She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 274 - Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill!

Chapter 274 - Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill!

Chapter 274 - Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill!

The juniors' gifts were all in her hands. The larger ones were already placed beside, and the smaller ones were sent to the gift section after their congratulations.

During the gift-giving process, Mrs. Hunt would keep what she liked.

For example, she liked a longevity painting very much and could not bear to let it go.

Someone asked, "Mrs. Hunt, who gave this to you? Why do you like it so much?"

Mrs. Hunt smiled and glanced at Nora.

When she was upstairs earlier, she had witnessed everything downstairs and also saw Justin expose their identities to save her face.

She felt even more unhappy. At this moment, she lowered her eyes and said very seriously, "My great-grandson Peter Hunt drew it!"

Peter Hunt…

This was the first time this name had appeared in front of the public!

At first, no one realized who it was, but Mrs. Hunt continued to explain. "He's Justin's son!"


It turned out that many years ago, Justin's illegitimate child was a son!

Over the years, that child had been a secret and had been protected very well by Justin. The others did not even know if he was a man or a woman.

However, at this moment, Mrs. Hunt had given everyone the evidence!

She was giving Pete a lot of face.

Of course, this behavior was to reassure everyone.

She wanted everyone to know that Young Master Pete's status would not change just because Mr. Hunt had a girlfriend… Before this, Pete had never appeared in front of everyone!

Of course, he had not appeared yet, but at least his name had already spread among the high society.

When everyone heard this, they all looked at Justin and Nora.

Mrs. Hunt's intentions were too obvious. Everyone understood. They originally thought that Nora would look a little ugly, but the two of them actually had an indifferent attitude.

Justin was a man. As long as the future heir was his son, he could do whatever he wanted. However, Nora did not care at all?

After everyone had looked at her highly, they could not help but look down on her now.

Rachel smiled as well and said to Yvonne, "Did you see that? Mrs. Hunt is warning her publicly. She's telling Nora to be obedient!"

Yvonne lowered his eyes and did not speak.

However, Rachel became smug. "So what if she's with Mr. Hunt? She still doesn't have any status in the family!"

As she spoke, Justin led Melissa to Mrs. Hunt.

Rachel instantly became even more excited. "The Andersons are in dire straits now. Their family can't even afford a decent gift, right?"

As she thought about this, she heard Melissa say, "Mrs. Hunt, today is your birthday. The Andersons wish you good fortune and longevity."

After saying this briefly and elegantly, she said, "We have prepared a small gift here. I hope you'll like it."

After saying that, she looked at Nora.

Nora raised her eyebrows and handed her a box of pills.

Mrs. Lewis took a step forward first. She was very respectful in front of Justin and everyone else. After all, she could not lose the Hunt family's face.

The others saw the iron box without a label. Nora originally wanted to use a paper box, but Melissa felt that it looked too ridiculous. Therefore, she had changed to the iron box. However, even so, it was still too shabby in the eyes of outsiders.

Rachel could not help but laugh mockingly.

Her laughter attracted the attention of the others. Everyone asked, "What are you laughing at?"

Rachel lowered her head. "The Andersons manufacture the Carefree Pill. So this must be a box of Carefree Pill, right? I heard that the price of Carefree Pill on the market is $3,000. This box should have 50 pills, right?"

50 pills meant $150,000.

In an ordinary family, this was definitely a huge gift.

However, in the Hunts… especially when Justin had just announced their identities, Nora's gift should be more valuable.

But it was only worth $150,000?

The rest of the people's expressions became complicated as they whispered to each other and chuckled. However, they did not dare to say anything on the surface. Someone else complimented, "50 Carefree Pill? That's too impressive. If you want to buy this pill, you have to have your identity card. Everyone is only allowed to buy one every month. As expected of the Andersons, you can buy 50 pills at once."

This flattery was too dry.

Mrs. Hunt became even angrier.

She lowered her eyes and still had a gentle smile on her face. She said, "Mrs. Anderson, you're too polite. At my age, it's indeed better to give me pills than anything else…"

Although she said that, when Mrs. Lewis handed her the box of pills, she placed it casually beside her and did not bother to open it.

When Melissa saw this situation, she did not say anything.

Under such circumstances, she couldn't possibly praise herself for being good with her pills, right?

If Mrs. Hunt did not open the box and did not ask, she would not be able to answer anything. She simply smiled and brought Sheril and Nora to the side.

After they left, it was the Smiths' turn.

Hearing the butler call out, Warren represented the Smiths and led Yvonne forward.

After saying a few polite words, he delivered the gift the Smiths had prepared. It was a red coral tree. It was expensive, but it matched both parties' identities and was very standard.

After Warren walked away, Yvonne stepped forward and smiled. "Grandma, I'm here to wish you a happy birthday!"

Seeing her, Mrs. Hunt immediately smiled. "Miss Smith, you're here too?"

Yvonne nodded and took out a carefully packaged box. "Yes, I also prepared a small gift for you."

As she spoke, she handed her the medicine box.

Mrs. Lewis took it and handed it to Mrs. Hunt.

Mrs. Hunt smiled and opened the medicine box. "What medicine is this? It looks so good. Let me see if it's some miracle medicine!"

After she opened the box, a faint fragrance that belonged to the Calming Pill floated in the hall.

Mrs. Hunt was indeed someone who had seen the world. She immediately understood what was going on when she smelled it. She asked in surprise, "This is… the Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill?"

Her words immediately surprised the guests below. Everyone exclaimed, "The Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill? Wasn't the production stopped?"

"I heard that up until now, only the heir of the Zabes, Silvester Zabe, could create something like this. But this skill ends with him! Did the Smiths invite Dr. Zabe to make the pills? That's too awesome!"

"As expected of the Smiths. Only their family can have so much manpower, resources, and financial power!"


When the praises from the surrounding people reached Yvonne's ears, she said "humbly", "I'm considered to have made a big move in front of everyone.. The Andersons are the real pharmaceutical experts. Compared to their pills, what's mine?"