She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 30 - He's Alive! He's Alive!

Chapter 30 - He's Alive! He's Alive!

Chapter 30 - He's Alive! He's Alive!

The crowd around them went into a furor.

The man's wife also shouted, "What are you doing?!"

But the next moment, the man, who had been motionless, suddenly started breathing again!

Everyone shut up.

Seeing that the ambulance hadn't arrived yet, Nora took out an infusion tube from the first aid kit and inserted one end into the patient's chest cavity. The other end was inserted into a latex finger glove.

She cut an opening slightly smaller than half an inch wide on the hard end of the finger glove. This was to act as a flap to allow air from inside the chest cavity to be easily discharged while preventing the outside air from entering.

The breathing of the man on the ground gradually became steady.

"He's alive! He's alive!"

The people around them started clapping while the man's wife also heaved a sigh of relief. She fell onto her bottom on the ground as if she had just had a narrow escape from death as she repeated, "Thank you, thank you…"

There still wasn't much of an expression on Nora's face.

The patient was fine now. It would be fine once the ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital. She stood up to leave, but at this point, Angela yelled sharply,

"Thank you? Simple CPR could've saved him, but she insisted on operating on him instead!"

Everyone was taken aback. "What?"

Angela took out her student ID and said, "I'm a senior at the School of Medicine in my college, and I'm about to go for my internship soon. This gentleman here obviously just lost consciousness temporarily and went into shock. CPR would have been enough to resuscitate him. Nora, how could you perform surgery on him under those chaotic circumstances?"

She reproached, "All operations have to be performed under sterile conditions. Do you know how many germs and bacteria there are here?! What if his wound becomes infected?"

The man's wife didn't believe her one-sided opinion. "But it didn't work even when you performed CPR for so long. It was this young lady here that helped my husband to breathe again!"

Angela sneered, "CPR needs time for effects to show. How can he possibly get better in two minutes? If she hadn't stopped me, your husband would have been totally fine now. He wouldn't have had to lose so much blood!"

The man's wife frowned. She didn't know much about medicine, so she became a little unsure. However, she didn't say anything.

Angela then spoke again. She said, "What's more is that she isn't even a doctor. She was probably bold enough to mess around because she's watched a few episodes of some medical TV drama?"

The wife looked at her husband who was still lying on the ground, his breathing steady. Then, she looked at Nora uncertainly and asked, "Are you really not a doctor?"

Nora found the whole thing awfully stupid. She said coldly, "Does it matter whether I'm a doctor? The point is that he's still alive."

Angela replied aggressively, "Of course it matters. He didn't need to be operated on. It's all because you pretended to know more than you actually do and messed around!"

Nora yawned. "Everything will be clear once the ambulance gets here."

Unless she exposed her identity as Anti, these people would never believe her, no matter what she said.

Angela scoffed and said, "You'd better not leave, then. Why don't you stay here and prove your innocence? Ma'am, I'd advise you to call the police now. This is assault!"

While she was being noisy, the ambulance arrived fashionably late.

The paramedics hurriedly carried the stretcher down. A doctor that had followed them here quickly rushed in front of the patient. After performing a full-body examination, he asked grimly, "Who performed first aid on him?!"

Angela's face lit up. She pointed at Nora as she answered, "She's the one that did it! She's just an idiot who has never even gone to school. How dare she operate on someone else…"

The doctor's expression instantly became hesitant when she said that. He asked, "She's never even gone to school before? How did you learn your medical skills, then?"

Before Nora could reply, Angela spoke again. She scoffed, "She probably just blindly copied whatever they did on TV… Doctor, it's illegal to treat someone's illness without proper knowledge, right?"

As soon as she said that, she saw an astonished look form on the doctor's face. He exclaimed, "You can actually perform such a flawless chest drainage operation when you haven't studied medicine professionally before? And, you're so young, too! You must be a genius!"

Angela's triumphant expression suddenly froze!

What? A genius? Was someone like Nora even worthy of the title 'genius'?!

The corners of Nora's lips spasmed a little. Any doctor would know first aid common sense like this. How did that make her a genius…

Next to them, the man's wife immediately understood after hearing their conversation. She said, "Doctor, about my husband's condition…"

The doctor said, "We would have treated him in the same way even if he was sent to the hospital. It's just that the equipment would be more professional. There aren't any chest drainage bottles here, so she could only make do like she did.

"Also, it was fortunate that the operation was done in time. Otherwise, due to his inability to breathe, once suffocation had sustained for a long time, his internal organs would have suffered damage."

After the doctor finished the explanation, he got the others to carry the patient into the ambulance.

It was only after the man's wife got into the ambulance that she suddenly realized that she hadn't thanked her husband's savior yet. However, when she turned, she could no longer find any traces of Nora among the crowd…

By the time Lawrence came down, the ambulance had already left.

After hearing about what had happened from the service staff, Lawrence asked, "Do you know who the patient is?"

The service staff replied, "It's Mr. Anderson from the second-highest floor."

Mr. Anderson?

Lawrence suddenly realized something. His eyes widened and he hurriedly picked up his cell phone and called Justin. He said, "Mr. Hunt, this is terrible. The person who was feeling unwell just now is Mr. Simon Anderson."

The Andersons from New York and the Hunts had been on close terms for generations.

Now that Simon was hospitalized, it was common courtesy for Justin to visit him.

Justin immediately said, "I'm coming down."

He went to the study to check on Pete, who was reading. He seemed to have reverted to his taciturn temperament in the past.

After notifying Pete that he was going out, Justin left. Before stepping out of the suite, he wordlessly picked up the dress that his son had set aside and tossed it into the trash as he went out.

In the hospital.

When Justin arrived, Simon was still undergoing an operation. His wife, Melissa Anderson, was seated on the bench outside the operating room, her well-maintained face full of worry.

Justin walked over and greeted her. "Aunt Melissa."

Melissa's eyes reddened when she saw him. She said, "He rushed over here because he heard that someone in California had news about his eldest sister. But when he heard that his sister may have already died 23 years ago and only left a daughter behind, he suddenly got sick and almost died."

More than twenty years ago, the Andersons' eldest daughter had run away from home. She disappeared without a trace ever since.

Over the years, the Andersons had been searching for her everywhere.

Justin consoled her and said, "Uncle Simon will be fine. I've already talked to the doctors just now. They said that he received timely treatment, so he's not in danger anymore."

At the mention of that, Melissa immediately said, "Justin, it was a young lady that saved Simon today. We're deeply indebted to her. Can you find out who she is? When Simon's condition stabilizes, I'd like to pay her a visit and thank her."

Justin nodded.

After Simon was pushed out of the operating room and his condition stabilized, Justin returned to the hotel with Lawrence.

When they were getting out of the car, Lawrence said, "Mr.. Hunt, let's go to the control room and check the cameras to see who that kind soul is."