She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 303 - : Genius?

Chapter 303 - : Genius?

Chapter 303: Genius?

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Florence did not notice her expression and only stared at Nora. She wanted Nora to know who was the best in this family.

She wanted Mr. Smith’s daughter to be stronger than the daughter who had betrayed him. Therefore, she kept criticizing and suppressing her. Now that she had a chance to show off, she said, “Miss Yvonne, it’s an invitation, right? As I said, you definitely have no problem joining the Hacker Alliance…”

She did not notice that Yvonne’s expression was turning uglier with her words.

She lowered her head and stared at the email on her phone.

The words on it were clearly reflected in her eyes. “Sorry, your application did not pass.”

She did not pass…

That was impossible!

She widened her eyes in shock and stared at it in disbelief. Her expression was too ferocious. However, after taking a deep breath, she suppressed the astonishment and disappointment in her heart and smiled at Florence. “No, they haven’t informed me yet! It’s another email.”

Another email?

Nora looked at Yvonne in amusement.

The logo of the Hacker Alliance was a black arrowhead and was unmistakable.

Although it was far away, she had just glanced at the logo. It must have been a rejection email from the Hacker Alliance. Tsk, this Yvonne really cared about her face.

Florence was not disappointed when she heard this, nor did she think too much about it. She simply nodded. “Yes, I was too anxious! However, Miss Yvonne, you don’t have to worry. Everyone can see your strength. Besides, you’ve been so outstanding since you were young. You learn everything quickly. Also, you’re not specialized in hacking, you’re just a little interested in it. Speaking of which, Miss Yvonne, aren’t you too impressive? You’re proficient in the four arts, and you’re also very good at horseback and archery. You were even almost recruited by the national team. If not for the Smiths being reluctant to let you exert yourself, you might have won the championship for the country! Miss Yvonne, your intelligence is really too high! You didn’t learn anything for too long and still managed to be top-notch in everything you do so casually. This is something only a genius can do!”

As soon as she praised her, a strange male voice was heard. “Tsk, Mdm. Florence, you’re praising her to the skies. Those who don’t know might really think she’s amazing!”

With that, everyone turned around in unison and saw a young man with dyed blond hair walking in with a bag slung over his shoulder.

He was quite handsome and looked a little similar to Warren and Quentin.


Nora knew at a glance that he was from the Smiths, but she wondered which family he belonged to.

Florence’s expression changed. “Sixth Young Master, why are you back?”

Sixth Young Master Smith sneered. “What a strange question. This is my house. Why can’t I come back?”

Florence’s face darkened. “This is Mr. Hunt’s house. Sixth Young Master, your family has already been separated.”


Sixth Young Master Smiths smiled cheekily, his blond hair glowing under the sunlight. “Tsk, my third uncle and eldest brother didn’t chase us away. In polite terms, you’re a housekeeper, but you can also be referred to as a servant. What gives you the rights to talk to me like that?”

Florence was even angrier. “Master Louis, Mr. Ian and Master Joel do not speak to me like that. You…”

“What’s wrong?” Louis touched his hair. “Uncle Ian and Joel are polite to you because they have a good upbringing. But I’m different. I’ve been this wild since I was young! No matter what, your surname is Florence while mine is Smith. Why don’t we reason with Uncle Ian and ask him if you have the right to chase me away? Or does Joel not want us to stay at home anymore?”

Florence choked.

Yvonne said, “Louis, you came back to collect this month’s money, right? But didn’t it go into your account? You didn’t have to come back.”

Louis snorted. “How can I not come back? You gave me $1,500 this month. What can I do with that amount?”

Yvonne seemed to be put on the spot. “Louis, this was specially instructed by Joel. He’s doing this for your own good. I’ve saved the rest of the money for you. I don’t want to see you being so unrestrained every day.”

Louis sneered. “Don’t use Joel to pressure me. I know what you’re like. You must have said something to make my pocket money so little!”

Yvonne lowered her head. “Louis, I admit that I was the one who said that you didn’t do your job and played games with Chester every day, but I did it for your own good…”

“You’re doing this for my own good? Tsk, Yvonne, others don’t know you and think that you’re the only daughter and so they should pamper you. Do you think I don’t know who you are? Everyone says that you can learn anything with just a little work and that you’re a genius. Ha, in front of outsiders, you act as if you don’t care, but who doesn’t know that you start practicing like crazy when you come back at night! When we were in school, we clearly skipped classes and played together, but you ranked at the top in your studies. If I hadn’t seen through you not sleeping at night and studying hard, I would still believe that you’re a genius!”

Louis placed his hands on his hips. “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re planning. You just want me to give in to you, right? Dream on! Let me tell you, even if I die of poverty or starve to death, I will not bow down to you!”

“The other brothers were blinded by you, but I wasn’t! Hmph, you’re just an adopted daughter, yet you want to control me? Let me tell you, that’s impossible!”

Louis’ words did not change Yvonne’s expression at all.

Her eyes were lowered, and no emotions could be seen.

However, she was already filled with resentment and viciousness.

She had known since she was young that although her adoptive father had never said or made any requests, he only wanted her to grow up happily.

However, outstanding people were welcomed everywhere, so she had deliberately created the image of a genius.

In school, she always played it down and did not listen to the class much. After school, she played with the other children. When she came back at night, she studied hard and always came first in every exam.

Gradually, she became known as a genius, a top student, a talented girl, and so on. Her vanity was satisfied.

This gave her a greater sense of security in the Smiths.

Until one night when she was exposed by Louis. From then on, Louis had been going against her every day and would no longer coax, pamper, or give in to her.

However, Yvonne had ways to deal with him.

She sighed. “Louis, this is Nora, your cousin. Can you get to know her?”

Louis followed her words and looked at Nora. He snorted. “There’s no need to get to know each other. Sisters are terrifying creatures! I won’t like her. Of course, unless… she’s very rich!”

Yvonne lowered her head.

How could she be very rich?

It was already good enough that Nora did not let Louis support her. It was impossible for her to support Louis!