She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 29 - First Aid!

Chapter 29 - First Aid!

Chapter 29 - First Aid!

Justin asked solemnly, "What happened?"

Lawrence explained, "A guest fainted in the lobby. According to the lobby manager, he's not breathing anymore. They've already dialed 911. A doctor happened to be nearby, so they are currently giving him first aid."

Hotel Finest's guests were either rich or enjoyed a high social standing.

The hotel would also be held responsible if something were to happen, so Justin immediately instructed, "Go and take a look."

"Yes, sir."

After Lawrence went out, Justin walked out of the study and found that his son was not in the living room. He asked, "Where's Pete?"

The nanny replied, "He went next door."

Justin was puzzled.

A foreboding feeling arose in him.

In the suite next door.

Chester pointed to the mountain of clothes piled up on the sofa and announced, "These are for you!"

Cherry exclaimed, "All of them?!"

"Yep, I went to a few children's wear stores and got them to give me one of each design in your size!" Chester circled around her a few times and asked, "Can you scold me a little less in the game in the future?"

Cherry looked at her poor uncle and blinked. "I'll try!"

Whenever she started playing, she would immediately transform uncontrollably into a little ogre. This really wasn't her fault, though, because it was her uncle who was simply too lousy!

Cherry sighed and rummaged casually through the clothes. While doing so, she suddenly took out a pink princess tutu dress.

"They must have packed it in by mistake." Chester reached over to set the dress aside, but he instead saw his nephew's eyes lighting up. "This is beautiful!"

Chester was perplexed.

Cherry said, "I'm gonna try it on!"

In order to play the role of her brother, she had been forced to dress like a tomboy every day. This had seriously impaired her looks!

Cherry entered the bedroom, changed into the dress, and looked at herself left and right in the mirror. It was at this moment that her cell phone suddenly rang.

She picked up. "Hi, Pete!"

Pete said, "Let's switch back right away, Cherry. You used Daddy's phone to send an email just now, so I have to remove the traces, or he'll find out otherwise!"


Cherry slipped out of the bedroom. She was about to leave when she saw Justin exit their suite and about to come over. She panicked and said, "I'm at Uncle Chester's, but Daddy's coming over now!"

Pete, who was hiding in the stairwell, stuck his head out.

If Daddy brought Cherry away with him, they would probably have to wait for another chance to switch back. However, if that happened, the likelihood of Daddy finding out about the email would increase.

Pete decided to wager on his uncle's IQ.

Pete suddenly darted out of the stairwell and called out, "Daddy!"

Justin, who was about to knock, was taken aback for a moment. He glanced over at the source of the voice and found that Pete was standing nearby in a princess dress.

The sight shocked Justin.

With a troubled expression, he took Pete back to their suite.

After the two of them went in, Cherry quietly opened the door, ran to the stairwell while holding her dress up, and went downstairs.

A stunned Chester was rooted to the ground.

His nephew had gone home in a princess dress?!

After a while, he suddenly thought of something and rushed next door in a panic. "Justin, I was the one that bought the dress, but listen to me… It's not what you're thinking!"


Justin slammed the door shut and gritted his teeth as he said, "Stay away from my son!"

Chester was lost for words. I'm innocent! He thought.

After shutting out the culprit that was to blame for all these, Justin turned back to look at his son and observed him seriously.

Pete was wearing a princess dress, and there was a pink headband on his naturally wavy short hair. His exquisite facial features, as well as the smooth and practiced way he had combed Barbie's hair today…

Doubts finally formed in Justin's mind and he asked, "Are you really my son?"

Pete nodded seriously.

Justin suddenly asked, "What did I get you for your birthday when you were three?"

Pete was silent for a moment before he answered, "…French For Kids: First 100 Words and Introduction to Programming."

"How much Christmas money did Grandma give you last year?"

"… Two million dollars."


At the sight of Justin's look of self-doubt, Pete couldn't help but feel a little bad. He tugged on his dress and said, "I'll go and change."

Justin watched his son enter the bedroom, but even after thinking about it for a while, he simply couldn't help but feel like something wasn't right. He suddenly walked over and pushed the door open.

There was no one in the bedroom, but he could hear the sound of running water from the bathroom.

His son was probably peeing.

Ever since Pete turned five, he refused to let him bathe him anymore.

Justin strode over. The head of the dignified number one family in the States, at his height of 6'2", stood secretly at the door and glanced into the bathroom…

It really was his son. He hadn't been replaced.

While he was relieved, he actually found himself a little disappointed.

How nice would it be if the one spending time with him before had been a daughter instead!

After relieving himself, Pete turned to see Justin staring at him. Their eyes met, and the two of them kept quiet for a long time.

At last, Pete frowned and said, "… What a pervert."


He walked out disdainfully as he said, "Daddy, you should go see a psychiatrist."


At the lobby downstairs.

Nora looked at the man who had collapsed. He was motionless, and it looked like he wasn't breathing anymore.

"I am a medical student. Step aside, I'll perform CPR on him!"

Angela had also rushed over. She took out a piece of paper to cover the man's mouth and then, she started to perform CPR on him.

It was obvious at first glance that the man who had collapsed was either wealthy or enjoyed a high social status. If she saved him, she would definitely be handsomely rewarded.

However, even after doing chest compressions for two minutes, the man still showed no response.

Nora pushed her aside. "Let me take a look."

Angela, who was pushed aside, frowned and yelled angrily, "What for? Nora, you're not a doctor. Don't waste time that I can use to save him instead!"

Nora quickly pressed down on the man's chest a few times.

He was experiencing tension pneumothorax.

This was an acute condition. As there was fluid accumulation in the chest, performing CPR was useless. By the time the ambulance comes, it would probably be too late.

He needed immediate chest drainage surgery!

When she saw that Nora was ignoring her, Angela shouted even more angrily, "I get it now! Are you trying to curry a favor because he looks important? Come on, take her away! Don't waste time that I can use to save him! I can't continue with the CPR if she's here!"

The middle-aged woman kneeling next to the man looked at Nora when she heard Angela's words. She said, "You're not a doctor? Then get out of the way!"

Nora turned a deaf ear to their words. She stood up and rushed over to the front desk. After asking them for the first aid kit, she quickly returned. She took out gloves and rubbing alcohol, pulled a paring knife from her waist, and sterilized the tools.

Then, she pulled the man's shirt open, pressed down on the mid-clavicular line of his second intercostal space, and plunged the knife down without hesitation!


Blood spurted from the wound, scaring everyone around them into backing away. However, the man on the ground still didn't show any response.

"Murder! Murder!" A bright-eyed Angela shouted, "Call the cops! Arrest her!"

She had tried every possible means she could to get rid of that damned fatty, but little did she expect that she would actually self-combust!

Just as Angela was all smug and triumphant, her expression suddenly froze.