She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 285 - To The Smiths'!!

Chapter 285 - To The Smiths'!!

Chapter 285 - To The Smiths'!!

Before she could finish, Sheena cut her off. "What do you mean by I don't have to worry about that? She's from the countryside, so she lacks foresight. Once she marries into the Hunts and becomes blinded by their wealth, in the event she loses her mind and does something, it's the Andersons who will be implicated! Some things have to be said in advance so that her heart won't stray!"

Everyone was speechless.

Mrs. Anderson kept quiet for a while and said nothing.

Nora looked as indifferent as ever.

Melissa, whom she had interrupted, only smiled and said nothing upon hearing what she said.

Seeing how all three of them had such odd looks on their faces, Sheena could only ask, "What are all of you laughing at?"

Only then did Melissa reply, "It's nothing. I just wanted to say that the situation you mentioned won't arise at all—because Peter Hunt is also Nora's son."


Sheena was taken aback for a moment. "Of course, he's also her son once they are married. But you have to really treat him like your own. Everyone has feelings; if you treat him well, once he grows up, he'll still have a close relationship with you even if his real mother finds him…"

Melissa sighed. "That's not what I meant. What I mean is, Nora is Peter Hunt's real mother."


Sheena was stunned. She subconsciously said, "How can that be?"

Melissa explained, "Nora gave birth to a pair of boy-girl twins back then. One of them is Cherry, and the other is Peter Hunt. They have also acknowledged each other recently, just that they aren't married yet. We have no way of ensuring Cherry's safety here, that's why it wasn't publicly announced."

Sheena: "!!!"

She got up abruptly and looked at Nora incredulously. "So, Justin Hunt is the stray man that you slept with?"

Nora: "…"

Melissa's lip corners also spasmed.

Sheena was even more impressed by Nora now. "That must have been some sheer dumb luck! I knew there was no way you would catch Justin's eye. As it turns out, it's because of that!"

Everyone was speechless.

The few of them all fell silent. It was at this moment that a voice came from the door. "Sir, Ma'am. Mr. Smith is here."

Mr. Smith? Which Mr. Smith?

While they were wondering about it, they saw Joel walking in with his eyes narrowed.

All of them got up in unison when they saw him, just like how they behaved whenever they saw Justin. Simon stepped forward. "Mr. Smith? Why are you here?"

Joel looked at Nora. "I'm here to take her home."

Nora: "?"

She raised her eyebrows in confusion. "Home?"

Joel nodded. "Yes. The Smiths' residence is your home."

Then, he added, "These are Uncle Ian's instructions. After all, you and Justin have already publicly announced your relationship, and the Smiths have also acknowledged you. If you don't move to the Smiths', outsiders will definitely speculate."

Nora: "…"

Just as she was about to refuse, Joel said, "Besides, the Smiths' security system is also better."

Security system…

Nora fell silent for a brief moment.

To be honest, now that Justin had publicly revealed her identity, there was no doubt that she was already in the public eye. The words that her mother had left her echoed in her ears: '… Stay mediocre and avoid being in the limelight. Otherwise, your life will be in danger!'

Originally, she hadn't believed it. However, when someone stole her hair and almost stabbed her to death at the medical university, she had immediately realized that there were indeed people watching her and itching to act.

She wasn't afraid.

She could deal with them even if they sent a few more people.

But what about Cherry?

Cherry was already in great danger at the moment. Although Quentin was protecting them, it was still very dangerous at the Andersons' at night.

But if she went to the Smiths, things would be different.

Besides, she could also look for an opportunity to treat Ian's illness…

After thinking about it, Nora said, "Okay, I'll go with you."

She didn't want to give Cherry to Justin. If both children were to stay with Justin, she wouldn't have any chance of escaping in the future.

In that case, her only option was to go to the Smiths'. She could also take a look at what kind of person Ryan was along the way, and determine whether he really was her father or not.

Mrs. Anderson didn't expect that Nora would agree to leave when she had only just said that she wouldn't a while ago. For a moment, she couldn't quite bear to part with her.

Surprisingly, it was Melissa who grabbed her arm and said, "Mom, you mustn't stop her."

Mrs. Anderson was taken aback. "But Ian's attitude toward her…"

Melissa sighed. "Mom, no matter what kind of attitude Ian takes toward Nora, she is still a daughter of the Smiths. For Nora's sake, let her go to the Smiths. This way, she'll marry as a Smith in the future. At least to outsiders, her status would be on par with Justin's. But if she doesn't go to the Smiths, the Andersons… have really become down-and-out after so many years!"

Melissa had never been one to believe in talk about families having to be good matches with each other when it came to marriage. Otherwise, she wouldn't have married into the down-and-out Andersons back when she was still a Wood. However, she was worried that Nora would suffer injustice.

Besides, this was Nora's choice. She must have her own reasons, too.

She mustn't stop the children from building a life of their own.

After saying that, she went upstairs with Nora to help her pack her things.

Nora's belongings were very simple. She only had a few pieces of clothing. It was instead Cherry's clothes that she had a lot to pack.

Seeing how Melissa was stuffing clothes into the suitcase, Nora said, "You don't have to pack them all in. We can still wear them when we come back and stay here once in a while."

The moment she said that, Melissa suddenly said, "Oh, that's right. We're all in New York, so you'll still be able to come back."

After speaking, Melissa wiped the corners of her eyes while Nora was not paying attention.

She got up, held Nora's hand, and said, "Nora, although we haven't spent much time together, I have always treated you as my daughter. Even though you're leaving with Joel and going to the Smiths, you don't have to feel restrained. Just do whatever you have to do. No matter what happens, just be yourself!"

"… Okay."

She was rather moved.

Apart from Aunt Irene who had treated her a little better than others, no one had ever treated her so intimately before.

She could see a mother in Melissa. It felt as if all mothers in the world should be as calm and elegant as her.

She suddenly reached over and gave Melissa a hug.

Melissa patted her on the back.

Nora separated from her right after hugging her because she wasn't used to such intimate actions. The two exited the room and saw Simon standing outside. In a voice that was neither too loud nor too soft but just enough for Joel to hear, he said, "Nora, this will always be your home, no matter what happens! You can come back anytime if you suffer any injustice!"

Simon said firmly, "The Andersons may not be comparable to the Smiths or the Hunts… but as long as Uncle Simon is still alive, you'll never go hungry!"

Joel raised his eyebrows when he heard him.

He knew that Simon was hinting to him that he mustn't bully Nora.

He looked down and said nothing.

Nora smiled. She was about to speak when her cell phone suddenly rang. She picked it up and took a look—it was Lily calling from overseas.

Was the DNA test report out?