She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 301 - Hacker Alliance

Chapter 301 - Hacker Alliance

Chapter 301: Hacker Alliance

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Nora, about to go downstairs: ???

She paused for a moment and looked over in surprise.

Perhaps sensing her gaze, the housekeeper, Florence, was feeling smug. On the surface, she spoke to Warren, but her voice was so loud that everyone could hear her. “Do you know what the Hacker Alliance is? It’s an alliance formed by all the internationally renowned hackers. As long as she enters this alliance, they’ll take care of her in the future. Ms. Yvonne’s computer skills are already very good, but there are even more powerful people in the Hacker Alliance, such as Y and Q. The Hacker Alliance was established by Q. Now that Ms. Yvonne’s information has been handed over, they will handle it.”

Warren sighed. “Y and Q? Even I, who doesn’t know hacking, know about these two people. Yvonne, are you going to be in the same alliance as them? That’s too awesome!”

Yvonne lowered his head and smiled. “Warren, yesterday’s programming was the key to entering. Fortunately, you helped me stop it. Otherwise, I would have made a mistake! If Y and Q found out about this, they definitely wouldn’t let me pass.”

It was a humiliation for a hacker to ignore orders and hack into someone else’s computer!

Yvonne had lied yesterday, so she wanted to continue hiding it with lies.

Warren waved his hand. “Don’t worry about that. Who in our family knows Y and Q? They definitely won’t know. Besides, I asked everyone yesterday, no one lost anything.”

Yvonne nodded her head, looking relieved. It was all an act.

She was very confident about joining the Hacker Alliance.

Firstly, the monitoring software she had created this time was indeed not bad. If not for the real Solo yesterday, she probably would not have been discovered.

Nora actually knew Solo. This made her very surprised.

Thinking of this, she looked at Nora.

How did Solo know her?

As she was thinking, Warren saw Nora too. He immediately jumped up from the sofa and wanted to rush over to thank his good sister for introducing him to Solo. However, he suddenly remembered Nora’s identity. She was Uncle Ryan’s daughter…

He coughed and pretended to say coldly, “So the one you introduced yesterday was really Solo. I thought you were lying!”

After interacting with him for the past few days, Nora had long realized that this brother of hers was someone who did not mean what he said. Therefore, she said directly, “You’re welcome.”

Warren: “…”

He coughed. “Who wants to thank you? You’re thinking too much! At that time, I agreed to add Solo just to see if he was a liar and felt that you might have been deceived. Although he did me a small favor later on, that was because he wanted to work with me, do you know? He actually said that it didn’t matter if he got paid or not and that if there’s a problem, I can look for him directly. Look, we just met, and he’s already so good to me. This means that I have a charm…”

Maureen could not help but interrupt him. “Nora, thank you this time! I’ll buy you whatever you want!”

Maureen was the most straightforward.

Nora: “No, it’s alright.”

She really didn’t need anything.

After saying that, she prepared to eat at the dining table. Warren asked curiously, “Nora, how do you know Solo?”

Yvonne pricked up her ears.

Nora said, “Oh, I met him overseas. He asked me to examine his illness.”

Nora was a surgeon. The entire family knew this. After all, this was her profession to the outside world.

Thinking about it, she owned a private clinic. If someone like Solo was sick, they probably wouldn’t go to big hospitals. It was normal for them to go to private clinics.

Therefore, it was only natural that she knew Solo.

Yvonne sighed in relief.

Warren and Maureen also came to a realization. “So being a doctor has such connections! Not bad. Have other celebrities came to see you?”

Nora: “…”

Did UK’s queen count?

They had also invited her to the surgery to get to know each other. Later, Cherry even got to know Princess Lucy.

Just as Nora thought about this, she heard the Florence say, “Miss Nora, Surgeon is indeed a sacred profession, but I saw that you haven’t worked at all during the past few days when you were home. Do you have no appointments?”

Nora: “No.”

She would only perform two surgeries a month. This had been arranged long ago. Lily would handle everything for her.

However, Florence and Yvonne misunderstood. Florence lowered her head. “Then do you need us to introduce a few patients to you? Or have you considered switching jobs?”

Introduce patients?

Did she think that no one was looking for her for treatment?

Nora felt that it was funny. She smiled and glanced at Florence with her almond-shaped eyes. “There’s no need. I’m not working full-time as a doctor.”

If she wasn’t full-time… then she was part-time.

Wasn’t it because there were no patients around to help her regain her dignity?!

Florence lowered her eyes and smiled. “I see. Then, Miss Nora, what are you considering? I wonder if you’re interested in programming? But ordinary girls shouldn’t be sensitive to such things, right?”

She then looked at Yvonne. “What a pity. If Miss Nora is interested, Miss Yvonne can teach you.”

Nora: “??”

She looked at Yvonne and saw her smile as she said, “Mdm. Florence, what are you saying? Even if Nora doesn’t work, the Smiths can still afford to raise her! You’re making her feel like you’re urging her to earn money!”

After saying that, she looked at Nora and smiled. “Nora, I never asked you if you have money to spend. If not, I have some here, I can lend it to you.”

She sounded superior.

Moreover, she had even mentioned this in front of so many people. It was probably more embarrassing than helping.

Florence hurriedly said, “Miss Yvonne, how can we let you spend money like this?! Looking at the time, today is the day we send pocket money. The finance department will probably transfer money into your bank cards later.”

Yvonne: “Then give my share this month to Nora. She might not have enough for her first month.”

Nora: “… No, it’s alright.”

She really didn’t need it.

With that, she walked to the dining room beside her, took some food from inside, and went upstairs casually.

When she reached the stairs, she heard Yvonne say, “Isn’t Nora a little cold to me? Does she not like me?”

Florence: “Miss Yvonne, why are you always so kind? She’s the one who’s staying at your home. You’re the lawful daughter of Mr. Smith! You should be thinking about the Hacker Alliance now… But it definitely won’t be a problem!”

Nora raised her eyebrows.

After entering the bedroom, she opened her email and saw Yvonne’s application form.

Hmm… Should she let her join the Hacker Alliance?

She held her chin and frowned as she mulled over it.