She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 329 - Acupuncture

Chapter 329 - Acupuncture

Chapter 329: Acupuncture

When Nora was walking toward the secluded garden in the backyard, all the servants had already woken up.

Everyone looked at her, but before she even came near, they hastily went away.

Two of them were currently whispering to each other.

“Have you heard? Ms. Nora is planning to treat Old Maddy’s illness!”

“Does she think she can cure him when the old sir had already asked one of the most professional doctors to treat Old Maddy’s illness back then, and even he couldn’t do anything about it? I know she just came to the Smiths, and wants to accomplish something so that people wouldn’t look down on her, but isn’t this a little too… you know?”

“Let’s hurry up and leave, in case she sees something wrong with our health and ends up wanting to treat our illnesses, too. If that happens, we’ll end up offending her if we refuse. Yet if we don’t, are we really going to be her guinea pigs?”

“Sigh, Old Maddy is so pitiful. He has already gone mad, yet he has to suffer under her hands…”

Someone asked hesitantly, “But Ms. Nora looks very determined to me. What if she’s really trying to cure him?”

“Ms. Nora is just a surgeon, and she isn’t even well-known. How would she possibly know how to treat mental illnesses? Even professional psychiatrists couldn’t cure him…”


The group of people whispered among themselves, but Nora wasn’t bothered at all. She entered Old Maddy’s house.

Old Maddy was eating a hamburger.

The butler, who knew she was coming, was also standing next to him at the moment. He looked at Nora with a complicated look on his face.

When Nora had approached him the night before and told him that she wanted to treat Old Maddy’s illness, the butler had already been disapproving of her decision.

Old Maddy was also human. Although he had gone mad, he was a living human being. How could people be allowed to toy with his life so casually?

He had immediately spoken to Joel about it, but unexpectedly, Joel had actually agreed to it after a short moment of hesitation.

As such, the butler could only come over and keep an eye on things.

Although Old Maddy was crazy, out of everyone living at the Smiths’ residence, it was the butler who had interacted with him the most all these years. Old Maddy also got along with him the best, so he didn’t want Old Maddy to suffer.

In any case, Old Maddy was still a living human being.

While he was thinking about it, he saw Nora open a box that she had brought with her. Inside the box were long thin needles.

The butler’s pupils shrank from shock.

“Ms. Nora, those are…?” he asked.

While searching for a suitable needle in the box, Nora answered, “Acupuncture needles.”

The butler: “…”

The corners of his lips spasmed as he asked, “Aren’t you a surgeon?”

“Yeah,” Nora answered casually.

She looked at Old Maddy and casually looked around for something. In the end, she pressed about on his head, found a suitable spot, and pierced his head with the long thin needle.

The sight made the butler’s hair stand on end!

The sight of such a long needle fully entering Old Maddy’s head was simply terrifying, especially when the needle was slowly going deeper and deeper. The butler felt as if even his breathing had stopped. He looked at Old Maddy in disbelief but saw that he had stopped eating his hamburger and was about to lift his head hesitantly.

Nora said, “Don’t move.”

Old Maddy was very obedient, and he immediately became still.

After the needle fully entered Old Maddy’s head, Nora gripped the top end of the needle and twisted it a little. Then, she pulled it out.

The whole process filled the butler with fear and apprehension. He couldn’t help but feel like the needle was going to pierce right through Old Maddy’s head.


Busybodies were secretly observing what was going on in the room.

Florence had also come after she heard the rumor. When she saw what Nora was doing, she was so frightened that she patted her own chest and said, “Can you really do it or not, Ms. Nora?! Don’t you harm someone else’s life! Even though Old Maddy is mentally ill, the old sir has personally given him permission to live here! Don’t you dare think that there’s no one protecting him!”

Florence wasn’t trying to make trouble this time. Rather, she was purely trying to protect Ian.

As long as it was about someone that Ian valued, Florence would uphold Ian’s orders to the very end!

This was also one of the reasons why Joel hadn’t taken away her position as the chief housekeeper after he took over the Smiths.

Sometimes, loyalty mattered more than ability.

Nora paid her no heed. Everyone else looked at Old Maddy, only to see him look at the needle in Nora’s hand hesitantly.

The butler asked nervously, “How do you feel, Old Maddy?”

The confusion in Old Maddy’s eyes had lessened a little. He touched his head and frowned, seemingly pondering about something.