She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 309 - The Card Is Mine!

Chapter 309 - The Card Is Mine!

Chapter 309: The Card Is Mine!


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Yvonne looked at the butler and instructed, “Since it’s the manager from the bank, then please invite him in!”

The butler answered, “Yes, miss.”

He turned to leave.

“Wait!” The frightened Louis shouted.

However, the butler ignored him completely.

Louis had always been naughty and mischievous since he was a child and especially compared to Yvonne, it made him seem even more atrocious. The servants in the manor also found him rather objectionable.

Moreover, this was Ian and Joel’s home. As the head of the family, one could consider Joel Ian’s adopted son. Yvonne was the true mistress of the household instead.

When the butler left, a furious and panicky Louis demanded, “What do you think you’re doing? What makes you think you can agree to meet them when they are here to look for me?”

Yvonne cast her eyes down and replied dispassionately, “What are you so worked up for just because the manager of the bank is looking for you? Is there something wrong with Nora’s card?”

Louis looked downstairs.

Sure enough, the servants in the house were looking at them. He pretty much subconsciously replied, “That card belongs to me!”

Yvonne: “…”

She kept her eyes down and said detachedly, “As your elder sister, I have to interfere in this, Louis. Since it’s yours, then all the more so. Let’s go and have a look.”

Louis wanted to push her away, but the manager had already entered by then.

He was following behind the butler. This was his first time in the Smiths’ manor. The manor’s lavish decor filled him with great emotion. No wonder they had a card like that. As expected, their background was indeed impressive!

He would have to apologize to the distinguished customer later, though. He mustn’t behave too frivolously.

With that in mind, he straightened his back and put on a rather serious expression.

Seeing how stern he looked, Louis became even more scared.


Did Nora steal that card from someone or did she rob someone of it? To think it made the bank manager spend so much effort and go through so many twists and turns that he had actually managed to find him.

Since their investigations had led to him, they must have asked the police for help with that, right?

Despite knowing that this was the Smiths’ manor, they had still come for him… This meant that they definitely wouldn’t back down even if he used Joel against them. So! Just what kind of crime exactly had Nora committed?!

Surely it couldn’t be robbery or murder, right?!

A grave look came over Louis’s countenance when he thought of that.

Seeing that he had no way out anymore, Louis acted as if he was about to face the music and took a big step forward.

When the manager saw him, he took a step forward, took out the card, and asked respectfully, “Excuse me, is this card yours? Are you the only one using the card?”

Louis: “…”

He held his head high, puffed out his chest, and said righteously, “Yes, of course, I am the only one using it. What else could it be?”

The manager: “?”

Louis snorted and said, “Alright, that’s enough. A man must bear the consequences of his own actions. This card belongs to me and me alone!”

The manager: “!!”

The servants: “…”

Why did it seem like there was something kinda off about the scene in front of them?

It was at this point that Yvonne smiled and said, “I think that card belongs to Nora, doesn’t it? I saw her giving it to you earlier today. There’s a blue pattern at the side of the card…”

A blue pattern…

Louis looked at the card and retorted, “You’re mistaken! You have blue-green colorblindness!”

Yvonne: “!!!”

Yvonne took a deep breath and went on. “There’s no way I would have made a mistake. That’s Nora’s card, no doubt about it. Did something happen to Nora, Louis? You can just come straight out and say it if there’s something wrong, I can help you. Even if I can’t, there’s Joel. It’s not good to keep some things a secret…”

Louis glared at her viciously. “I told you, the card belongs to me. How annoying can you get?”

Yvonne bit her lip and put on a pitiful act.

Florence frowned. “Mr. Louis, watch the way you speak to Ms. Yvonne. She’s saying it for your own good! The Smiths would never give up their own for the sake of an indecent woman and outsider. Even if you hide certain things in order to protect her, people can still find out the truth later!”

Louis stared at her coldly. “Why is there a stray dog barking away here? How noisy! If I don’t take my blood-related sister’s side, then am I supposed to take your side, you detestable old woman?”

He curled his lips disdainfully and went on. “When a beautiful girl is meddlesome, you can say that she’s acting bravely for a just cause. But for people like you, do you know what it’s called?”

Florence was taken aback. “What is it called?”

“Ugly people being up to no good.”

Florence: “!!!”

Movements came from the door at this point—Joel was back.

Florence’s eyes reddened the moment she saw him enter. She cried out in tears, “Sir, you have to help me! I have been working respectfully in the Smiths for so many years, but now that I’m old, someone is actually saying that I’m an ugly person up to no good!”

Florence had watched Joel grow up.

Florence had been taking care of Joel, and treated him with great respect ever since Ian appointed him as his successor when he was ten.

Therefore, Joel also treated her with a lot of courtesy at home. Upon hearing that, he looked at Louis with a frown and said unhurriedly, “Apologize to Mdm. Florence, Louis.”

Although he spoke gently, his words brooked no refusal.

Not only did Louis not dare to go against Joel, but he also feared him from the bottom of his heart. Therefore, even though he was filled with reluctance, he nevertheless looked at Florence and said, “I won’t say you’re ugly anymore, old fogey.”

Florence: “…”

Everyone else: “…”

Although his words were unpleasant, Florence didn’t dare to act presumptuously in front of Joel anymore after making one of her masters apologize to her. She glared at Louis hatefully.

Yvonne changed the subject. “You’re back just in time, Joel. It seems like Nora has gotten into some kind of trouble, and Louis is insisting on taking the blame for her. Sigh, that’s also why Mdm. Florence is arguing with him. She’s doing it for your own good, Louis.”

Florence was touched to hear that.

Joel, however, looked at Louis with a frown and asked, “What’s going on?”

Louis shrank back at the look in Joel’s eyes. He wanted to chicken out, but he was afraid that Joel would give him a good thrashing. In the end, he bit the bullet and replied, “Don’t ask anymore, Joel. In any case, I did this all by myself, it has nothing to do with Nora! Stop trying to smear Nora’s name, Yvonne. Someone as vicious as you, and who wants only to see Nora make a fool out of herself is not worthy of speaking here!”

He looked at the manager and said, “Alright, that’s enough. The card is mine. If you want to arrest me, then let’s go! Let’s just cut the crap!”

The manager: “???”

Joel’s eyes swept across Yvonne when he heard Louis. For some reason, Yvonne suddenly felt a little uneasy.

It was as if someone had seen through her thoughts.

Yvonne lowered her head.

So what even if her thoughts had been seen through? She was telling the truth!

The card was indeed Nora’s. Now that there were credibility problems with it, it would definitely embarrass her to hell and back!

While she was thinking about it, the manager stepped forward and grabbed Louis’ hand!