She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 292 - Hitting The Child?

Chapter 292 - Hitting The Child?

Chapter 292: Hitting The Child?

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Yvonne, however, held Warren’s arm. She frowned and acted as if her foot really hurt, but then said with a smile, “I’m fine, Warren. The boy didn’t mean it…”

Practically at the same time she spoke, Brandon, who was also stunned, subconsciously asked, “How did you appear behind me, Aunt Yvonne?”

Yvonne smiled. “I was just passing by.”

As the little overlord of the kindergarten, Brandon was currently at the age where kids were the most rebellious and detestable, so he hated having to apologize the most.

He scratched his head. “I didn’t mean it. It’s not like I have eyes at the back of my head…”

His annoying speech made Warren furious. “Didn’t you hear me? I’m telling you to apologize! Stop making excuses!”

Brandon had always been very mischievous and had damaged a lot of things at home, thereby leaving that sort of impression on Warren a long time ago. He felt that he must have done it on purpose.

In addition, Brandon had indeed been having fun stepping on other people’s feet at home recently. He had even been playing games to see who could step on more people’s feet.

As a result, he had misunderstood.

There was no way the little overlord would ever apologize, though. He immediately retorted, “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Warren was livid.

Yvonne had just helped him. Not only had he not given her anything for it, but his son was even being so naughty?

He decided to take the opportunity to teach Brandon a lesson and make him behave. He picked up the boy at once and smacked his butt. “Will you apologize or not?!”

The pain made Brandon, who had never been one to behave, struggle and flail about at once. “Bad Daddy! Let me go! If you dare to beat me, I’ll also beat you when I grow up!”

Warren was taken aback.

Yvonne broke into a huge frown. “How can you say that, Brandon? That’s so outrageous of you! I don’t need you to apologize to me, you should be apologizing to your father instead!”

Brandon was furious. The boy, who had never been one to allow himself to suffer any injustice, retorted, “I didn’t do anything wrong. Besides, I didn’t mean it, either. You were the one who came up to me and let yourself be stepped on, so why should I apologize?!”

Warren instantly became even angrier.

He lifted his hand and mercilessly smacked his butt again. “You little brat! Will you apologize or not?!”

Loud smacks rang out as his palm landed on Brandon’s butt, making Maureen terribly distressed.

No matter how naughty the boy was, he was still her precious baby.

She had seen that it was Yvonne who ran into him just now, but when her husband told her son to apologize, she had subconsciously felt that she should give in to Yvonne.

Having her son apologize wasn’t really much of a big deal, so she hadn’t stopped them.

What her son said after that had indeed been very annoying, so she had also felt that they mustn’t spoil their son when her husband decided to teach him a lesson. Which boy hadn’t suffered a thrashing before?

But at this moment, she felt as if the blows landing on Brandon’s butt were instead landing on her heart, making her heart ache terribly.

She rushed over anxiously. “Alright, that’s enough! Stop hitting him! You’re going to hurt the boy!”

Warren was afraid of his wife, so he immediately let go upon hearing her.

But as soon as he did, Yvonne said, “I know you love your son, Maureen, but spare the rod and spoil the child! He actually said that he was going to beat his father up when he grows up! You have to let him know what he has done wrong! Otherwise, he will go down a path of no return when he grows up!”

Maureen was furious. “He isn’t your child, so of course you don’t feel bad about it! It is our responsibility to educate our son, you don’t need to bother yourself with it!”

The look on Yvonne’s countenance became one of grievance upon being scolded. She heaved a huge sigh and said, “You’re right. Warren, Maureen, I stepped beyond the boundaries with my words.”

Warren, however, became angry. “Yvonne was doing it for Brandon’s own good! Besides, she’s his aunt, why would she do anything to harm him? She has the right to discipline the child! Yvonne is right, boys ought to be beaten up, otherwise, he really will beat me up once he grows up! What an impertinent boy!”

After speaking, he held his arm up and hit Brandon’s butt a few more times!

Brandon stubbornly refused to cry, but his struggle gradually became weaker.

Maureen couldn’t stand it anymore. She pushed Warren away and grabbed her son from him. Then, she pulled down his pants and took a look—his butt was already all red and swollen!

Maureen’s eyes instantly reddened. She shouted straight at Warren and Yvonne, “Warren, if you dare to freaking touch my son again, I will fight you!”

Warren: “…”

Yvonne: “…”

Maureen was so mad that she picked up Brandon, went upstairs, and entered their bedroom. Before she went in, she looked back at Warren and said, “Warren! Do you want your son and me, or your precious little sister?! Are you intending to kill your son just for your precious little sister’s sake?!

“I can’t live with this anymore! I’m taking my son back home! You can go and live with your sister instead!”

With that, she slammed the door shut with a loud bang.

Warren feared his wife the most, so he hurriedly went forward upon hearing what she said. “Dear, I…”

But after taking a step forward, he looked back at Yvonne.

Yvonne sighed. “Go and talk to Maureen, Warren. I’ll be fine… She must have misunderstood… Have a good talk with Maureen. Don’t make her angry, I know you’re scared of her… If it really doesn’t work, why don’t I go up with you and apologize to her?”

There probably wasn’t any man who could stand it if someone were to say that they were scared of their wife, right?

Had it been someone else, they would definitely have patted their chest and said, “Don’t worry! I’m a man, what’s there to be scared of? You don’t have to do that!”

However, Warren instead nodded and said, “You know me best. I’m the most afraid of her going back to her parents’ place. Let me quickly go upstairs and appease her… If I fail, I’ll have to ask you to give in and apologize to her.”

He then went upstairs without looking back, leaving only Yvonne standing downstairs.

She was so mad that she had to take a deep breath before she could suppress her anger.

She knew it! Warren didn’t have a conscience at all. Now that he had a wife, he didn’t protect his sister anymore!

Did the two of them really think that she didn’t have any means of keeping them within her control, though?

Yvonne lowered her head and smirked.

She would just wait for Warren to come and beg her.

Half an hour later, after Warren cried, begged, and coaxed her, Maureen finally gave in and stayed at the Smiths’ for the time being.

She and her husband were truly in love, after all. Besides, even though their son’s injury looked serious, the doctor said that they were just simple bruises when he came over to take a look.

Warren said, “That’s my son I’m hitting, so I will definitely hold back! He won’t break so easily, don’t worry!”

Maureen: “!!”

Not long after the two of them made up, Warren’s cell phone rang. When he answered, the technician on the other side said, “Go and look at the game, Mr. Smith! There’s another bug! It’s a different one this time! We still haven’t found the cause of it yet. Can you ask Ms. Yvonne for help again?”

Warren: “??”

Maureen: “????”