She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 266 - The Birthday Party!

Chapter 266 - The Birthday Party!

Chapter 266 - The Birthday Party!

Time flew. In the blink of an eye, it was time for Mrs. Hunt's birthday party.

The Hunt manor's gates were wide open. All sorts of things were being delivered to the manor even before dawn. All the servants were terribly busy, and the entire manor was up to their ears in work.

It had been a very long time since the Hunts last held such a big party, so everyone was busy at work.

Even Chester, the game addict, had been dragged back home as an extra pair of hands. He stood there and directed everyone in the kitchen in their work. He happened to see Justin walking out with Cherry when he turned. He went after them at once and asked, "Where are you going, Justin?"

Justin glanced at him, the beauty mark at the corner of his eye gleaming with a chilly shine. "Do I have to report my itinerary to you?"

Chester shrank back. "Of course not."

He looked at Cherry curiously. "Where are you guys going, Pete?"

"To Mommy's!" Cherry replied.

Chester looked at the two boxes in Justin's hands. "What are you guys delivering?"

"A dress, of course!"

Chester: "?"

Had the Andersons become so poor that they couldn't even afford a dress for Nora?


Elsewhere, Yvonne looked at herself in the mirror.

Her blue gown set off her porcelain-like skin, making her look very beautiful.

When she came down the stairs, Warren complimented her. "You look great today, Yvonne!"

Yvonne smiled at him but said nothing.

Warren went over to her and said, "How is it? I've already asked around for you—Justin is wearing blue today, so you two can wear matching outfits now!"

At the mention of blue outfits, Yvonne hesitated for a while and then said, "I heard that Gucci has an haute couture handmade gown called the Blue Enchantress. It's a finished product made by a famous designer. That gown…"

Warren waved and said, "Tsk, I've already been there to borrow the gown, but they didn't give it to me. A gown like that is the brand's signature item and a treasure; there's no way they'll lend it to anyone. The blue gown that you're wearing is also very famous. It only loses out to that one by a little."

Yvonne uttered an "oh".

Wasn't it all because Warren's status wasn't high enough that he hadn't managed to borrow it? Had Joel been the one to ask, they would definitely have lent it to her. What a shame!

"Where's Joel?" she asked.

Warren shook his head. "I don't know, he only told us to set off from home. Seems like he's visiting Uncle Ian before he goes over."

It was only when he mentioned Ian, that Yvonne suddenly realized that because of the party, it had been quite a few days since she went to the hospital to visit him, so she didn't know how her father was doing.

Brandon took after Warren, and both of them were very simple-minded and innocent. Therefore, Warren didn't notice her displeasure. He and Yvonne stopped talking when they reached the cars, and they got into their respective cars.

As soon as he got in the car, Warren's wife remarked, "Why do I feel like Yvonne isn't very happy that you didn't manage to borrow the Blue Enchantress for her?"

Warren waved at once. "Surely not?"

His wife said with displeasure, "I don't think she would do that, either. You can't even bear to let me wear that dress she's wearing, so what does she have to be dissatisfied with when you've already given it to her? There isn't any girl in New York who has more prestige than her right now!"

Warren laughed at his wife's words. "Are you jealous?"

Was there any way she wouldn't be?

But her husband's entire family was so protective of their little sister that she couldn't say that, either.

Warren's wife smiled and said nothing. Her eyes, however, flickered a little. To be honest, she had actually asked the brand about the Blue Enchantress—they had already loaned it out to someone.

She didn't need to tell her husband that, though.

Since his younger sister didn't know her boundaries and was always trying to one-up her sisters-in-law… Well, she wasn't someone that easy to mess with, either.


At the Andersons'.

"How about this?" Sheril offered Nora an haute couture gown that she had never worn before.

The party was held too hastily. It took at least a month for a brand to make an haute couture gown, so Nora hadn't ordered one but just casually bought a formal dress.

However, when Sheril came back, she insisted that it undermined her status, so she took out her own gown and offered it to her instead.

Nora waved. "No, it's fine. I'm really don't mind…"

Just as she was thinking about it, Melissa's voice traveled over from downstairs.

"Mr. Hunt?"

Nora raised her brows.

She went down the stairs to see Justin placing two small boxes on the sofa. He said, "I'm here to deliver a gown."

The man was wearing a black suit today. He also had a beautiful blue tie on, making him look even more dashing than usual.

Melissa nodded at once. "Is the gown for Nora? Quick, Nora, go upstairs and try it."

Nora: "…"

She went down but didn't pick up the gown. Instead, she said, "Does anyone give a gown as a gift? It's not like you know my measurements."

"Why wouldn't I?" Justin smiled and said, "I know all of Ms. Smith's measurements. After all, we're lovers, aren't we?"

Nora: "!!"

His words were too suggestive!

Sure enough, Melissa, who was next to them, covered her smile with her hand. She pretended not to hear them and instead urged, "Hurry up, go upstairs and try it!"

Nora was about to refuse when Cherry jumped out and said, "Mommy, I'm gonna wear a dress today! Ours are matching outfits~ Where's Pete? Let him go back with Daddy. I wanna be with Mommy, yeah!"

Matching outfits?

The rejection became stuck in her throat when she heard what Cherry said. She nodded and said, "Okay, then."

By the time Nora took Cherry's hand and went up the stairs, Pete had also gone downstairs and left with Justin.

In the living room, Simon stared blankly at the two children leaving. He looked at Melissa and asked, "Justin is Cherry's father? This… I still can't believe it. This feels like a dream."

In order to prevent the Andersons from being astonished when they saw the Hunts' little mister at the party, Nora had told them the truth the day before.

Melissa smiled and said, "Are you still in shock? I was so stunned when I saw Cherry at the Hunts' that day! I knew it, why would Cherry's personality fluctuate every once in a while? I even thought at one point that she was schizophrenic!"

Simon didn't speak.

After the few of them changed into formal attires, they went back downstairs. Melissa was startled when she saw the blue gown on Nora. She murmured, "That gown…"

"What's wrong?" asked Simon.

Melissa shook her head. "It just… looks a little familiar to the eye."


"Wow, the gown Ms. Smith is wearing today is so gorgeous! I didn't think that someone could make blue look so pure and innocent!"

"You don't get it, do you? Ms. Smith's gown was designed by the famous designer Campt! It's worth over $100,000!"

"I'm so envious of Ms. Smith. As the only daughter of the Smiths, her family treats her so much better than how the Hunts treat their daughters!"


Yvonne heard compliments from all around her the moment she got out of the car. An elegant smile formed on her face. She held her gown up a little and headed to the Hunts' party hall in her high heels.

She must be the focus of the crowd on all occasions—this was what she had learned from her experience over the years.

However, when she was about to reach the entrance, a big black jeep slowly drove into the manor.