She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 310 - The Real Owner of The Card!

Chapter 310 - The Real Owner of The Card!

Chapter 310: The Real Owner of The Card!

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Yvonne had never considered that the card was stolen from someone else.

After all, it was impossible that Nora would do something like that when she already had Justin. Her only thought was that a problem had occurred with her credit score.

Weren’t there a lot of people who didn’t pay their credit card bills after using the cards?

That was already embarrassing enough.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the thought formed in her mind, the manager said excitedly, “What are you talking about, Mr. Smith? Arrest? We just want to invite you to the bank as a guest! Why would we arrest you?”


His words caused the room to fall silent for a moment.

Yvonne, who was taken aback, looked at him incredulously.

The manager said, “You are our bank’s VIP customer. Now that we’ve met in New York, of course, I would invite you to the bank. Also, do you need financial management services for your balance? We have capital protection and an interest rate of 5%! I know it’s a little low, so you won’t be interested for sure, but isn’t it a little of a waste to just let the money rest in the account like that? Or perhaps you have investment plans for the near future?”

Louis: “??”

Louis felt like he could understand all the words that the manager was saying, but how come he couldn’t understand them anymore once they were strung together?

Next to him, an even more surprised Florence asked, “What are you talking about? What VIP customer?”

Yvonne’s eyes widened in astonishment, and she stared at the manager in disbelief.

A VIP… customer?

The manager glanced at Florence. “You don’t need to know about your master’s affairs. Mr. Smith? Mr. Smith?”

Only then did Louis come back to his senses. He pointed at the bank card incredulously. “Did you say that the owner of the card is a VIP customer? I-in that case, who is the owner of the card?”

His first reaction was that he was finished. Nora had actually stolen a VIP customer’s card!

The manager smiled. “Don’t joke around anymore, Mr. Smith. Didn’t you say it yourself just now? It’s you! This card doesn’t require registration with one’s real name, and there are only five in the world. Customer information is confidential, so I won’t know, either. This is the first time I’m meeting the owner of the card…”

Louis: “…”

Louis swallowed hard. “What’s the credit limit of this card?”

The manager replied, “This bank card is both a savings card and a credit card. This is a supplementary card. I wouldn’t know where the primary card is. Only the owner would know that. Also, this card doesn’t have a credit limit~”

The reason why such cards were rarely issued around the world was precisely that they weren’t registered with the owners’ names.

Additionally! They didn’t have any credit limits!

Just how much trust must one have in their customers in order to issue unregistered cards without any credit limit?

That was why there were only five in the world!

How would he, a manager of a side branch of the bank in New York, possibly know who the owner was?!

However, the manager’s words clearly shocked everyone present.

Louis stammered, “I-is there a chance for someone to steal the card?”

Just whose card had Nora stolen?!

The manager laughed again. “You must be joking. There’s no way the owner of the card would lose the card, how can anyone steal it?”

Those who owned the card were either rich or noble.

They would definitely have bodyguards with them whenever they were out.

Therefore, there wasn’t such a problem at all. Even if it just so happened that they misplaced it, they could just inform the account manager that had applied for the card for them, and they would reissue one to them right away.

Seeing how embarrassing Louis was behaving, Joel held his forehead. He glanced at the manager and said, “Since the card has been delivered, we’re done here.”

Although his attitude was detached and distant, the manager didn’t feel slighted at all.

After all, he was here to deliver the card to them.

He handed the card to Louis respectfully and held his hand with great reluctance to part. He said, “Mr. Louis, do visit the bank when you’re free! If you aren’t interested in financial management services, I can also recommend our other services to you…”

Louis, who was holding the bank card, nodded dazedly and watched the manager leave.

Louis looked at Joel after he left. “Just what kind of background does that cousin of mine have, Joel? You and Uncle Ian are the only ones in the family who can use a card like this, right?”

Even the way he spoke had become respectful.

His words made Yvonne’s eyes flicker.

Among the Smiths, Ian and Joel were indeed the only ones who could use credit cards with no credit limit.

At the end of it all, wasn’t it still because she wasn’t related to them by blood but was just an adopted daughter that she didn’t have the right to use such cards?! She clenched her fists.


Joel did not answer. Instead, he held his hand out toward him.

Louis: “!!”

He hid the card in his bosom and said, “Nora gave this to me, Joel!”

Joel raised his brows and glanced at him dispassionately. “Are you worthy of using it?”

Louis gritted his teeth and slowly handed the card to Joel. Joel reached out to take it—only to find that Louis was still holding on to the card tightly.

Joel: “…”

“Joel…” Louis sounded pitiful and miserable. Even his bleached blond hair looked a lot softer than usual.

Joel ignored him. He applied more force and took the card from him.

He slid it into his pocket after he took it. Then, he casually took out a credit card that belonged to the Smiths and handed it to Louis.

Louis: “!!!”

At the sight of his adorable credit card that had been sealed, he almost jumped straight into the air!

He immediately gave his credit card a huge kiss. Then, fearing that Joel would change his mind, he quickly ran out while calling out, “I love you, Joel!”

Joel: “…”

The people in the living room were still standing there.

Yvonne’s fists were balled up tightly. She simply couldn’t understand why Nora would have such a card? But when Louis left, she suddenly realized something.

Mr. Hunt must have given it to Nora, right?

Otherwise, how would she possibly have that much money?

She raised her head and glanced at Joel. “Is it really okay that Nora uses the Hunts’ money like that, Joel?”

Joel lowered his gaze.

Yvonne went on. “You should have her return the card. It won’t do her reputation any good if she spends the Hunts’ money like that… I’m saying this for her sake, Joel.”

Joel said dispassionately, “Come with me.”

Yvonne became nervous as she followed Joel into the study.

Joel leaned against the desk. Yvonne stood in front of him with her head down like a child who had done something wrong.

Joel suddenly asked, “You think this card belongs to Justin?”

Yvonne nodded. “Who else, apart from Mr. Hunt’s? Nora can’t possibly know anyone else, right?”

Joel took out the card, handed it to his personal assistant, and instructed, “Go and find out who the owner of this card is.”

“Yes, sir.”

Ten minutes later, the assistant walked back in feeling rather light-headed. As he stared at the results of the investigation, he felt as if he was stepping on cotton, his footsteps alternating between shallow and deep ones.

Yvonne had been standing there for ten minutes.. She asked anxiously, “Whose card is that? It’s Mr. Hunt’s, right?”