She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 286 - Results of the DNA Test

Chapter 286 - Results of the DNA Test

Chapter 286: Results of the DNA Test

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Nora raised her eyebrows slightly and made a gesture of picking up the call and walked to the balcony at the side.

As soon as the call connected, Lily’s tired voice came through. “Anti, the report is out.”

Nora lowered her eyes and said coldly, “What’s the result?”

Lily replied in English, “Your relationship with Mr. Smith is indeed not that of a father and daughter. Your DNA is not close enough.”

Nora raised her eyebrows. “Uncle and niece?”

Lily replied, “Your DNA is a little off from that of a father and daughter. That’s why the previous report compared the DNA match to that of an uncle and a niece. But it’s impossible to determine if that’s true. Can you find your father’s DNA?”

Nora: “…No.”

If she could find it, wouldn’t she have sent it to her long ago?

Nora was a little disappointed. Just as she was about to hang up, Lily said hesitantly, “Anti, actually, it’s not impossible that you and Mr. Smith are father and daughter.”

Not impossible?

What kind of relationship was that?

Nora said, “Please elaborate.”

Lily then said, “Do you remember the last time I told you that your intelligence and genes are different from ordinary people?”

Nora narrowed her eyes. “Yes, and?”

Lily said slowly, “The difference between you and Ian mostly comes from this part of your IQ genes. However, it might also be because your genes have mutated. Therefore, I said that you and Ian are very likely father and daughter. If you can find the DNA of the so-called father you’re talking about now, we can verify it. I even feel that the matching rate might not be as high as yours and Ian’s. Of course, if this is the case, it can also prove your relationship with Ian.”

Nora frowned.

In other words, could she be Ian’s daughter?

However, the problem was that she could not provide evidence. She could not possibly say that her genes had mutated, right? This was too unbelievable.

She lowered her eyes. “If I could get that so-called father’s DNA, I wouldn’t have let you test me and Mr. Smith.”

Lily: “…That’s right. Am I being silly?”

“Not totally.”

Nora lowered her eyes slowly. “At least you let me know that there is another possibility.”

Lily nodded. “Yes, you’d better go to the Smiths now and try to find a way to get your father’s DNA, something that’s still thee even more than twenty years later.”

Nora: “…For example?”

He had been gone for more than twenty years. Where could she get live DNA?

However, Lily said, “For example, from the wisdom teeth or milk teeth? Don’t people keep those around after they’re plucked out?”

Nora: “…That’s a little disgusting.”


“I’m hanging up.”

After Nora hung up, she thought for a while and suddenly patted her head. She felt that she was so silly.

If she wanted to know who her father was, she could find out who had gone to California back then.

She raised an eyebrow and went downstairs.

Joel was waiting for her in the living room. At this moment, Cherry was talking to him adorably. “So Mia’s father is my uncle. No wonder Mia is so cute like Cherry!”

Joel nodded. “Yeah.”

Cherry said, “Uncle, you’re so good-looking. You’re the type my mommy and I like. You’re harmless and beautiful!”


“By the way, Uncle, can I live with Mia after we go to the Smiths? I like Mia the most. Also, Brandon is my underling. Do you know that?”

Joel: “…Okay.”

This child was so talkative!

As he was feeling conflicted, he saw Nora coming downstairs. He instantly heaved a sigh of relief and walked over to pick up her luggage. “Let’s go.”

Nora was not fearful at all because Joel was helping her carry her luggage. Instead, she followed behind him calmly. After the group of them went out, a secretary helped Joel take the luggage.

Joel coming to pick her up personally was giving Nora enough face.

An hour later, they finally arrived at the Smiths’ residence.

Joel got out of the car. With the help of the servants at home, he took the lead and walked in front. He turned back to look at Nora and saw that after she got out of the car, she completely ignored Cherry.

On the other hand, Cherry jumped out of the car and skipped beside her while looking around. Her small eyes were like black grapes. There was no hint of the surprise she should have upon seeing the Smiths’ manor. Instead, there was some admiration.

That’s right. Justin’s daughter must have lived in the Hunts for a period of time. She didn’t look like a child who had not seen the world.

Unknowingly, Joel slowed down his footsteps and asked her, “Do you like it? How does the Smiths’ house compare to the Hunts’?”

Cherry looked up and said, “More or less the same. But Dad prepared a princess room for me. Do you have one here?”

Joel: “!!”

A princess room… He didn’t have it here!

After all, it was a last-minute decision to bring the two of them to the Smiths’ residence.

However, when he met Cherry’s big eyes, which were like black grapes, he coughed and said, “Yes, there will be.”

Cherry: “Yeah! I’m not leaving then. Little Princess Lucy still wants me to play with her!”


Joel narrowed his eyes.

The royal family of the UK did have a little princess named Lucy. She was only five years old this year, but she was friends with Cherry?


One had to know that the UK was a country that valued blood relations the most. The aristocrats looked down on the commoners.


Joel glanced at Nora. This little cousin of his was not simple?

After Nora followed Joel into the Smiths, Joel brought her upstairs.

He found a relatively spacious guest room for her and instructed, “I was in a hurry to pick you up, so I’ll have to trouble you to stay here for the time being. The room beside is being renovated. It’ll be your boudoir.”

Nora did not care about this. Moreover, the guest room was quite spacious. The important thing was that the bed was quite comfortable. She nodded. “Okay.”

Seeing that she had no other thoughts, Joel left the living room and went to the office.

On the way, he received a call from Mia. “Dad, Cherry is here. Can I let her stay with me?”

Her daughter’s room was a princess room, and the two children could stay there.

Joel agreed.

However, as soon as he arrived at the company, the company’s Internet staff hurriedly found him. “Mr. Smith, our Internet has been hacked!”


Joel was taken aback. “Who hacked it?”

The manager of the Internet Department shook his head. “I don’t know, but the other party has retrieved Mr. Ian’s schedule from 25 years ago!”

25 years ago?

Where had Third Uncle been?

Joel followed the manager of the Internet Department into the secret room and saw Ian’s schedule for the entire year 25 years ago.