She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 300 - It’s Yvonne

Chapter 300 - It’s Yvonne

Chapter 300: It’s Yvonne

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With this sentence, the two of them heard the sound of a keyboard tapping coming from Solo.

Solo typed as he said, “Give me five minutes. I’ll definitely find that person!”

Warren and Maureen had no choice but to believe that he was Solo. After all, all the bugs in the company had been repaired!

Warren was moved to tears. “Thank you!”

Solo: “Don’t thank me. I should be the one thanking you!”

He was thankful that they had given him a great opportunity to escape from Anti. When he thought of his future freedom, he was so touched that he almost cried!

Warren: “?”

Maureen: “?”

The two of them looked at each other. Warren raised his eyebrows. Why was the Almighty’s personality so strange? He took such a small amount of money and helped them so much, yet he still wants to thank them? Could it be that he was attracted to his charm and wanted to work with him?

Warren raised his chin and puffed out his chest.

Maureen, who understood his gaze, rolled her eyes and asked, “Solo, who is it that’s monitoring us? It’s too much! Is it an insider? Is it a servant at home?”

Warren immediately frowned. “Investigate. After finding out, I, I, I’ll tell Big Brother to fire him!”

Maureen: “!!”

Look at how cowardly he was!

She rolled her eyes again. Just then, there was a sudden knock at the door.

Warren saw that Maureen was wearing a jacket and walked over to open the door. He realized that Yvonne was standing outside the door with a guilty look on her face. “Warren, I’m sorry. I made a mistake when I was looking for a bug for you!”

Warren was taken aback.

Yvonne lowered her head. She thought about how the signal had suddenly stopped while she was listening in on the other party, and how she had panicked. She knew that something must have gone wrong and she had been discovered.

She made a prompt decision and ran over. At this moment, her face was filled with shame. “Warren, you know that I helped someone create a listening app some time ago. A problem suddenly happened just now and it went into my family’s computer. Is there a problem now?”

Warren: “?”

He immediately understood. “So it’s you! I knew it! How could my place be monitored?!”

Yvonne felt extremely guilty. “The code just now suddenly started to jump. Someone must have hacked into it and triggered it. Now, I’m confused. That software must have spread to many computers through the intranet. What should we do? Should I get everyone to come out one by one and inform them before helping them remove it?”

Her eyes turned red. “I… I didn’t do it on purpose. That software was at a critical moment when the external network was suddenly attacked. I was busy blocking it, but I didn’t expect it to become chaotic…”

The external network was suddenly attacked…

Warren coughed guiltily. Wasn’t it because of Solo?

However, Solo was helping him out. He was the one who had affected Yvonne!

Warren saw that when something had happened to Yvonne, her first reaction was not to look for her brother Warren out of everyone present in the house. Especially when she was running around in circles asking, “Warren, what should I do?”

“Warren, help me…”

Warren instantly felt a strong sense of accomplishment. He patted his chest generously. “Damn, leave this small matter to me! I’ll call everyone out now. Whose computer has been hacked by the virus?”

Yvonne explained in a serious tone, “In these five minutes, people who had their computers on have probably been hacked. It’s fine as long as they don’t turn them on. But don’t worry. I’ve already taken them back and told them not to turn their phones off. It’ll be fine in a while…”

“Alright, no problem! Go back and do your work. I’ll inform the butler and get him to go door to door.”

Yvonne was moved to tears. “Warren, thank you. You’re the only one who can help me…”

After closing the door, she sighed in relief.

In the room, Maureen frowned and stared at the door. “Why do I feel like she did it on purpose? Otherwise, how did she come right when Solo found out that we were being monitored?”

Warren was simple-minded. When he heard this, he even defended Yvonne. “You’re thinking too much, aren’t you? Why would she be monitoring us? If she wanted to monitor us, wouldn’t she benefit more by listening to Joel? In the entire family, we’re the two most useless people. We just lie here and count money. Does she want to listen to us flirt?!”

Maureen: “…”

She also found it strange. After all, there was indeed no need for her and her husband to be monitored.

But was this really just a misunderstanding?

Solo sneered. “I found her. She’s indeed from the room next door. Tsk, I didn’t expect her to move faster than me.”

After saying that, Solo did not argue if it was intentional or not. He only said, “In the future, just let me know in the group if there’s anything you need. The salary is up to you.”

Then, he silenced himself.

After a minute of silence, Warren called out softly, “Solo?”

When no one responded, he looked at Maureen in relief. “I’m leaving, but why do I feel a little uncomfortable? I feel like we don’t have any privacy anymore!”

Maureen nodded.

Finally, she said, “Hubby, from now on, leave the computer and phone in the living room while we sleep!”

They lived in a suite with three bedrooms. Apart from a large living room, there was a master bedroom, a children’s room, and a study.

Warren nodded repeatedly. “You’re right. It would be so awkward if someone heard us sleeping together at night!”

Maureen: “… Shut up!”

After saying this, Warren chuckled and said, “So, should I leave my phone outside the room tonight?”

The meaning of his words was too obvious.

Maureen hit his shoulder. “You’re so flirtatious!”


The night before, Warren had let the butler know that Nora was not to be disturbed no matter what. Nora hung a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and slept until the next afternoon.

When she woke up, Pete and Mia had already been sent to the kindergarten by Joel.

She yawned and went downstairs to look for something to eat.

Nora was not as reserved as a newcomer. Her actions were natural and unrestrained. The beautiful decorations around her did not make her feel hesitant.

Her phone beeped.

She lowered her head and saw a message: “Boss, the member application forms for the Hacker Alliance admissions this year have been sent to your phone.”

When Nora saw this, she subconsciously yawned.

She really… didn’t want to work!

As she thought about this, she went downstairs and happened to hear the housekeeper, Florence, say to Yvonne, “Miss, you will definitely be able to secure the membership. With your skills, there will definitely be no problems!”

Warren, who was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, asked, “What membership?”

“The Hacker Alliance.”