She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 298 - You Are Being Watched

Chapter 298 - You Are Being Watched

Chapter 298: You Are Being Watched

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While Warren was feeling smug, the other party replied:

Solo: “What nonsense is this? Can this code be used?”

Warren was taken aback.

Maureen said excitedly, “Maybe he’s really a master and can see the problem with this code?”

Warren touched his nose. “No, I have to try again. Maybe this was a wild guess?”

He sent a message to the group:

Warren: “Ah, I accidentally sent the wrong code. Master, are you really Solo?”

On the other end of the line, Solo was anxious. He did not have that much time to waste with him! Therefore, he quickly typed a message:

Solo: “Yes, cut the crap. Shall we sign the contract first?”

Anti had finally relented and said that as long as he became the consultant of this silly cousin, he would not have to work for free in the future!

Solo had to seize this opportunity.

The other party had first sent a bunch of wrong codes. It was obvious that they were testing him, and did not trust him so much. What if after he helped fix the bug, the other party kicked him away and said that they did not need a consultant?

To think that the dignified Solo would one day beg to be a company consultant for someone else!

Therefore, he had to sign the contract first. He did not want to be fooled again after doing the job!

However, in the eyes of Warren and Maureen, this hasty behavior made the two of them even more certain that this was a liar!

The two of them looked at each other. Warren asked, “Sure, but what about the salary?”

Solo: “Anything. Just give me $200,000.”

Anyway, he did not care about such a small amount of money. Any project he accepted would cost a million! Did he care about the consultancy fees?

No, what he cared about was freedom!

Now, freedom was waving a little handkerchief at him. He was anxious to get rid of Anti!

Therefore, Solo sent another message in the group chat: “Hurry up. I’ve already settled the contract for you. I’ll sign an electronic one. You can just sign an electronic one too.”

After saying this, he sent a contract to the group chat.

Warren: “!!”

Maureen: “…”

She gulped. “It has only been a few minutes? The contract is done.”

Warren: “…He probably prepared it in advance?”

Maureen opened the contract and took a look. The amount was $200,000.

She glanced at Warren again. “Isn’t this too cheap?”

Warren: “You can practically say that he’s helping us for free.”

The two of them looked at each other again. At this moment, they were certain that this Solo was definitely a liar!

Warren rolled up his sleeves and looked at Maureen. “How dare he deceive us, the Smiths. How hateful! Moreover, this liar is too unprofessional! Can a real high-level hacker be hired for $200,000?! It’s too fake! Nora, that stupid girl, has been deceived by this person for so long! He might have also swindled tens of thousands from her!”

Maureen also frowned. “Yes!”

Warren said, “Tens of thousands is nothing to us, but to Nora, it should be a lot in the environment she lives in, right? No, us Smiths cannot be bullied like this!”

Maureen nodded repeatedly. “Yes, we have to vent our anger! But how?”

Warren thought about it and said slowly, “How about this? First, we have to let Nora know that he’s a liar!”

Maureen took out her phone. “I’ll private chat with her.”

After Maureen sent a message to Nora, saying that Solo in the group was a liar, Nora’s reply was very fast because there were only two words: “He’s real.”

Maureen: “…”

Warren: “…”

The two of them looked at each other. Maureen sighed. “It looks like Nora has been deceived quite badly.”

Warren nodded as well.

Maureen asked, “What do we do now?”

After thinking for a while, Warren immediately patted his head. “Then let the truth be explained. We’ll sign the contract according to this counterfeit! After we sign it, he won’t be able to find any bugs. By then, Nora will definitely know the truth!”

Maureen nodded. “Then what about your game?”

Warren: “At this time, is that bit of money more important? Or is my sister more important?”

Maureen thought for a moment. “That’s true. Let’s settle the matter of Nora being deceived first!”

Anyway, even if they were bankrupt. With their elder brother to support them, their lives would not be bad!

The conversation between the two dimwits entered Yvonne’s ears, making her clench her fists in anger. This was too much.

It was too much!

These two people were too good to Nora!

She bit her lip and took a deep breath. She decided that if Warren came looking for her later, she would definitely not help.

How could he not care about that bit of money?

Then she would make him go bankrupt!

Warren signed the contract electronically and sent it to Solo again.

Solo immediately sent a message in the group: “Okay, the contract has been settled.”

Warren sent another message: “Then I’ll send you the bug?”

Solo: “Your software is on this computer you’re using, right?”

Warren: “?”

He glanced at his computer and replied: “Yes.”

Solo: “Okay, no need to send it. I hacked into your computer.”

Warren: “!!!”

He looked at his computer and saw nothing unusual on it. It was just like earlier. How did he hack in?

He sent a message in the group: “Are you sure?”


Warren looked at Maureen. “Transfer the money!”

Maureen was stunned.

Warren snorted. “If we don’t transfer the money, then it won’t count as fraud. At most, it’ll be getting scammed on the Internet, and the police won’t take it seriously. Only when there’s a transaction with a large sum of money will we be taken seriously… Moreover, it’ll take more than $100,000 to make a case.”

Maureen transferred the money over.

After the money reached the other party’s account, Warren said in the group chat: “The money has been transferred. Please repair the game.”

However, after this message was sent, there was no more news from Solo.

After waiting for a full two minutes, Warren and Maureen looked at each other and then at the computer again.

Warren: “Where are you?”

Another two minutes passed.

Warren: “I’ve transferred the money to you. Are you not talking anymore? Have you blacklisted me?”

Another three minutes passed.

Warren: “Are you a cheat? @Solo.”

After sending these messages, Solo still did not say anything.

Warren and Maureen looked at each other, feeling that the other party had already taken the bait!

Maureen sent a message in the group chat: “Nora, did you see that? This person is really a liar. He’s not Solo!”

Warren’s message was aggrieved. “Hmph, I don’t know how much money I’ve been scammed for. I’ll call the police and get my money back, I’ll help you get it back!”

At this moment, there was a new message in the group.

Solo: “Stop talking. Your phones have been bugged”