She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 273 - Birthday Gift~

Chapter 273 - Birthday Gift~

Chapter 273 - Birthday Gift~




The entire hall was filled with silence. Everyone looked at them in disbelief.

Melissa and Sheril hadn't expected at all that Justin would disregard everything and reveal their relationship on an occasion like this.

To be honest, the Andersons were already no longer comparable to the Hunts thirty years ago. Yvette had been able to make everyone take notice of her because she was simply that outstanding, so much so that the Hunts and the Smiths found it an honor to have her marry into the family.

But the Andersons were just a down-and-out family these days. Besides, that situation just now… Melissa and Sheril exchanged a look.

Sheril leaned toward Melissa and whispered, "Mom, Mr. Hunt is serious about Nora."

And wasn't that so?

She was the two children's mother, after all!

Melissa was never one to underestimate children from her own family. She asked, "Why does Nora look a little unhappy to me, though?"

Sheril followed her gaze and looked over to see Nora frowning.

She was indeed a little unhappy.

She had always stayed low-profile ever since she was a child, and had never wanted anyone to pay any attention to her. Once she became Justin's girlfriend—or even the future Mrs. Hunt—people would definitely pay attention to her.

Of course, this was also the reason why she had kept pushing Justin away, and forbade herself from developing feelings for him all this time.

Yet that guy had actually announced their relationship in public?

Had he asked her for permission? And had she agreed to it?

But there was no use crying over spilled milk. She frowned and started thinking of a way to get out of the situation unscathed.

Seemingly having sensed her displeasure, Justin lowered his head as if to explain, yet also as if to cover up his actions. He said, "They were too much just now, Nora. I didn't manage to hold myself back for a moment there and ended up revealing our relationship. You won't mind, right?"

Nora: "?"

He didn't manage to hold himself back for a moment there?

Did he really think that she would believe his nonsense?

Given the man's personality, she would believe it if he said that he held himself back and stopped himself from doing something, but she would never believe it if he said that he did something in a moment of impulse!

As the head of the Hunts and the leader of the top conglomerate in the States, would he do something 'in a moment of impulse'?

The corners of Nora's lips spasmed. She looked at him and saw that his usually deep and bottomless eyes looked a little tentative and nervous, as though he really was sincerely apologizing. Even the beauty mark at the corner of his eye seemed to be exuding a vague feeling that he had suffered injustice, making her unable to pursue the matter at all. In the end, her words went a few rounds in her throat only to finally turn into two words filled with resignation. "… Never mind."

Justin nodded. "Mm, although we aren't going to get married, you're still the children's mother, so it's okay to let outsiders know about our relationship, right, Nora?"


It was only then that Nora noticed that the man had started using a different term of address for her at some point.

However, it did sound pretty nice when the scumbag uttered her name with his deep and slightly raspy voice.

She lowered her gaze and glanced at the new pair of shoes. Although they were also high heels, their soles finally weren't that slippery anymore, so she could manage them now.

In the distance.

The man whom the security guards were holding down was stunned. He looked at Nora in disbelief, and then looked toward the crowd, trying to find Warren.

Didn't Warren say that she was a socialite?

But there was no way Mr. Hunt would acknowledge a socialite as his girlfriend in public!

He had been tricked!

By the time he reacted, the security guards were already dragging him out after a wave from the butler.

He was utterly despondent. What was he to do? He had finally realized just what kind of mistake he had made. Besides, even he himself felt that his behavior was no different from having a death wish!

Further away, Yvonne and Rachel were dumbfounded.

The two of them had been ready for a good show just now when Nora was surrounded by the group of men, and when faint rumors of her being a socialite had been spreading.

Once a reputation like that made the rounds, Nora would pretty much be finished!

Little did they expect that Mr. Hunt would openly admit the relationship between the two.

With that, Nora definitely wasn't a socialite anymore… Because Justin's words, as well as his taste, were the most direct evidence!

Their friends nearby were startled by the news. Then, gloating looks immediately appeared on their faces.

In fact, they couldn't even quite keep their voices low anymore.

"Nora Smith is actually Mr. Hunt's girlfriend?"

"Oh my god, what a revelation! She's beautiful enough, though!"

"I suddenly thought of something—please let Mr. Hunt subdue a vixen like Nora Smith, lest she brings harm to other people's husbands!"

"… Oh my god, I also breathed a small sigh of relief. My husband was practically dazzled by Nora Smith just now! But he can only secretly fantasize about her now. Who would dare to lay a hand on Mr. Hunt's girlfriend?"


Someone glanced at Yvonne.

"I already had a vague feeling that something was amiss just now. Why does it feel like Yvonne has been competing with Nora Smith the whole time today? As it turns out, it's because of that!"

"In other words, Yvonne has been waiting painstakingly for Mr. Hunt for over twenty years, but in the end, he doesn't want her at all?"

"I suddenly find her a little pitiful. Nora Smith has stolen all the limelight today… But this means that Mr. Hunt must have been the one who borrowed the gown for her. Nora has totally suppressed Yvonne!"

"… Shh, keep your voice down. She's heard you…"

"So what even if she hears me? She's just the Smiths' adopted daughter. Does she really think she's a real young lady of the Smiths?"

The few of them gradually walked away. Yvonne clenched her fists tightly and tried her best to suppress her anger.

She mustn't make a faux pas under such circumstances!

She would also make up for the embarrassment she had just suffered in a while!

Rachel had also heard the few women's conversations. She looked at Yvonne but saw that she looked calm and was still smiling gently.

She couldn't help but sigh in admiration inwardly. Ms. Smith sure had outstanding mental resilience!

Why should Nora Smith get to show off so much, though?

Just as everyone was entertaining their own thoughts, Mrs. Hunt, the elderly birthday girl, finally made her appearance. She sat at a higher position and looked at everyone with a kindly look on her face.

One by one, everyone started to present her with gifts and pay her compliments.

The elders went first. Starting with Raymond, people went forward one by one to offer her their well wishes.

After the Hunts were done, it was the guests' turn.

By right, the Smiths should have been the first.

But because of Justin's official announcement, the Andersons' status had risen accordingly. In fact, he even personally led Melissa, Nora, and the others forward.

Everyone's gazes instantly fell on them.

Rachel, who was next to Yvonne, sneered at the sight. She said, "It doesn't mean a thing no matter how much Mr.. Hunt favors them. Aren't they unable to present a decent birthday gift all the same?"