She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 304 - : I Have Money!

Chapter 304 - : I Have Money!

Chapter 304: I Have Money!

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Nora raised her eyebrows and looked at the two of them.

She realized that the Smiths were actually very interesting.

Quentin was a second-generation teenager who liked to fight. He always looked like he was the only one in the world.

Warren was a fool. After interacting with him, she realized that although this fellow was fierce in front of her on the surface, he was actually quite good to her.

As for this Louis… he looked two years younger than her and should be a younger brother. On the surface, he was not well-educated, but in fact, he did seem to be competent.

Just as she was thinking, Louis looked at her. “You really want me to acknowledge you, right? Then, Sister, why don’t you lend me your monthly allowance this month?”

When he said this, Nora raised her eyebrows.

Borrowing money on their first meeting?

She was about to say something when Yvonne frowned. “Louis, although it’s only $1,500, you eat and stay at home. Isn’t it enough?”

“How could it be enough?” Louis said indignantly, “Don’t you need money to go to an Internet cafe? Don’t you need money to buy equipment? Don’t you need money to get a new avatar in the game? $1,500 isn’t even enough for me to survive two days!”

Yvonne sighed. “But Nora has even less money. She was living with… the Andersons. Furthermore, before she returned to the Andersons, she was in California.”

Louis looked Nora up and down in disdain. “But you’re quite good-looking. At least you’re more pleasing to the eye than Yvonne!”

Yvonne: “!!”

She bit her lip and lowered her eyes. Her tone was a little cold. “Nora’s bank card was not reported this month, so she doesn’t have any money. It looks like she can’t lend it to you!”

“… No money?”

Louis widened his eyes. “Yvonne, what’s wrong with you? It’s fine if you bully me, but why are you bullying a girl who just arrived? I’m a boy and I don’t need to buy a bag or milk tea. It’s fine if I don’t have any money. But how can you let her live empty-handed? Are you jealous of her because she looks better than you?”

Yvonne: “!!!”

She had really done this on purpose.

It was not that she did not want to give her money. It was just that she felt that the attitude the brothers in the family had toward Nora was not as she had imagined.

Moreover, if she did not have money on hand, it would be inconvenient for her to do anything outside in the future. She was doing this to suppress Nora.

However, Louis’s straightforward words made her look very ugly.

Her face turned cold. “I’ll send Nora the money tomorrow. Then, two days later, the money for this month will be in her account! However, Louis, you definitely won’t be able to get any money here! How much money is given to everyone every month is all decided by Joel. If you dare, look for Joel. Don’t ask me!”

Louis tugged at his shoulder bag and pointed at Yvonne. “You win!”

With that, he turned and left.

However, after taking two steps, he suddenly turned back and came in front of Nora. His pair of fierce eyes sized her up.

Nora: “??”

She raised her eyebrows and looked down at herself. She was dressed appropriately today. This set of pajamas she was wearing was linen, which was more breathable. It was very comfortable to wear, and it was a custom design that Lily had bought for her.

She did not have many other clothes except for her pajamas.

As she was thinking, Louis suddenly opened his shoulder bag and took out his wallet. There was a stack of money inside.

When the money arrived today, he had hurriedly withdrawn it.

He did not want his brother to seal the card again under Yvonne’s instigation, but he did not expect it to only be $1,500.

He counted the money, took out $700, and stuffed it into Nora’s hands. “Take this money…”

With that, he looked at Yvonne and sneered, “The young lady of our Smiths is so poor that she doesn’t even have clothes. She can only wear pajamas! It wouldn’t be nice if word got out, right? She has been home for a few days, but you didn’t get anyone to come and take her measurements?”

Yvonne: “!!”

Yvonne bit her lip.

Because of Louis’s arrival, the servants cleaning in the living room looked over.

Yvonne felt extremely embarrassed to have her ugly thoughts exposed in public.

Yes, she deliberately did not get clothes made for Nora.

It was so that when she went out in the future, she would not have any good gowns. When the time came, she would either ask Justin for them or be embarrassed.

However, if she asked Justin for a gown, she would also be looked down upon…

At that time, she could only say that she had overlooked this matter.

However, now that Louis had pointed this out, she could not pretend to overlook it anymore. She immediately smiled. “You’re right. I was careless! Mdm. Florence, contact a few big brands immediately and get them to send the clothes for the current season.”

After saying that, she looked at Nora. “Nora, it takes a long time to customize clothes. I’ll buy a few finished products for you to wear first. Actually, some finished clothes look very good too. I’ll choose two pieces every quarter.”

At this point, she smiled. “Mdm. Florence, it seems like we haven’t chosen clothes at home this month! How about this? Tell Maureen and the others to come and take a look tonight if they want new clothes! Have them deliver the clothes to us tonight and let everyone choose as much as they want!”

Nora raised her eyebrows and asked in surprise, “You can even come here to buy clothes?”

When she was young, her clothes were all prepared by her stepmother. Most of them were from California, but she was not picky about clothes.

After she went overseas, all her daily necessities were prepared by her Aunt and Lily. She was wearing comfortable clothes and had never bought them before, so she did not know about this.

Florence’s lips curled up as she raised her chin slightly. “The Smith family is an important client for all the major luxury brands. Every season, when they release new products, they deliver them to the Smiths, and to the Hunts’ ladies to choose from. If the Smiths and Hunts don’t like them, they would sell them.”

Nora nodded in understanding. “…Oh.”

Seeing that she did not look stunned, Florence pursed her lips.

Louis winked at Nora. “Pick a few more pieces when the time comes! Even if you don’t wear them, you can exchange them for money! I promise I won’t cheat you!”

Nora: “…”

She looked down at the $700 in her hand and returned it to Louis.

Louis was stunned. “You don’t want it?”

Nora nodded.

Louis frowned. “What? You think it’s too little?”

Nora shook her head. “I don’t need it.”

Louis frowned even more intensely and glanced at Yvonne. He leaned in front of her and whispered, “Although you don’t need money to eat or drink, it’s still useful. Keep it… Are you afraid that I’ll ask you to pay back? Don’t worry, what I said was just a joke…”

Just as he said this, Nora interrupted him.. “What I mean is, I have money.”