She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 291 - A Debt~

Chapter 291 - A Debt~

Chapter 291: A Debt~

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Warren was taken aback the moment she said that.

Maureen asked in surprise, “You can understand it?”

Nora nodded. She was about to speak when Yvonne’s voice reached them. “Were you looking for me, Warren?”

At the sight of Yvonne, Warren instantly got up and walked over with the computer. He said, “Yvonne, come and take a look at this for me. What’s wrong with the game? None of the technicians in the IT department can find the problem. If this goes on… the game is already live. We’ll lose all the players!”

Nora: “?”

When she looked over hesitantly, Maureen explained, “Yvonne is a software consultant in the company. He always goes to her for help if there are problems that the technicians can’t solve.”

Maureen curled her lips in disdain. When she saw that Yvonne and Warren had moved to the side with the computer, she couldn’t help but sigh. “I feel so miserable, Nora.”


Nora raised her eyebrows. She didn’t feel that she was that familiar with Maureen yet. However, the sight of her melancholic look made her too embarrassed to say that, so she chose not to say anything, and took on the role of a listener instead.

Maureen heaved a sigh. “Although my family, the Lights, isn’t as rich and prosperous as the Smiths, we can still be said to be a wealthy family. My parents have always pampered me, and never did they think about reaping benefits through my marriage with the Smiths. Warren and I fell in love with each other. Joel, the current head of the family, can be considered a fair and just man, so he didn’t force Warren into a political marriage or anything like that. When I tell you these things, I’m sure you’ll think that I’m leading a very blissful life, right?”


Nora wanted to say that she didn’t hear anything that the woman should find blissful. It seemed like the only thing that went smoothly was that she had freedom in her marriage?

While she was thinking about it, Maureen sighed and went on. “But who would know what kind of life I’ve actually been leading in the Smiths…”

She turned to look at Yvonne, lowered her voice, and whispered, “Do you know? When Warren asked Yvonne to be a consultant in his company, he had wanted to pay her a salary, but she refused it. After all, she does have money. She also refused when I suggested letting her become a shareholder. It sounds nice, and makes her look especially big-hearted, right?”

Nora nodded. She wanted to say that since they were a family, Yvonne had done the right thing.

Maureen sighed. “Yeah, after word of the incident spread, everyone talked about how kind and pure Ms. Smith was, how caring she was toward her brother, and how much she was at peace with the world… but just take a look at Warren there…”

Nora looked over accordingly and saw Warren standing, whereas Yvonne was seated. Warren stood beside Yvonne like her lackey and pointed at the computer screen eagerly.

Whenever Yvonne said something, Warren would immediately nod repeatedly, just like a… very obedient dog.

As soon as the thought formed in Nora’s mind, Maureen spoke again. She said, “Did you see that? She has Warren completely wrapped around her little finger. Sigh! I have quite a lot of savings from when I married into the family, and Warren also receives a lot of dividends from the company every year. When we started the game company, we just wanted something to do so that life wouldn’t be that boring. After all, there are a lot of restrictions and constraints if you work in the Smith Corporation. It isn’t much of a problem if Warren just approaches the Smith Corporation’s computer whizzes if he has a problem with his software, right? If that still doesn’t solve the problem, I’m even willing to pay a lot to hire a super hacker. But Warren keeps saying that it doesn’t make sense to get an outsider to do it when there’s his younger sister at home.

“But once he asks for her help, our standard of living isn’t allowed to surpass Yvonne’s anymore. I like caviar, so my family sent me a bit of Almas caviar, which is very precious and almost impossible to buy. Warren said, ‘This caviar is great. Let’s give some to Yvonne’. If I refuse, it would make me look stingy; but if I give it to her, half the amount is too little, so I’ll have to give her two-thirds of it, no matter what…”

Maureen continued to complain. “She is the young lady of the Smiths, so she eats the best food, drinks the best drinks, and wears the best clothes. I can understand all of that, but we have to give her all the things my husband buys, as well as the best things that the family gets…”

As she spoke, Maureen paused and looked at Nora. She said, “I know you’ll definitely say that since she has helped us, we should give in to her a little in little things in life. But do you know? I’d rather spend the money and hire a computer expert because the two of us would at least be on equal standing since I paid for it. I don’t want to owe her a favor that I can’t ever repay…”

She heaved another melancholic sigh. Then, she looked at Nora and said, “Sigh, never mind. I’m sure you’ll think that I’m just whining. After all, there are people who don’t even have any food to eat, yet I’m complaining about having too little Almas caviar…”

Nora: “…”

To be honest, she understood.

She also hated owing people favors the most. It was just like when Solo had been seriously ill back then. Because she had discovered his condition in time and performed an operation on him, she had saved his life.

Solo had always wanted to pay her instead of working for her, but she knew that he would definitely disappear after she took the money, which would, in turn, lead to her having to personally take care of a lot of troublesome things subsequently.

It took up too much of her sleeping time.

Thus… cough.

When she thought about it that way, it seemed like she had become the same kind of person as Yvonne?

In that case, did Solo also find her very annoying?

For the first time—and in a rare move—Nora began to reflect upon herself.

On the other side, Yvonne kept a constant eye on Maureen out of the corner of her eye while she looked at the programming code for Warren.

She didn’t know what Maureen was saying, but she was constantly talking affectionately with Nora.

A touch of dissatisfaction flashed across her eyes.

Just how kind was she to Warren and his wife? Yet they had already converted to Nora’s side so quickly?

She cast her eyes down and suddenly edited some of the programming code. Then, she smiled and said, “The problem’s resolved now.”

Warren immediately gave her a thumbs up. “You’re amazing, Yvonne. All those people in the company can’t compare to you alone! Let me see… the bug is indeed gone! That’s awesome!”

Warren thanked Yvonne and went to the side to make a phone call.

At this point, the few children finally reached home.

Joel hadn’t picked them up from school because of an important meeting, so it was the butler who had picked up the three children.

Nora took Cherry out while Mia went upstairs to change. Brandon bounced around Maureen mischievously.

Yvonne looked at them and then at Warren. She thought of Maureen’s earnest and enthusiastic attitude toward Nora just now. Suddenly, she cast her eyes down and walked toward them. Brandon was saying something and bouncing around. When he took a step back, he happened to ‘accidentally’ step on Yvonne’s feet!!


Yvonne let out a cry of pain and held her foot.

Her cry made Warren, who was in the distance, look over.. He hurried over. “What’s wrong, Yvonne? Brandon, quick, apologize to your aunt!”