She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 297 - Real or Fake Solo

Chapter 297 - Real or Fake Solo

Chapter 297: Real or Fake Solo

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After Warren entered Solo’s name into Google, his information quickly appeared.

Solo was the champion of the international hacker competition last year. He was very good at capturing system loopholes, hacking into other people’s systems, and stealing relevant documents.

When he was young, he had won a computer programming award and was considered one of the top hackers in the country.

When he saw this information, Warren was stunned.

He looked at Maureen in shock and asked in surprise, “Is it this Solo?”

Maureen was also very surprised. “I think… probably? Is there another Solo?”

Warren closed the tab and shook his head. “No.”

Maureen: “Nora introduced him to me.”

After the two of them finished speaking, they looked at each other. Warren coughed. “She’s just a country bumpkin from California. How could she know such a powerful person?”

Maureen: “What’s wrong with coming from California? She has been overseas for a few years! Maybe they met by chance.”

Warren nodded. “Alright.”

After saying that, he was still worried. “I better ask Yvonne.”

Maureen was about to say something when Warren left.

In another room.

Yvonne hurriedly retracted her surveillance. After a while, there was indeed a knock on the door. She opened it, but Warren did not enter.

After all, they were not biological siblings and should have a line drawn between them.

He stood outside the door and asked, “Yvonne, have you heard of Solo?”

Yvonne raised an eyebrow. “Of course, I’ve heard of him. He was the champion of last year’s hacker competition. I’ve seen him before, we worked together once.”

Warren was instantly relieved. Just as he was about to say something, Yvonne smiled. “But he’s very introverted. Last year, I wanted to pull him into the Smiths’ business, but he refused. Do you know why?”

Warren shook his head.

Yvonne faintly replied, “Because he said that he doesn’t like to be controlled and restrained, so he has always been doing things by himself. By the way, do you know his personality? He likes to be alone the most. Even I can’t be considered his friend.”

Warren was stunned. “Alone? Even you’re not his friend?”

Yvonne nodded. “Capable people will always have pride.”

Warren nodded thoughtfully. “Yes, not everyone is like you. They’re capable and approachable. Alright, Yvonne, thank you!”

With that, Warren turned and left.

Yvonne: ??

She frowned and stared at Warren’s back as he left.

She thought that when Warren heard this, he would directly ask her about the software, but she did not expect him to just leave like that.

She bit her lip.

Alright, he was not begging, right?

Then just wait!

Her software could not be deciphered by any Tom, Dick, or Harry. Besides, Solo was such a reclusive person. How could he be a consultant for their gaming company?!

When Warren returned to his room, Yvonne was already monitoring them.

She felt that after the two of them realized that the relationship with Solo was fake, they would definitely complain to Nora. In the end, she heard the two of them chatting.

Warren: “I think this Solo is fake.”

Maureen: “Then what should we do? Now that you mention it, I also think it’s fake.”

After a long silence, Maureen slowly said, “Nora introduced him. Do you think…”

Yvonne smiled. She felt that the two of them would definitely blame Nora next. However, she did not expect the two of them to change the topic.

Warren asked, “Do you think Nora has been deceived too?”

Yvonne: “???”

Maureen continued, “Yes, but how are we going to tell Nora about this? If we say that Solo is fake, will she be sensitive and suspicious?”

Warren asked, “Would women also feel that way?”

Maureen: “Yes, they would. Even Nora’s self-esteem would be hurt. What do you think we should do?”

Warren: “…She’s not that unreasonable, is she?”

However, after a moment of silence, Warren said impatiently, “She came from a small place after all. She’s just mentally fragile!”

Maureen: “…Can you not say one thing and mean another? Besides, you’re related by blood. Haven’t you always wanted a biological sister?”

Warren scratched his head. “…She’s not my biological sister either. Sigh, I keep feeling like there’s a war between me and Yvonne. She was too outstanding since she was young, wasn’t she? She seemed close to us, but I could see that other siblings could play around with each other, but there was never anything between us. For example, when I went to look for her just now, if she was my biological sister, I could have just closed the door and talked to her, but I had to talk outside the door. You know Chester Hunt, right? He flaunts his sister in front of me every day. Whenever I mention Yvonne, he would reply to me, ‘Have you bathed with your sister? Have you ever put your arm around her shoulder? Have you ever drank with her? Are you related by blood?’”

He sighed heavily. “I’ve never done any of those things! But he has! I’m so angry! Now that I finally have a biological sister, do you think… Yvonne will be unhappy if I get closer to her or prepare some dowry for her?”

Maureen immediately said, “I liked Nora the moment I saw her. This might be fate between us. It’s not wrong to prepare some dowry for her. What’s there to be unhappy about? Uncle Ian will definitely help with her dowry too. Even if we prepare a few million, they won’t care! Besides, I’ll give Yvonne some when the time comes.”

Warren nodded. “You’re right.”

Yvonne was speechless.

She clenched her fists tightly and took a deep breath. She felt as if her heart was stuffed with cotton.

She was Ian’s daughter, while Nora was the daughter of her deceased uncle. How could she be more precious than her?

Why were these people treating her so well?

What about her?

What had she been all these years?

She took a deep breath.

In another room.

After the two of them discussed the dowry, Warren picked up his phone. “Come on, invite Solo to the group chat. We’ll expose his fake identity on the spot and let Nora know the dangers of society. I thought about it, we can’t hide this from her!”

When Maureen heard her husband’s words, she felt that it made sense. Therefore, she told Nora to add them into a group chat.

Nora did so soon.

She also made an introduction:

Nora: “This is Solo @Warren @Maureen”

With that, she fell silent.

Solo sent a welcoming emoji in the group chat and waved a small handkerchief around, looking especially despicable.

Warren sneered. How could the Almighty be so approachable?

Let’s see how he would expose Solo’s fake identity!

As he thought about this, he sent a previous game program into the group and said, “Guru, may I know where the bugs in this software are?”


He’ll see how Solo answers!