She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 267 - The Blue Enchantress

Chapter 267 - The Blue Enchantress

Chapter 267 - The Blue Enchantress

The car park in the Hunts' manor was filled with luxury cars.

There were also many international limited edition cars. The jeep was simply too inconspicuous among them.

Thus, no one paid any attention to whose car it was at first.

Yvonne was walking toward the hall. She had only taken a couple of steps when she suddenly heard someone calling out to her, "Ms. Smith!"

She looked back and saw Rachel walking over with Miranda.

Rachel said something to Miranda. Then, she left her side and came toward her. As soon as she approached, she touched her gown and remarked with a smile, "So, you were the one who borrowed this gown! You look so good in it! You'll definitely outshine everyone at the party tonight!"

Her voice was rather loud, causing everyone around them to look over.

Yvonne was a little displeased.

The Smiths were particular about low-key luxury and disliked such ostentatious behavior in public the most. She preferred private discussions, so Rachel had gone a little too far by saying that to her in person.

She said, "I just chose it casually. Your gown is also very beautiful, Ms. Wood!"

Rachel, who knew what she was like, made nothing of the comment. She said, "You don't have to be so modest! No one is blind here. Besides, this dress is also very well-known in the circle. With the exception of the Blue Enchantress, there's probably no other dress that can compare to this one!"

Yvonne lowered her gaze. She smiled and said, "Let's go in."


Rachel grabbed her arm with a smile and said, "I just saw the Andersons' car. If you wait here for a while, they'll definitely come. When the two of you stand together, anyone who isn't blind will be able to see who the prettier one is! You can also let Mr. Hunt see for himself that he has picked the wrong person!"

Yvonne was a little taken aback at her words. "Is Nora Smith not good-looking?"

Rachel hesitated.

Nora's fair and flawless countenance, large and beautiful almond-shaped eyes, as well as her small palm-sized face that seemed even more beautiful than a celebrity's, appeared in her mind.

She coughed and replied guiltily, "She's passable, I guess, but the way she carries herself is kinda subpar. She's usually in jeans and t-shirts, and looks really sloppy. That also goes for the way she walks because she doesn't lift her feet when she walks. My mom has always taught me that I mustn't drag my feet when I walk. The way she wears her shoes is as if she's wearing slippers. It's really ugly!"

The more Rachel said, the more convinced she was by herself. She said, "Have you ever seen people from the countryside that come to the cities to study? She carries herself exactly like those hillbillies! She doesn't have an elegant disposition or strong aura around her at all. So what even if she's a little good-looking? Is there anyone in families like ours who only cares about how pretty one's face is?"

A few people nearby came toward them while she was talking. Upon hearing what she said, they asked in surprise, "Who are you talking about?"

Rachel smiled and replied, "It's Nora Smith! You know, the one from the Andersons… By the way, the live-stream about her caused quite the uproar the other time. Did you guys see it? To think they talked about their household affairs in public… Seems like they don't care about embarrassing themselves at all!"

"Oh, are you talking about the same Nora Smith whose father turned out fake after kicking up all that fuss?"

"Yeah. Speaking of this, my family doesn't really understand, either. For people like them, you can just get rid of them by giving them some money, and the matter will be resolved. Why make such a fuss in public together with them? Even though they clarified everything in public in the end, wasn't it embarrassing for the Andersons all the same? Even though her adoptive father is indeed a problematic man and is too greedy, it's true that her mother had also gotten herself pregnant before marriage…"

"Did you know? I heard that her mother was a famous socialite in New York back then… The wives of the wealthy hated her the most. She was especially beautiful and also very skilled at seducing men, so she was involved with almost every young man among the wealthy families at that time. She was the public enemy of all the wealthy ladies in New York back then!"


Rachel felt very smug at the sight of how everyone's comments were becoming more and more ridiculous. She said, "Yes, that's the one!"

"Is she also attending the party? Is she using the invitation to the Andersons to attend? The Andersons are already down-and-out! Yet she's still coming… She sure thinks really highly of herself!"

"Hey, let's ignore her later, okay?"

"I don't want to talk to someone like that!"


The few young wealthy ladies who got along well simply spared no effort to badmouth and gossip about other people once they came together.

Yvonne's lips slowly curled into a smile as she listened to them.

The group of girls chatted noisily as they stood at the door. After talking about Nora, they shifted the topic back to Yvonne's gown and paid her a great deal of compliments.

"So what even if her mother had been a very glorious existence back then? In the end, she still married someone in a small town instead. How could she possibly compare to the Hunts or the Smiths…? Just look at how gorgeous and expensive Ms. Smith's gown is when she's just attending a party… No matter how impressive her mother was, can she find her a better gown?"

"Exactly. No matter how amazing her mother was, it's not like she passed it down to her, right? Otherwise, why didn't she find a boyfriend like Mr. Hunt?"

"Ms. Smith and Mr. Hunt are a match made in heaven! When are the two of you getting engaged, Ms. Smith?"

Everyone in the wealthy circle had already heard the rumors that the Smiths and the Hunts were planning a political marriage. They'd originally thought that the two of them would get engaged when they were eighteen, but unexpectedly, nothing had been set in stone yet even after so long.

Although Justin had an illegitimate child, he didn't get married during all these years, nor was there any news of the child's biological mother. Yvonne didn't get married, either, so everyone thought that both parties were still waiting for a suitable opportunity.

Yvonne, however, lowered her gaze at the question and said nothing.

Irritability welled up in her.

They were simply too gossipy, and were practically rubbing her nose in it!

Rachel, who noticed Yvonne's annoyance, interrupted them with a smile. She said, "The Hunts and the Smiths' affairs aren't something that you guys should be asking about. After all, that's a union between two big families… Let's not ask any more! I just saw the Andersons' car arrive. My cousin and Nora Smith will be coming over in a while. I'll point her out to you guys later!"

"Yeah, okay!"

"I also wanna see just how beautiful this daughter of the 'public enemy of all the wealthy wives of New York' can be!"

"Even now, my mother still gnashes her teeth in fury whenever she talks about Yvette Anderson. She says that my father had a crush on Yvette Anderson back then, and that Yvette Anderson was his unattainable dream…"

While they were chatting noisily, Rachel looked into the distance and said, "They're coming!"

Everyone followed her gaze and looked over.

The woman walking in the forefront was wearing a pink dress. Her shoulder-length bob made her look very youthful and peppy. She was walking over arm in arm with a middle-aged woman wearing a gown full of classical charm.

Sheril was obsessed with the laboratory, so she rarely attended parties.

Young women who didn't usually dance wouldn't attend the dance party the other time, so someone had mistaken her for Nora. She looked at Sheril and said, "Is she the one in the pink dress? Although she looks pretty cute, she doesn't look that astounding. Besides, her dress is so meh~"

But as soon as she said that, Sheril suddenly turned around, revealing the woman behind her…