She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 302 - Love Words~

Chapter 302 - Love Words~

Chapter 302: Love Words~

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Nora casually scrolled down the name list.

Since the establishment of the Hacker Alliance, there had only been a dozen or so members. It could be considered the top hacker club in the world. It could even be protected here.

As Q, Nora only knew that Y was powerful enough to protect this group of people.

According to the rumors, the Hacker Alliance was created by her, but it was actually created by Y.

Although the two of them were in the Hacker Alliance, everything was handled by Y. She was slacking off every day and had no interactions with Y.


The two of them only had equal reputations, but they had never really competed.

Usually, such matters were handled casually by Y. Every year, they would choose the best candidate. This year, when she was looking at the name list, Y suddenly sent a message: “Choose this or the other one?”

He had sent two names.

One of them was Yvonne.

Nora had just taken a casual look. Yvonne’s monitoring system was indeed good and difficult to detect. It could be considered high-level programming.

Nora never involved personal feelings when handling matters.


However, she recalled what Warren had said earlier. Supposedly, there was something wrong with Yvonne’s software that she couldn’t control and it had hacked into the computers of the people nearby. Nora thought about it for a while and crossed out Yvonne’s name.

If she could make such a low-level mistake, she would not be accepted no matter how good she was.

She sent the other person’s name to Y. She was about to type and explain the reason when Y replied readily: “Okay.”

This straightforward attitude made Nora speechless. She raised her eyebrows and asked, “Aren’t you going to ask why?”

Y: “You can choose whoever you want. I’m busy.”

Nora subconsciously asked, “What are you busy with?”

After all, Y had not taken any orders for a long time. She had always thought that Y was lazy like her, but he said he was busy?

Had he taken on some big order recently that she did not know about?

The order must be very challenging to keep Y busy. She was a little interested in it, which was rare.

As she was thinking, Y replied: “I’m busy chasing my future wife. Brother, do you have any objections?”


Nora: “??”

Others thought that Q was a man, but she had never explained it.

However, Y was busy chasing a girl. What good advice could she give him?!

The corners of her lips twitched. For some reason, when she thought of Justin, she coughed and replied:

[You have to be thick-skinned.]

[Be narcissistic.]

[You have to have a child with her first.]

Y: [???]

After sending the message, Nora could not be bothered to reply. She logged out of the system and closed her email. Yes, this year, she had really made a rare contribution to the Hacker Alliance!

As she was thinking, she received a call from Justin. “What did you eat for lunch?”

Nora replied lazily, “I forgot.”

She had indeed forgotten what she had casually taken out from the kitchen when she went downstairs. It seemed to be buns, but it also seemed to be bread?

Anyway, she was no longer hungry after stuffing it into her mouth.

Justin was clearly not surprised by her answer. He smiled and said, “Eat slowly. It’s not good for your stomach to eat so quickly.”

Nora retorted bluntly, “Mr. Hunt, I’m a doctor.”

“…” Justin fell silent. “Yes, Doctor Nora. From a professional point of view, why do people who are in love feel happy all the time?”


Nora did not understand why he suddenly said this. She explained in professional terms, “Because falling in love will cause the brain to secrete dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, it can control the emotions and feelings in the brain. It makes people feel excited and happy.”

Justin smiled. “Then why do we feel happy eating candies?”

Nora said, “Sugar also makes the human body produce dopamine.”

Justin smiled. “Oh, I get it. So you’re my candy.”

Nora: “????”

The corners of her lips twitched and she was silent for a moment. “Mr. Hunt, your joke isn’t funny at all.”

“This isn’t a joke.” Justin nagged seriously. “These are words of love.”

Words of love?

Nora was slightly stunned. For some reason, his words rang in her ears again. “You’re my candy.”

The man’s deep voice seemed to still linger by her ear, making her cheeks heat up.

She coughed and was silent for a while before changing the topic to hide her embarrassment and heartbeat. “How’s Cherry?”

Justin chuckled but did not expose her. He echoed, “She’s doing quite well. She’s very satisfied with this place and misses you. So, do you have time to visit her?”

Nora was surprised. “Visit her at the Hunts?”

Justin said, “You can choose another place. It’s up to you.”

Nora thought about it carefully and replied, “Then let’s go to the Hunts to see her!”

It was too troublesome to go anywhere else!

Moreover, she could also go and see if Cherry was blending well at the Hunts.

Although she was not a qualified mother, she still had to show some concern.

Nora’s rare motherly love overwhelmed her. She stood up and walked out the door.

As soon as she went out, she saw Florence and Yvonne standing outside her door. They seemed to be about to knock. When they saw that she had opened the door, Florence immediately said, “Miss Nora, I’m sorry. As you’ve just arrived here, your bank account is still being processed, so it seems I can’t send you this month’s money. Is that okay?”

Yvonne also had an apologetic look on her face. “Nora, I’m sorry. I’m the one handling this matter at home, but I was too focused on the Hacker Alliance yesterday, so I forgot about your bank card and missed this month. If you don’t have money to spend, come look for me. I’ll give it to you, okay?”

Nora: “???”

She raised an eyebrow. “No need.”

She really did not care about the Smiths’ money.

Furthermore, she did not take Florence and Yvonne’s disdainful attitude to heart.

She did not come back to stay because of these two people. She had come back to investigate who her biological father was!

Yvonne: “Nora, are you blaming me? This is indeed my fault. I’m sorry…”

Before she could finish, Florence said, “Miss Yvonne, this isn’t your fault alone. After all, a person’s energy is limited. You’re not like some people who have nothing to do all day. By the way, has your application for the Hacker Alliance been approved? If you can join the Hacker Alliance, our Smiths won’t have to worry about this in the future!”

Yvonne: “I don’t know yet, but it should be out soon…”

With this sentence, an email notification sounded.

Yvonne’s eyes lit up. “The email is here!”

Florence: “Then quickly take a look! It’s a small matter whether you get paid or not. The most important thing is that you can join the Hacker Alliance…”

Yvonne nodded, but when she opened the email, the smile on her face froze.