She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 299 - The Real Solo!!!

Chapter 299 - The Real Solo!!!

Chapter 299: The Real Solo!!!

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With that, the group fell silent.

Warren subconsciously raised his head and looked around. When he realized that there were no cameras in the room, he frowned. “Really?”

Maureen also jumped.

She shrank back in fear. “Hubby, if we’re being watched, what are they trying to do? I even change my clothes often. Will they see us? Did we meet a pervert?”

Warren took a step forward. “I don’t think that’s possible. When the Smiths entered, they had a barrier. If we had a surveillance camera on us, it would have sounded an alarm. This was also to protect our family’s safety. So how could we be monitored? He… he might be creating a panic to scare us!”


Warren walked around Maureen. He looked at the slightly revealing pajamas she was wearing and coughed. Then, he took out a jacket from the side and draped it over her. “Seriously, even in your own room, you should dress more appropriately!”

Maureen: “…”

Warren was really cowardly. He always said what he did not mean.

She grimaced and wrapped her clothes tighter around herself.

Someone in the group sent another message:

Solo: [… No one is monitoring you. It’s listening! Stop thinking you’re in a drama!!]

Warren: “!!!”

He looked at Maureen with trembling eyes and saw that her gaze had changed as well.

The two of them leaned against each other and looked around again.

Finally, Maureen asked softly, “Hubby, shall we switch rooms?”

Another message appeared in the group:

Solo: “It’s useless. The surveillance information is on the computer! I’m not sure if it’s on your phone. I was planning to hack into your phone to take a look.”

As soon as he said this, Warren and Maureen looked at their phones at the same time. Then, they subconsciously threw their phones on the bed!

It was like a time bomb!

The two of them paused for a full two minutes before Warren stood up. “What’s there to be afraid of? I think this Solo is just trying to scare us! He wants us to believe this. Otherwise, what’s the point of saying all this? Can’t he just repair the software?”

Maureen nodded as well. “Yes, it’s definitely fake! I can guarantee it. Absolutely!”

She wrapped her coat tightly around her. “If the Smiths’ house can be bugged so easily, is there still a safe place in this world?”

Warren nodded fiercely. “Exactly!”

As the two of them spoke, Warren simply stood up and looked at his computer. “This must be something he did. Instead of repairing the game, he used all this to scare us. Have I, Warren, been frightened since I was young?”

Almost as soon as he said this, a voice came from the computer. “Then how did you grow up?”

Warren was instantly alert. He jumped up and hid behind Maureen, screaming, “Honey!”

Maureen instinctively blocked his path and reached out to protect him. “Who is it? Hubby, don’t be afraid!”


The room was silent for a full 20 seconds before a laugh came from the computer.

Warren: “!”

Maureen: “…”

What had the two of them done?

Warren was furious. As a man, his dignity made him straighten his chest. He stood behind Maureen and grabbed her arm. Then, he said fiercely, “What are you laughing at?”

“I’m laughing at you.”

The sound was a robotic voice during the voice-changing stage, making it impossible to tell who the other party was.

Warren asked, “Are you the fake Solo?”


Warren snorted coldly. “Now you dare to tell the truth…”

“I’m real. How could a fake person hack into your computer?”

“…” Warren was silent for a moment. “I know how to hack into other people’s computers too. This is like a remote office! Besides, anyone who knows a little technology knows how to do it, right?”

The other party was silent for a moment before saying, “Remote-connection work is to control your computer from a distance, but hacking into your computer will go unnoticed. Furthermore, I have to first break through your firewall and then… Forget it. You won’t understand even if I tell you this. I’ll only say this. Do you think ordinary people can hack into the Smiths’ firewall? It’s only me!”

Warren: “…”

Maureen caught the loophole in his words. “If that’s the case, then did you just say that someone was listening to us? How did that person hack in? You said that it’s difficult for anyone but you. Aren’t you full of loopholes?”

Solo was silent for a moment before coughing. “What if the other party is in your house? There’s no need to break through the external firewall between family members.”

Maureen was shocked. “In our house? Who is it?”

Solo: “The Smiths’ firewall is indeed very powerful. It has already taken too much time to hack in and discover that you guys are being watched. I haven’t found out who the person behind this is yet.”

“…” Warren sneered. “Then what have you been doing? If you can’t find out in time, then what can you do?”

“…I managed to fix your bug in time.”

Warren: ???

He was stunned and turned to look at Maureen in disbelief.

After the couple looked at each other for a long time, Warren’s phone suddenly rang. He picked up the call and heard the voice of the company’s staff on the other end. “Mr. Smith, the system bugs have been repaired!! All the players can play normally now! Although some players have been lost because of the bugs, there are still new ones. Hold on!”

Warren was stunned and asked in disbelief, “Really?”

“Yes, our system is very smooth now, and the technical problems that were not resolved previously have been resolved! The graphics are also enhanced. Where did you find this person? He directly modified our server!”

Warren: “!!”

After hanging up, he looked at the computer in a daze and stammered, “Was that your work?”

On the computer: “Yes, your game was too shoddy. I helped you fix it. I also fixed a cartoon bug! That way, it’ll save time in the future.”


Warren stammered again and asked, “Are… are you really Solo?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Who else can be stronger than me?”

Warren: “!!”

He met Maureen’s gaze in disbelief.

The girl from the countryside really knew Solo?

How did she meet him?

This was too strange!

Moreover, were all top international experts so mild-tempered? If others suspected that he was fake, shouldn’t he be very irritable?!

Just as their lips were trembling, Maureen asked, “Then, can you help us find out who was listening in on us?”

Solo: “…That’s simple. Wait a while!”