She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 284 - Golden Words Of Advice

Chapter 284 - Golden Words Of Advice

Chapter 284 - Golden Words Of Advice

Nora fell silent for a moment upon hearing his words.

Justin, who was watching from the side, couldn't hold himself back, and he chuckled softly.

His little Nora simply had too many secret identities. She didn't want to reveal even a single one. Once she told Quentin that she was the Quinn School of Martial Arts' Big Sister, would he become her… fan?

The three left the hospital. Nora got in the car and went back to the Andersons'.

Quentin didn't follow her, but Nora knew that he was definitely somewhere nearby. Should she meet with danger, he would definitely rush over immediately.

This inexplicable feeling of being protected by someone else sure was…

By the time she returned to the Andersons', Lily had already sent someone over to personally bring the samples abroad for a DNA test. After all, her little laboratory was located overseas.

After seeing the person off, she went upstairs. When she found that Cherry was already asleep, she got onto the bed gently, hugged Cherry, and fell asleep happily.

When she went downstairs after waking up the next day, she saw Melissa, Simon, Mrs. Anderson, and even Sheena. The few of them were sitting on the sofa with solemn looks on their faces.

A puzzled Nora went downstairs. When Mrs. Anderson saw her, she sighed and asked, "Nora, are you going to move to the Smiths' residence?"

Nora: "?"

She raised her eyebrows and looked at Mrs. Anderson in confusion.

Mrs. Anderson sighed. "It's okay even if you move there. That's the way it should be. After all, your father is there… I'm just worried that you'll have a hard time after you move there."

Nora knew that Mrs. Anderson was reluctant to part with her. After all, she looked almost just like Yvette. Mrs. Anderson thought of the daughter she was the proudest of every time she saw her, right?

With that in mind, she replied, "I probably won't move to the Smiths' for the time being."

Mrs. Anderson's eyes lit up at once. "Really?"

Nora nodded.

Her words, however, took Melissa by surprise. "Why not? Didn't Ian already acknowledge you right there and then?"

Nora had returned too late the night before, so she hadn't told them what had happened yet. She touched her nose and said, "You may be mistaken, Aunt Melissa. My father is not Ian."

Melissa: "???"

She was dumbfounded. "Your father isn't Ian? Then why did he acknowledge you as a Smith yesterday? Is he planning to take you as his god-daughter? That… shouldn't be, right? He has been treating Yvette like a taboo all these years. Not only has he never visited us, but he also never appears at any events the Andersons go to…"

Nora said, "… They said that my father is Ian's elder brother, Ryan Smith."


"That's impossible!"

Melissa and Sheena's voices rang out at the same time, and both of them looked at her in shock.

Melissa's reaction was considered normal—she was just surprised. However, Sheena's sudden sensitivity was such that Nora couldn't help but cast a few more glances at her.

Sheena clenched her fists. "It can't be him!"

"Why?" asked Nora.

"Because… because…"

Sheena stammered, unable to give a reason. In the end, she insisted, "In any case, it just can't be him!"

Nora frowned.

Sheena's eyes became evasive.

Melissa asked, "Why did they say that?"

Nora replied, "They produced a DNA test report done for Ian and me. It says that we are uncle and niece."

Everyone: "…"

Mrs. Anderson smacked her thigh. "What a sin! Why would Yvette possibly two-time? If she liked Ryan, then why mess with Ian? And end up like that!"

Her eyes were red.

Sheena said, "Even if they are uncle and niece, her father may not necessarily be Ryan. Ian has so many brothers, who knows if she's someone else's daughter instead…"

But after speaking, she sneered, "But no matter whose daughter you are, you are living proof that your mother betrayed Ian! Don't be fooled by how Joel is the head of the Smiths now. Ian has been in power for so many years, he's not someone to be messed with at all! Joel listens to him 100% of the time. After giving it some thought, I think there are two reasons why he publicly acknowledged you as a Smith."

After she changed the subject, the rest stopped fixating on the issue about Ryan but looked at her instead.

Sheena had always been a career woman. She had been active in the world of commerce for many years and was relatively perceptive about a lot of things. She said, "Firstly, all the Smiths are protective of their own. Since you're part of the Smiths, they will never allow outsiders to bully you. Of course, this doesn't stop Ian from detesting you. Secondly, I reckon the Smiths did it so that they can form a political marriage with the Hunts."

Realization suddenly dawned upon Melissa. "That makes sense. Originally, Yvonne Smith was supposed to marry Justin, but now that he has chosen Nora, bringing her back into the family won't affect the relationship between the two families."

Every decision that the rich and powerful made had its subsequent meaning and purpose. They were by no means simple.

Nora raised her eyebrows but did not speak.

Instead, she was pondering over why Sheena had said that it was impossible for Ryan to be her father.

Did she know something?

While she was wondering about it, Sheena looked at her again. She said, "No matter what, the Smiths will definitely do some surface-level work and give you some shares and money when you get married. In that respect, they won't mistreat you. Neither will the Andersons. But I have something to tell you."

Her posture was straight, and the black tight-fitting outfit she was wearing made her look capable and shrewd.

Melissa interrupted her. "Sheena, Nora understands…"

Sheena sneered, "I haven't even said anything, yet you already know that she understands? Is she so delicate that no one can say anything about her?"

Her words made Melissa choke.

Sheena looked at Nora. "What I want to tell you is—since you and Justin are in a relationship, there are a few things that you must never touch!"

Nora knew that Sheena was saying all these for her sake, so she could only say politely, "Do tell."

Based on the news about the Hunts that she had found out, Sheena said, "Justin's mother lives in the suburbs. She's said to be very difficult to get along with, so you'd best stay away from her and avoid making her angry. Otherwise, once Justin is caught between his mother and you, who knows who he would choose!"

Melissa nodded and echoed, "Nora, Sheena is right!"

… Could she say that she had already formed such a good relationship with the other party that they were now god-sisters?

Seeing that even Melissa had agreed with her, Sheena went on. "Also, you must treat Peter Hunt well after you marry him."

Nora raised her brows.

Sheena said, "I know you'll definitely want to have a son of your own with Justin so that he can fight for the position of the head of the family. However, we Andersons must rely on our own abilities. As long as he's more outstanding, he can definitely achieve it, so don't use those unsavory methods, that people use in the countryside, on Peter Hunt."

Nora: "?"

Sheena sneered, "Those methods are just our mere leftovers. Don't be fooled by the Hunts' matriarch's old age, and how she was glossing things over and defending you in front of outsiders at the party last night. She's actually very shrewd and isn't to be messed with. You have to maintain a good relationship with Justin's son, get it?"

Before Nora could say anything, Melissa smiled and said, "You don't have to worry about that! Because Peter Hunt is—"