She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 275 - Ian Is Here!

Chapter 275 - Ian Is Here!

Chapter 275 - Ian Is Here!

Although she said that, she instantly focused the conflict on the Andersons and Nora.

Melissa's brows knitted together.

The others laughed as well. Someone even said, "Although the Andersons are pharmaceutical experts, Dr. Zabe is a respected figure in the traditional medicine world. His skills have long stopped being passed on, and the Andersons can't make it! Besides, this pill is special because of the ingredients. I heard it costs millions! It even needs 500-year-old ginseng!"

"500-year-old ginseng? Isn't that too old? One ginseng can only produce one pill?"

"This is where the value of Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill lies. Logically speaking, a single ginseng should be enough to create an entire furnace worth of pills. However, this medicine is extremely difficult to form. Dr. Zabe created a furnace-full of pills a few years ago, and indeed, only one succeeded. Therefore, although this medicine is useful for calming the mind, even people like us really can't afford it!"

"The Smiths are indeed powerful! Yvonne, this gift is to touch Mrs. Hunt's heart, right? From the looks of it, Nora can't compare to Yvonne. Why is Mr. Hunt interested in Nora Smith?"

"…Nora is good-looking! Aren't men all about looks?"


As everyone was discussing in private, Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Lewis looked at each other.

Yvonne's words had thrown the topic to the Andersons. Although Mrs. Hunt did not like Nora, she still knew her limits under such circumstances!

She did not follow Yvonne's words and smiled. "Miss Smith, thank you!"

However, she did not say this to the Andersons. It was obvious that she did not take a liking to the Andersons' pills.

Yvonne's eyes flickered as she smiled and did not speak again.

When she turned to leave, Rachel saw that Yvonne did not seize such a good opportunity. She could not help but call out for her, "Mrs. Hunt, show us the pills the Andersons gave you! Are they Carefree Pills?"

Everyone looked at Mrs. Hunt.

Mrs. Hunt's expression turned even uglier.

She glanced at Nora and saw that the girl's eyes were lowered and her eyelids were drooping. She seemed to not understand the atmosphere at all and had an indifferent attitude.

Her expression made Mrs. Hunt even angrier.

How stupid was she? She could not even hear such provocative words!

Mrs. Hunt looked at Melissa again. The moment their eyes met, Melissa understood what she meant.

After some thought, she shook her head gently.

Mrs. Hunt understood what she meant. She sneered in her heart and looked down on them. However, she smiled and said, "This is medicine for me to take, why should I show it to you young people? Mrs. Lewis, send the medicine to the room!"

Hearing this, Mrs. Lewis instantly nodded. She took Nora's medicine and Yvonnes medicine and turned to walk upstairs.

In the crowd.

Sheril looked at Melissa in confusion and asked, "Mom, why didn't you let Mrs. Hunt open the pills we gave her? This way, we could ruthlessly slap those people who look down on us!"

Melissa stood there steadily. She smiled and said gently, "First of all, your Sister Nora might not want anyone to know that she can create this pill. Otherwise, there will be a lot of trouble in the future. Secondly, we don't have any enmity with the Smiths. There's no need to make things difficult for Yvonne."

She educated Sheril. "Sometimes, unnecessary comparisons only make people more and more concerned about other people's opinions. We don't live for other people's opinions. We live for ourselves."

Sheril was stunned when she heard Melissa's words.

Her mother had always had a proud and self-righteous aura. She never cared about others' opinions and lived like herself.

She herself had never reached this level before.

Just as she was thinking about it, she heard Nora say, "Aunt is right."

Sheril suddenly felt that her thoughts were too immature. Did even Sister Nora think that way?

As she was thinking, she heard Nora say slowly, "It'll be too troublesome if someone finds out."

For the sake of making medicine, she had not slept for two days!

What if people found out that she knew how to make drugs and came looking for her in the future?

Sheril: !!!

She knew that Sister Nora's thoughts were different.

She winced.

The rest of the people continued to send gifts, but Nora already felt a little hungry. She simply took Cherry and walked to the dessert area beside them.

When she got there, she casually took a fork and was about to pick up a piece of cake when another fork reached over. Their forks met in the air.

Nora looked up and saw a woman in her 30s looking at her.

Nora raised her eyebrows and retracted her fork. She grabbed the cake beside her.

Just as she was about to leave, the woman suddenly said, "You're Cherry's mother, right?"

Nora: "?"

The woman smiled. "I'm Brandon's mother! Brandon always talks about his boss at home. It's a pleasure to meet you!"

Nora: "…Hello."

Brandon's mother, Maureen, who was also Warren's wife, was a straightforward woman. Her husband doted on his little sister, but as his wife, she could not say a word.

At home, Yvonne would definitely want the best and eat the most exquisite food.

This made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Others might not be able to tell, but she could. Yvonne wanted the best because she felt that she was not Ian's biological daughter. If she could not get the best, wouldn't she be looked down on?

However, they were both women. She was also someone else's daughter who had been pampered since she was young. Why should she let her have her way?

Therefore, over the years, she had developed a huge grudge against Yvonne.

Just like earlier, when she was eating a piece of cake, she had picked the one with the best design. She did not expect to bump into Nora.

She originally planned to move aside subconsciously. After all, Nora was Justin's girlfriend. There was no need to offend her.

However, she did not expect Nora to take the initiative to pick a piece of cake at the side.

It was this humble gesture that made her instantly have a good impression of her. She was about to say something more to Nora when her phone suddenly rang.

She lowered her head to take a look and said, "Cherry's mother, my eldest brother is here with Third Uncle. I'll pick him up. Let's have a good chat another day!"

With that, she left, leaving Nora confused.

At the door.

Ian's body was weak and he could no longer walk for long. He sat in a wheelchair and was pushed into the banquet hall by Joel.

After entering, he looked up, his eyes searching for that person eagerly.

He wanted to see what she looked like. Did she look more like her mother?