She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 288 - Who Is More Respected?

Chapter 288 - Who Is More Respected?

Chapter 288: Who Is More Respected?

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The dining table was quickly filled.

Warren also saw Nora, who was preparing to come downstairs.

He instantly straightened his back and raised his neck. He pretended not to look at her, but he kept paying attention to her from the corner of his eye.

If this person came over to greet him, he would definitely ignore her and tell her not to think that he would recognize her as a sister just because she called him Brother!

Uncle Ian controlled the entire family. Uncle Ian’s family was the direct line of descent. The other brothers, including him, were all from the side family!

As for Nora, she was even further away!

After all, the hatred of snatching someone’s wife was too intense!

Anyway, he was sent by his Uncle Ian. He would definitely not be coaxed by his sister!

Just as he was saying this to himself, he saw Nora walking down slowly from upstairs. She walked past him and went to the dining room without saying anything.

Warren: ???

Hey, was she blind? He was a living person. Can’t she see him?

Warren was so angry that he wanted to go forward and argue, but Yvonne grabbed his hand. “Warren, you, don’t lower yourself to her level…”

Warren snorted coldly. “I don’t care about her. I’m just not full yet! Go to the kitchen and see what else is there to eat!”

Yvonne: “…”

Nora ignored the two of them. She could feel Yvonne’s inexplicable hostility toward her. As for Warren… he had schemed against her in the Hunts. It was already good enough that she did not settle scores with him. How could she still greet him?

She sat at the dining table and was not picky about what she ate.

The food she ate was only for her to fill her stomach. Deliciousness was never within her considerations.


Seeing that she looked like the reincarnation of a hungry ghost as she wolfed down a plate of steamed crayfish, Warren couldn’t help but feel indignant.

He entered the kitchen casually and took out the prepared Australian lobster. He placed it on the table and sighed. “This Australian lobster is too delicious!”

What was so good about the food sent by the Hunts? Was it better than the Smiths?

Hurry up and throw away that small lobster that does not have much meat. Come and try the Smiths’ lobster! It’s filled with meat!

Unfortunately, Nora acted as if she did not hear him. She took another plate of noodles and finished it in a few bites.

The way she ate was fast and plentiful, but the sound of her eating was very soft. Whatever it was, she stuffed it into her mouth in big bites and chewed quickly before swallowing it.

Eating like this put pressure on her stomach.

At the thought of this, Warren said, “Hey, can’t you eat more elegantly? Can’t you be a little nobler like the eldest daughter of the Smiths? You look like you haven’t eaten in 800 years.”

Nora: “…”

A plate of crayfish and a plate of noodles were soon gulped down by her. She took out a tissue and wiped her mouth before throwing it into the trash can. Then, she stood up and looked around before asking with a hoarse voice, “Where’s Cherry?”

The housekeeper glanced at her and lowered her head to answer, “In Little Miss’s room. She’s going to sleep with Little Miss tonight.”

The housekeeper looked up at Nora and added, “She took a liking to Little Miss’s princess bed and insisted on staying there.”

With that, she pursed his lips.

Not only that, but she had also deceived Little Miss into taking out many princess gowns to share with her. This little child was so scheming!

Nora seemed not to have heard her answer. She asked again, “Where is Mia’s room?”

“Turn left on the second floor, the third room.”

Nora nodded and went upstairs.

After she left, the housekeeper instructed the nanny to take out a cloth and carefully wipe the spot where she had sat before saying, “Take this cutlery and disinfect it.”

Warren did not care about her actions. After all, he did not even know how the nannies washed the dishes. Moreover, it was normal for the items in the house to be disinfected.

Yvonne raised her brows.

Nora had just gone upstairs when she heard a voice behind her.

She took a look and realized that the housekeeper had followed her. When the housekeeper saw her, she walked beside her. “Little Miss’s room is over here. Don’t walk around recklessly. It won’t be good if you bump into the masters.”

Nora raised her brows.

When she walked into Mia’s room, she saw a study room with its door open. There were four main computers in it, and they were currently running.

She only took a glance at it before the housekeeper introduced, “This is our Miss… Miss Yvonne’s work studio. She likes coding programs as a hobby. Sometimes, she would make some software with it. The firewall Miss Yvonne created has even won awards. These four main computers are servers bought at high prices overseas. Don’t barge in recklessly. If you accidentally press some button and affect Miss Yvonne’s software programming, it won’t be good.”

These things were too familiar. Nora could not help but ask, “Is she a hacker?”

“What hacker? This is just Miss Yvonne’s hobby. She only writes some code occasionally. Miss Yvonne is omnipotent. She knows how to arrange flowers, draw, calligraphy, violin, and piano! She’s basically won every industry award!”

The housekeeper sounded a little proud when she said this.

Then, she said, “Although Miss Yvonne is an adopted daughter, she’s the adopted daughter of Master Ian. Her status is definitely different from the other gentlemen and ladies in the other houses. Other than Mr. Joel, all the other gentlemen dote on her very much. They treat her with respect!”

Although some of the Smiths lived at home, some of them had moved out.

Actually, strictly speaking, Ian was the owner of this manor. Joel had been chosen by him to become the current leader and take over his businesses.

In ancient times, this was considered adoption for Ian.

Warren and his wife could only be considered to be living in the manor. There were also people from the other houses who had already moved out.

Even if Nora was the daughter of the Smiths, she was from the second branch. She was not considered the matriarch of this manor.

The housekeeper knew very well who the owner of the house was.

Nora glanced sideways at her upon hearing her words.

After showing Mia’s door to Nora, the housekeeper left.

When she went downstairs to the kitchen, she heard the nannies discussing softly. “Miss Smith is going to marry Mr. Hunt in the future. Then she will be Mrs. Hunt, and she will become the mistress of the entire Hunt Empire. But our Miss… Miss Yvonne, after she gets married, she won’t be considered a member of the Smiths anymore. In the entire New York, other than the Hunts, no one can compare to the Smiths, right? Is Miss Smith more respected, or is Miss Yvonne?”

The housekeeper immediately entered and sneered. “Have the rules in the house been broken? Of course, the owner is the most respected!