She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 328 - Treating His Illness?

Chapter 328 - Treating His Illness?

Chapter 328: Treating His Illness?

The next day.

When Nora went out of her bedroom with a yawn after she woke up, she saw Maureen seated in the small living room on the second floor. At the sight of her coming out of her bedroom, Maureen immediately walked over. “You’re awake, Nora?”

Nora nodded.

Maureen was obviously waiting for her. She asked, “I heard that… um… you’re thinking of treating Old Maddy’s illness?”

Nora nodded again.

Before this, she hadn’t thought that Old Maddy was very important, so she hadn’t paid him any attention. Later, she found out that he might be Ryan, but he had indeed become ill and lost his mind. He also didn’t remember much of his past anymore.

After thinking about it the previous evening, Nora decided to treat his illness.

If she cured his illness, he would be able to tell her what had happened to Ryan and her mother back then.

Of course, treating Old Maddy’s illness wasn’t going to be easy. First of all, he was a madman, so Nora would need the Smiths to constantly keep an eye on him and prevent him from running all over the place.

To be honest, if she were to keep visiting Old Maddy, she would definitely attract other people’s attention.

Therefore, she decided to simply inform the butler that she intended to treat Old Maddy’s illness. By being open with her actions, she would prevent a lot of unnecessary trouble and suspicions.

She didn’t expect all the Smiths to know about it after just one night, though.

Maureen was in a fierce internal struggle. She said, “Actually, Uncle Ian had asked someone to take a look at Old Maddy’s illness before. The person he had invited over was even a very professional doctor who is said to be the most well-known psychiatrist in the world, but even so, he didn’t manage to cure Old Maddy. Nora, I know you’re eager to prove your skills as a doctor, but I still feel that there’s no need to use Old Maddy as a stepping stone…”

Maureen and Warren had immediately come together to secretly talk about it after they heard the news. Both of them were of the same opinion that Nora had possibly made the sudden decision because of her work.

She was a doctor, yet no one in New York dared to approach her for medical consultation.

That was why she had chosen someone with a disease that was hard to cure, so that she could make a name for herself, right?

Thus, Maureen had approached her straightaway. She wasn’t someone who knew how to beat about the bush, so she had voiced her thoughts straightforwardly.

Nora liked her straightforward character quite a lot. This way, she didn’t need to waste time guessing what exactly she was thinking. She also replied straightforwardly, “I’m not using him to make a name for myself. I really intend to cure him.”

After saying that, she went down the stairs to the kitchen to look for food.

Maureen: “…”

After hearing Nora’s reply, she returned to the bedroom.

Warren was lying comfortably on the recliner and basking in the sun. When he heard the door open, he asked, “How did it go? Has she given up?”

Maureen shook her head.

Warren frowned. Then, he sneered, “She sure is stubborn, isn’t she? Since she insists on doing it, then just let her do what she wants! Hmph! She doesn’t understand how impressive Uncle Ian’s medical team is, at all. There’s no way she can cure the mental illness that even they can’t do anything about!”

Maureen rolled her eyes at him.

Sure enough, Warren backpedaled and said, “But if she wants to treat his illness, then she can just go ahead. At the most, we’ll just keep a closer watch on Old Maddy in the future, and tell outsiders that he showed signs of improvement!”

What could he do if that was what his little sister insisted on doing?

Maureen laughed. “You’re really a man who says one thing but means another!”

Warren snorted. “How annoying. I already have enough things to do every day, yet I still have to clean up her mess for her! Sigh, if you meet anyone while you’re out, and if they ask about it, just tell them that it feels like his condition has greatly improved and that he, at least, doesn’t go berserk anymore. Make Old Maddy’s condition sound as serious as possible!”

“No problem!”


After filling up her stomach a little, Nora got ready to go to the backyard to look for Old Maddy.

Old Maddy’s illness was in the brain, but it wasn’t so much as something bad had formed in his brain; rather, it was a neurological problem and surgery was useless. His condition required alternative medicine instead.

She had studied his condition carefully the previous evening and had decided to use acupuncture on him.

When she was going out, she happened to run into Yvonne, who was going in. Nora retracted her gaze when they ran into each other. She was about to pass her by when Yvonne greeted her with a smile. “Are you going to the backyard, Nora?” she asked.

Nora paused and looked at her carefully.

The two of them had only just gotten into an argument the day before, yet the woman was already looking as if she wasn’t bothered about it anymore. She really was a very scary person.

She curled her lips disdainfully and replied, “Yeah.”

Then, without any further delay, she headed to the backyard.

Yvonne cast her eyes down and curled her lips into a mocking smile.

So, she wanted to cure Old Maddy and make a name for herself? She sure thought really highly of herself.

Yvonne would just wait and see how she makes a fool out of herself.