She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 31 - Anti!

Chapter 31 - Anti!

Chapter 31 - Anti!

Justin thought of the genius that the doctor had sung praises of when they were in the hospital just now, and he nodded with great interest. "Okay."

Unfortunately, as soon as the two of them entered the lobby, one of his assistants walked over. In a hushed voice, he said, "Mr. Hunt, you have guests from your family home. They've gone up to the top floor."

Justin's expression changed drastically when he heard this. He strode over to the elevator and, with a dark expression, asked, "When did they arrive?"

"They went up five minutes ago. The hotel belongs to the Hunts after all, so the front desk and lobby manager weren't able to stop them."

"A bunch of good-for-nothings!"

Justin cursed angrily and entered the elevator.

Lawrence let out a silent sigh. He wouldn't be of any help with the situation upstairs anyway, so he went to the control room by himself.

In the presidential suite on the top floor.

Pete, whose eyes were red, clenched his fists and looked at the people in front of him.

More than a dozen bodyguards in black from both parties were glaring at one another as they faced off.

Chester, who had an awful look on his face, stood in between them and Pete. He said, "What are you doing, Howard? Justin won't let you off when he comes back!"

Howard Hunt, the man in front of him and also his second cousin, had sinister eyes and a hooked nose. He smiled sinisterly and said, "This has nothing to do with you, Chester. Get out of the way. I'm here on Grandpa's order to bring that disrespectful little bastard back to the family home!"

Chester wasn't agreeable to it. "Whatever it is that you want to do, do it only when Justin gets back here! You can't take him away now!"

Howard's expression turned cold and he said, "Don't think too highly of yourself, Chester. What makes you think you have a say when you don't even give two hoots about the family? Get lost!"

Chester was so furious that his face was all flushed.

The only reason why he could play games all day long was that Justin had taken all the pressure off him. Besides, his nephew was even his team leader. How could he possibly ignore what was happening?

He said furiously, "I won't let you!"

Howard cracked his knuckles at once. It was obvious at first glance that he was very skilled at fighting. "Don't blame me if I don't hold back, then!"

As soon as he said that, an icy-cold voice reached them: "Who

are you planning on not holding back on?"

His voice, which was as low and deep as cello timbre, was emotionless. It made Howard stiffen, and he immediately withdrew his fists and gave the man walking over an ingratiating smile. "You're back, Justin."

Justin's big and tall form stood in front of Chester and Pete and blocked them from Howard. His bottomless gaze landed on Howard, and the mole at the corner of his eye exuded murderous intent as he demanded, "Who said you could come here?"

Fear flashed in Howard's eyes. He touched his nose and replied with a smile, "I'm not that fearless to come here and mess with you either, Justin, but these are Grandpa's orders. He said that since you've returned with that disrespectful boy, then you should return to the family home. This way, you can also discuss how Pete should be punished."

A grim Justin took a step forward. "Why does he have to be punished?"

Howard was so frightened that he took a step back. "Why are you feigning ignorance, Justin? There's something mentally wrong with that boy. How nice was Grandaunt to him? But just because he argued with her a little, he pushed her off the stairs and caused her to suffer a brain hemorrhage. Even now, she's still lying in the hospital with her life in danger. Someone has to answer for this!"

A large family held great power.

The reason why the Hunts could keep their position at the pinnacle in the States was that they had talents in every industry.

Justin's permanent residence was in New York, but the family home had always been in California.

During the holidays, the Hunts would return and gather. Disciplinary action toward members of the family was also carried out in the family home.

Justin had always respected his granduncle who watched over the family home. Howard was his granduncle's grandson. He was the one who would have to take over the responsibility of watching over the family home in the future.

Justin narrowed his frosty eyes. "I told you, it wasn't Pete."

Howard shrugged. "Do you have any proof? Because we have witnesses. Moreover, Pete was indeed upstairs when it happened. There were signs that the two were having a dispute."

Justin clenched his jaw. "I'm already looking for Dr. Anti to have her take a look at Grandma."

Howard curled his lip. "It's not easy to find Anti."

Justin let out a cold snort. "I will drag her back here even if that's what I have to do!"

"Justin, because you're staying here with Pete, my side of the family has been inciting everyone and causing a lot of dissatisfaction among them."

Howard cast a disdainful glance at Pete and went on. "Besides, who knows where that boy even came from? Neither do we know who his mother is. On top of that, he's even mentally ill. Even we aren't convinced about having him become your heir, let alone everyone else from my side of the family!

"Grandpa asked me to talk to you. You're still young and healthy, Justin. Won't it be nice to have another child? As for Pete, just give up on him."

"Shut up!"

Justin's eyes flashed with murderous intent and he warned, "Pete is my son, and he's the only son I'll ever have!"

Howard was intimidated by his presence.

As the ones watching over the family home, his immediate family held very high status among the Hunts. Even all the previous heads of the family had to treat them with courtesy.

However, his grandfather had mentioned before that Justin was different from the previous heads of the family. He had other identities, so they mustn't mess with him.

Howard also respected—and even slightly feared—Justin. But the more that was so, the more he felt that Pete, as his son, wasn't outstanding enough.

Howard fell silent for a moment. Then, he took a step back and lowered his head as he said, "My side of the family is making a lot of noise. By next weekend at the latest, Grandpa will have to hold a family meeting. If you cannot prove his innocence by then, the Hunts will expel Peter Hunt from the family."

After saying that, he turned and left.

A panicked Chester asked, "What do we do, Justin?"

Justin, who had a dark and grim look on his face, didn't answer.

The most ideal solution was to find Anti and have her prove his son's innocence.

But if they couldn't find her…

He lowered his gaze dispassionately, his eyes cold.

Had it not been for his father who had insisted that he take care of the family, he wouldn't have bothered himself with a trifling presence like the Hunts.

But now, they actually had the guts to expel his son from the family?

In that case, it was time that someone else took over the place of the number one family in the States.

A sharp look flashed across Justin's eyes. He turned behind and looked at Pete, his voice gentle and mellow as he said, "There's nothing to be afraid of, Pete."

Pete lowered his head and entered the study.

He wasn't afraid.

But Great-Grandma had really treated him very well. That was also the reason why he hadn't said anything about the tutors she had sent, despite them being problematic. He had kept quiet because he didn't want to tarnish Great-Grandma's name. After all, her life was still in danger, so she had no way of speaking up for him.

He didn't want Great-Grandma to die, either.

Chester returned to the suite next door while looking at the back view of his dejected little nephew. He let out a sigh and logged on to the game. He had initially thought that his team leader was feeling down, but what he saw was that sweetcherry was currently active in the game…?

He was taken aback for a moment. Then, he connected to the other party's voice chat and said, "Here I was, thinking you were feeling down and out! I didn't expect that you're still in the mood to play games?"

Downstairs, Cherry, who was seated on the sofa, blinked when she heard him. She asked, "… Why would I be sad?"

What had happened to Pete?

Chester replied, "That's true. Don't worry, your father will definitely find Anti and prove your innocence!"

Cherry was confused.