved, he swallowed again and asked, “How do you feel?”

Old Maddy took a bite of the hamburger and slowly said, “I wanna sleep.”

Pretty much right after he said that, his grip loosened and the hamburger dropped onto the floor. The man also lay down on the bed.

He had fallen asleep.

This was an aftereffect of acupuncture and was very normal.

With that in mind, Nora picked up the needle and pierced him with it another two times.

Alternative medicine took effect very slowly. Given the extent of Old Maddy’s illness, if she wanted to stimulate his nerves, it would take at least half a month before significant effects showed.

This was just the first day of treatment, so it wasn’t suitable to go too far.

Nora put the needles away after piercing him with them thrice.

Next to her, the butler, who saw Old Maddy fall asleep, couldn’t help but ask, “Ms. Nora, what’s the matter with him?”

Nora replied, “He’s alright. He’ll be fine after he wakes up.”

She stood up straight and stretched.

To other people, all she did was just jab Old Maddy with a needle thrice.

However, she was the only one who knew just how tiring the process was. Not only was a high degree of concentration required, but she also had to be accurate in locating the acupoints.

Old Maddy’s head was covered in burns, which made the acupoints really hard to find.

After piercing the needles into his head, she also had to control the needle’s force and depth. All of these were factors that she had to respond to and adjust on-site.

She yawned and left, planning to go to the tournament.

The two matches today were still as boring as ever.

All of Nora, Justin, and Quentin’s opponents were Class B and Class C martial artists, so they easily gave them a thrashing and bulldozed their way.

There was no doubt about their victory. After winning the two matches, Nora and Justin walked out of the venue with Cherry in the latter’s arms.

Quentin followed behind them. As they walked, he asked, “Who exactly are you guys? What are you taking part in the tournament for? There aren’t that many married couples in New York who are as strong as the two of you, and you even have a daughter…”

Quentin didn’t think that they might be Nora and Justin at all.

Nora needed his protection, so she was likely at home at the moment.

As for Justin, he was the Irvin School of Martial Arts’ Big Brother. Even though not many knew about it, there were still quite a few people who were aware of it. He should be in the lounge waiting to take photos with people at the moment!

Quentin didn’t think that it was beneath Justin for him to take photos with people, either. After all, even a genius like him craved success and basking in the limelight.

After the last few matches, he had also gained fans of his own. Having people look for him to take photos with him made him feel as if he was on cloud nine.

Besides, while Justin had a son, he didn’t have a daughter!

Nora and Justin exchanged a look and ignored Quentin.

Nora asked Justin, “Where are you going?”

“Home, I guess. What about you?”

“Home, too.”

Justin took the opportunity to ask, “Let’s have dinner together before we go back?”

“Nah,” Nora replied casually, “We can’t abandon the other one.”

Pete was still at home. Never mind that the three of them didn’t bring him along when they came here every day to have fun, but if they also dined together without him, they would be going too far.

Although Justin wanted very much to spend more time with Nora, he could only abandon the idea when he heard her reply.

The two chatted and went to the car park while ignoring Quentin.

Quentin: “…”

Nora went home. When she reached the Smith manor’s entrance in her car, she happened to bump into Quentin, who had been extremely bored at the arena.

At the sight of her returning home from outside, Quentin frowned and stopped behind Nora silently. He said, “Didn’t I tell you not to go out if there’s nothing important? I’m busy lately, so I don’t have the time to follow you around.”

Nora: “?”

Quentin sighed. “If you had half of No. 028’s skill, I wouldn’t have to do this for you anymore. You’ve taken up all my time, so I don’t have any time to practice building rapport with No. 028 at all.”

Nora: “???”