She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 327 - Are You Ryan?

Chapter 327 - Are You Ryan?

Chapter 327: Are You Ryan?

Nora, who was still in the car, rolled the car window down after she saw Old Maddy. Thus, even though his whisper was very soft, she had still heard it.


… Yvette Anderson?!

To think he knew her mother!

The thought made Nora slam on the brakes. She jumped off the car, went up to Old Maddy, and grabbed his hand. “Do you know my mother?” she asked.

The old man looked at her in bewilderment. There was a lost and confused look in his eyes.

Nora frowned and reminded him, “Yvette Anderson.”

When Old Maddy heard the name, he immediately shouted excitedly, “Yvette!”

Nora: “!!”

As expected, he did know who Yvette was.

Nora asked the security guard at the door to park the car for her. Then, she held Old Maddy’s arm and said, “Where do you live? I’ll take you back there.”

Old Maddy grinned and nodded. “Will you give me hamburgers?”



Old Maddy followed behind Nora, and the two went to his place of residence.

It was already dark by then, and the whole manor looked as if the sky had been covered with a black veil. For once, it wasn’t foggy, and a few stars twinkled in the sky.

In a big city where lights shone so brightly, it was very hard for stars to be seen.

However, there weren’t many living nearby the large manor. The lights in the few simple houses around it were also switched off at the moment, so one’s field of vision stretched even further than usual.

Old Maddy led the way. He walked to a house at the furthest corner, opened the door, and switched on the lights. Only then did Nora’s eyes feel a little better.

She looked around Old Maddy’s house.

Unlike Old Maddy himself, the place was neat and clean. From the looks of it, it seemed that the butler’s claim that the Smiths weren’t abusing him was true.

Old Maddy had burns all over him, so he disliked taking baths, which made him seem very dirty. However, the sheets were changed frequently, so they were very clean. Neither was there any smell in the house.

After Nora looked around, Old Maddy sneakily took out a hamburger from the fridge and gave it to her. He said, “Eat this, Yvette…”

‘Yvette’ again…

Nora frowned and looked down at the hamburger in her hand.

While she was lost in thought