She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 287 - Overeat!

Chapter 287 - Overeat!

Chapter 287: Overeat!

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Ever since Yvette left New York, Ian had been busy and almost never returned home. He would fly around outside every day and build up the business.

Actually, he was using work to numb himself.

However, the cities he had been to included foreign countries and major cities in the country. He had never been to California.

When Joel saw this clearly, he saw that the webpage had automatically changed to Ryan’s itinerary. Only then did he realize that 25 years ago, Ryan had once reserved a ticket to California!

Joel: “??”

First, the hacker investigated Ian’s whereabouts, and now, he was investigating Ryan’s whereabouts… It went without saying who had hacked into the Smiths’ system.

The corners of his mouth twitched. He felt that Mr. Hunt was really too free. He had really put in so much effort to confirm his girlfriend’s identity.

After all, the Smiths’ security system had been designed by the best. Other than the Hunts, no one else had the ability to hack in, right?

However, when he realized that the other party had only investigated this and had silently withdrawn, he simply did not pursue the matter. After all, the hacker had not peeked at their company’s secrets.

At the Smiths.

After Nora investigated, she frowned even more.

Ryan had been to California, but Ian had not been to California in the year before she was born. Therefore, she couldn’t possibly be Ian’s child, right?

She sighed silently and exited the computer. Then, she looked around the guest room.

The guest room was a hundred square meters and was a private room. Apart from the master bedroom, there was the living room and study room. She packed her luggage and lay on the bed.

The soft bed was very comfortable, and she fell asleep unknowingly.

When she woke up, it was already dark.

She got up and stretched, then took out her phone and took a look. She realized that there were a few WeChat messages from Justin.

JH: “What are you doing? Have lunch together?”

JH: “Are you sleeping? Shall we eat together tonight?”

JH: “It’s already 5 PM. Are you still sleeping?”

JH: “It’s already 8 PM. Why aren’t you awake yet?”

Nora: “…”

She yawned and replied: “I’m awake.”

The other party replied instantly: “Shall we have supper together?”

Nora: “…”

She replied: “Just eat something. I’m busy.”

JH: “What are you busy with?”

Nora: “I want to sleep after eating.”

JH: “…”

After sending this message, Nora threw her phone aside and went out.

A few days ago, she had not slept for two days in order to refine medicine for Mrs. Hunt. Therefore, she must sleep more these few days.

The guest room was on the second floor. As they left and walked along the corridor, they heard voices in the dining room downstairs.

Yvonne was a little worried. “Warren, are you really not going to wake her up? She didn’t even eat dinner… Perhaps she feels embarrassed?”

Warren sneered. “Hmph, who cares if she eats or not! Who is she putting on airs for?! I thought she was Uncle Ian’s daughter and that we finally have a biological cousin. I didn’t expect her to be Uncle Ryan’s daughter! That’s too much! How can Uncle Ryan snatch Uncle Ian’s woman? Although this cousin is his biological daughter and is related by blood, I can’t like her!”

With that, the servant beside him said, “Then, Sir Warren, is there any food left in the kitchen?”

Yvonne lowered her eyes and said, “Of course. Warren, she has also come to our house and is our eldest miss. We definitely have to save her some food.”

Warren was indeed furious. “Who does she think she is? Yvonne, don’t worry. I definitely won’t distance myself from you just because she’s related to me by blood. In my heart, you’re the only sister I have!”

Yvonne sighed in relief.

Having grown up in this family, she knew better than anyone else how indulgent this family was to girls!

Not to mention how much her uncles from the previous generation doted on her, but even at this age, they were still desperately trying to have a baby girl.

The older brothers of this generation definitely had a sister complex!

Take the last time she attended the Hunts’ birthday banquet. Warren had bought the most expensive gown for her, not for his own wife.

Although she was not a biological daughter, her status in the family had always been number one.

No matter what, the best was hers.

Therefore, she was really afraid that because of Nora, who was related to her brothers by blood, she would lose her favor.

Hearing Warren’s words, she was relieved.

She sighed and comforted him again. “Warren, even so, since she has moved here, we can’t let her starve. We can’t throw the food away.”

Warren immediately said angrily, “You’re right. Even if a stray cat or dog comes to our house, it’s still a member of the Smiths. We definitely can’t let her starve.”

With that, he instructed the nanny in the most ruthless manner, “Go, save that portion of Australian lobster for her. There’s also top-grade steak. By the way, she might not like Western food. Prepare some bird’s nest porridge and little buns for her. I remember that our pan-fried buns are the best. Wrap them up for her too. When she wakes up, cook them. The freshly cooked ones are the best! Then let her choose. I want her to die from overeating!”

The nanny: …

Yvonne: …

Nora, who was preparing to go downstairs: ???

Yvonne’s expression changed. She had always known that her brother Warren did not know how to speak, and he would often say one thing but mean another. She clenched her fists tightly and lowered her eyes. “Warren that’s too much food. It won’t be good if it’s wasted.”

Warren hesitated for a moment. “She’s not a fool. Would she really eat them all? Forget it. I’ll leave some for her. I’ll see what she likes to eat and prepare them tomorrow.”

With that, he hurriedly clarified. “I’m not doing this for her good. I’m showing her how powerful Smiths are. I’m also showing her the delicacies of the Smiths so that she won’t wolf down the delicious food outside and lose our face!”

Yvonne: “…”

Warren did not think that he had said anything wrong. In his mind, he saw Nora wolfing down the cake at the Hunts’ banquet. At that time, Mr. Hunt had been watching from the side and his mouth had even twitched.

He must have been criticizing this girl in his heart for not being presentable!

How could he let anyone look down on the daughter of the Smiths?

As he was thinking about this, there was suddenly a knock on the door. Immediately, a few people walked in with hot dishes.

The butler followed in. “Sir Warren, this is the supper Mr. Hunt had reserved for Miss Smith. He said that Miss Smith has already woken up and asked us to send it in.”

Warren: ???

Nora, who was upstairs: ???

Looking at the huge plate of food, her lips twitched.

Justin, do you think I’m a pig?!