She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 308 - The Bank Card!!

Chapter 308 - The Bank Card!!

Chapter 308: The Bank Card!!

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The clerk stood up at once, giving Louis a shock.

He stared at the clerk stupefied. “W-what’s the matter?”

However, the clerk bowed and said, “Please wait a moment!”

Then, she took the card and rushed to the manager’s office at the side.

Louis was awfully shocked.

He looked around and found that the rest of the staff were all behaving normally. The clerk attending to him was the only one who had suddenly run off.

He swallowed hard. Could it be that his cousin had stolen that card from someone? After all, it wasn’t maxed out even after he spent nearly 50,000 dollars on pet food just now!

Was the clerk calling the police?

He was so alarmed that he jumped onto his feet abruptly, and he subconsciously walked toward the door hastily.

He had only just taken two steps when someone suddenly came after him from behind. “Sir, please wait a moment!”

Louis: “!!”

Without another word, he started to run out.

Unfortunately, the security guard at the bank’s doors saw the manager chasing him, so he subconsciously thought that Louis was a bad guy and rushed toward him at once.

Louis easily avoided the security guard. He said, “Don’t grab me, bro! That card isn’t mine! I… I found it somewhere!”

He ran out of the bank until he reached the streets. Then, he ran off along the sidewalk.

But he had only taken two steps when the security guard caught up with him. He said, “What are you afraid of if it’s something you found? Stop running and clarify everything with the manager! Otherwise, I’m calling the cops!”

“You can’t!” Louis yelled as he ran, “I didn’t break the law!”

“Then stop running!”

“No way!”

Louis continued running forward. At the same time, he took out his cell phone and sent a text message to Nora: ‘You stinky woman! You’ve gotten me into huge trouble!!’

Louis had taken the initiative to add Nora’s contact information into his phone when they were buying food for the cats. He had even said, “You can come to me if you run into any trouble in the future! I’ll protect you!”

Little did he think that things would actually turn out like this!

After sending the text message, he continued to exercise his skills to the fullest and ran with all his strength.

The security guard: “…”

Fleeing was what Louis did best. After all, he was already used to being disciplined by his family ever since he was a child, so he ran very fast and soon disappeared.

The security guard was all out of breath from chasing after him, but he still lost him in the end.

He bent over and panted heavily.

The manager behind him had also caught up with him by then. He asked, “What were you chasing him for? You’ve scared him away!”

“… Isn’t he a bad guy?” asked the security guard.

“What nonsense!” The manager exclaimed huffily, “He’s a distinguished customer!!”

The security guard: “!!”

He was puzzled. “If he’s a customer, what is he running away for?”

The manager smacked the security guard angrily. “Isn’t it because you were chasing him? Of course, he would run away if you chase after him!”

“… Really?” asked the security guard.

The manager sighed. He looked down at the bank card in his hand and couldn’t help but sigh emotionally. “Do you know that only five cards like this one here have been issued ever since our bank was established?”

The security guard: “?”

The manager stared at the card. “Although this is a supplementary card, there are no more than twenty supplementary cards of this card series in the bank! And this is on a global scale, no less! That’s why I have to personally attend to the customer. But great, you’ve actually scared him off! I have to report this to the higher-ups as soon as possible!”

He turned around and returned to the bank. Then, he got the security guard to show him the surveillance camera footage. “Hurry and find out who it is! We have to pay them a visit!”

Louis hadn’t expected any of this at all when he first entered the bank, so his looks were totally exposed.

The manager got a friend to investigate who he was.

Louis could be considered someone with status in New York, so they quickly found out who he was.

The bank manager looked at his information. A short silence later, he said, “C’mon, let’s go to the Smiths now. We have to retain that important customer and apologize to the VIP!”

Louis stopped and started to pant heavily after he ran a great distance away.

He looked behind him. When he found that no one had caught up to him, he was relieved.


He took out his cell phone and dialed Chester’s number with his trembling fingers. “I’m in trouble! I’m in trouble!”

Chester asked, “What’s wrong?”

Louis thought for a moment and decided that he mustn’t rat Nora out. Even if she had stolen someone’s card, he had to cover up for her.

After all, he was the one who had caused this.

He took a deep breath. “Don’t ask. Give me all the money you have. I’m going to go on the run!”

“… But I only have 300 dollars! I’ll transfer it to you!” said Chester.

“Get lost! Why are you even more pitiful than I am?!”

Louis hung up on him straightaway.

If he fled, he would be a wanted criminal. This way, it wouldn’t affect Nora. Besides, wasn’t the pugilistic world what Quentin loved the most anyway?

Didn’t this mean he was going to wander the world now?

Come to think of it, it sounded pretty exciting.

The main problem was, how was he going to escape if he didn’t have any money?

While thinking about it, he drove quietly to the Smiths’ manor.

In any case, he would just go to Warren and borrow some money first!

Warren was easy-going and easy to bluff. He definitely wouldn’t stand by and watch him starve to death.

After driving back to the Smiths, in order not to make too much noise, he parked the car outside the door and sneaked in quietly by himself.

He was about to go up the stairs to look for Warren when he was discovered.

Yvonne looked at him. “What are you sneaking around for, Louis?”

Louis: “!!”

What bad luck!

How was it that he always ran into her every time he was down on his luck?

With an evasive look in his eyes, Louis replied, “It’s nothing.”

Yvonne knew at once from his behavior that he must have gotten himself in trouble. She immediately said, “You must have done something bad again, right? See if I don’t tell Joel about it!”

Louis snapped at once. “All you know is snitching on others! What else do you know besides being a tattletale?!”

Yvonne looked at him up and down a few times. Then, she cast her eyes down and suddenly asked, “Did Nora’s bank card get you into trouble?”

Although Louis was mischievous, didn’t like studying, and had a weird personality, he had only become like that thanks to her ‘schemes’.

No one knew better than Yvonne how kind Louis actually was.

He would always play hero and speak up whenever he ran into trouble in the past, yet he simply refused to say even a word about it today. Therefore, she decided to simply sound him out.

Unexpectedly, the look in Louis’s eyes suddenly changed the moment she said that, and he said, “No, it didn’t!”

Yvonne frowned. “So, it really is because of that bank card!”

Louis: “!!”

Right at this moment, a butler came over hesitantly from outside. “Ms. Yvonne, the manager of the New York branch of ABC Bank is here. They say that they are here for Mr. Louis.”

Louis: “???”

Had they found him so soon?

He wanted to slip away, but Yvonne grabbed his collar and said, “What are you running for, Louis? What’s there that you can’t explain properly to everyone? Since they are looking for you, then let’s go over and have a look!”


Something must have gone wrong with Nora’s card!

And judging from how panicky Louis was, it seemed like a pretty big problem.

Let’s see how she would gain a foothold in the Smiths now!!