She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 293 - : The Family of Three~

Chapter 293 - : The Family of Three~

Chapter 293: The Family of Three~

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Maureen was someone who refused to embarrass herself. If she asked someone for help, she would either pay them or do something for them. No matter what, she would always repay the debt she owed.

She had only just been angry at Yvonne a moment ago because of Brandon, yet she had to beg her for help now?

There was no way she could make herself do that.

Warren scratched his head. “It’s okay, she’s my younger sister. It’ll be fine if I go and approach her. It doesn’t count as begging her for help. We’re family!”

Maureen grabbed her husband who was about to go out. “I’ve had enough, Warren! Look at your son’s butt! If we were really family, would you have given him a beating if he stepped on your feet?”

Warren was taken aback.

Maureen pointed at him and ranted, “It’s exactly because you always feel like you owe her a favor that you unknowingly behave as if you’re beneath her. Yes, Yvonne is indeed from the Smiths’ direct lineage, but at the bottom of it all, she’s still just an adopted daughter. I’ve never seen you so wimpy even when you’re in front of Joel! Why is it that you can’t even say a single word in front of her?”

Maureen became more and more aggrieved as she spoke. Her eyes turned red, and she cried as she shouted, “Think about how much injustice you have made me suffer all these years? Let’s just talk about the Almas caviar the other time. You clearly know that I love caviar the most while it doesn’t matter to her whether she eats it or not, yet you still forced me to give her two-thirds of it… Do you know? My mom only managed to buy the Almas caviar after asking someone for a favor and spending a lot of money! Even she couldn’t bear to eat it herself, and had given them all to me!”

Maureen wiped her tears and went on. “I was willing to overlook certain things before, but we have to make things clear now! She is your younger sister, and you have a sister complex. It’s not a problem that you want to spoil her, but she isn’t related to me by blood at all! Neither has she done anything for me! Why do I also have to repay her for the favors she’s done for you?!”

Warren scratched his head. He panicked and said, “Don’t cry, dear. I… I just thought that good things ought to be shared, that’s all.”

“Yeah, right! Never mind if she also likes Almas caviar, but the problem is that she doesn’t like it at all! I saw with my own eyes that she couldn’t bring herself to eat the Almas caviar after it was prepared, so she gave it to Florence, the housekeeper! I’ve kept all this to myself and have never brought it up before, but don’t you dare go too far!

“You have two choices today, Warren Smith. One—you go to her, and we divorce! I won’t take this bullshit anymore! The second—remove her software consultant position in the company, or pay her a salary. You can even give her dividends if you want! Just don’t owe her any more favors!”


Maureen hugged herself angrily and sobbed loudly after she spoke.

She was full of grievances after her son suffered a beating.

Yet now she still had to go and beg Yvonne for help! She was so goddamn full of grievances that she couldn’t get any more aggrieved than that!

Brandon was already in pain because of the beating, but he had been holding it back all this time. However, when he saw that his mother was upset, he immediately walked over and pushed Warren. Then, he hugged Maureen and also burst into tears. He said, “Don’t cry, Mommy! Don’t cry! We won’t talk to bad Daddy anymore! If he makes you angry, I will take off the respirator for his oxygen tank after I grow up!”



Warren’s lip corners spasmed. “You little brat! Do you have a conscience or not?!”

Maureen also burst into laughter after holding it back for a brief moment.

Brandon’s words immediately dispelled the sad atmosphere in the room.

Warren stepped forward and put his arm around Maureen’s shoulders. “Alright, alright, dear. Although I don’t really understand what you were saying, nor do I understand what’s so delicious about the Almas caviar, I’ll listen to you, okay? We won’t go to Yvonne anymore. I’ll hire an expert hacker from outside, okay?”

The sniffling Maureen nodded.

She took another deep breath before she looked at Warren and asked, “Really?”

“Yes, really.” Warren then sighed and said, “Why didn’t you tell me about the Almas caviar earlier? Had you told me, I would have bought you some. Given the Smiths’ connections, isn’t it a piece of cake to just buy some?”

Maureen pounded his shoulder. “Do you think Almas caviar is that easy to find?”

Warren, however, was full of confidence. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely buy some for you!”

The family of three finally reconciled and hugged one another happily. Because Maureen had cried a lot, her eyes were all red and swollen, so she was too embarrassed to go downstairs for dinner. Warren decided to bring the food up instead.

When he went downstairs, he happened to see Yvonne and Joel eating. He smiled and said, “The little brat’s butt is all swollen because of me, so he doesn’t want to come down. We’ll eat upstairs instead.”

He then instructed the servants to deliver the food to their room.

Joel didn’t think much about it and concentrated on feeding Mia instead.

Yvonne raised her eyebrows.

She’d thought that Warren wouldn’t be able to stop himself from speaking to her. This way, Maureen would definitely be embarrassed and would force Brandon to come over and apologize to her.

She simply loved seeing Maureen having to practice forbearance even though she was clearly feeling terribly aggrieved.

She was the true mistress of the household here!

But why wasn’t Warren acting according to plan?

Upstairs, the family of three went to sleep after dinner.

However, reality always called after a heartwarming moment.

After sleeping for some time, Maureen was woken up by the heat. She opened her eyes and found that Brandon’s limbs were all over her. The little fellow was as hot as a furnace.

She pushed the little fellow off of her and got up, intending to drink some water. It was then that she found that there was no one on the other side of Brandon.

Surprised, she stood up. She could vaguely hear sounds coming from the balcony in the suite’s study. She drank a glass of water and walked over.

When she reached there, she saw that because Warren didn’t want to wake the two of them, not only was he in the study, but he had even gone to the balcony and was on the phone with someone. He lowered his voice and said, “You can’t find the cause? How can that be? Didn’t I say that you can get external help? If it really doesn’t work, you can borrow someone from the Smiths. Joel has a hacker!”

The person he was on the phone with replied, “I’ve already approached him, Boss, but he says that he couldn’t tell what the problem is. What do we do now?”

Things would get really tricky if even the Smiths’ hacker couldn’t detect the issue.

Warren frowned.

The other party, who was in charge of operations, said, “It’s been more than 24 hours since the game went live. The forums are full of negative feedback right now. If we still can’t fix the bug within 36 hours, the players will definitely doubt our capabilities. We could still vaguely find the cause for the previous bug, but we simply can’t find it at all this time!”

Warren ran his hand through his hair, so troubled that he was almost going bald. “What would happen if we fail to fix it?”

The person in charge of operations stayed quiet for a moment before he replied, “We’ll lose all the money we invested in the initial stages! Boss, you said that you wanted to create a perfect game, so from production planning to art and design, we hired only the best. In fact, we even hired a master artist to do the landscape designs, so every drawing is super expensive! The loss is a little too much…”

Warren had dividends from the company. He could also ask Joel for money if he didn’t have any more money.

But he also had his own ideals and that was to start a game company.

Thus, he had invested almost all of his savings into the game.