She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 268 - Public Enemy

Chapter 268 - Public Enemy

Chapter 268 - Public Enemy

The woman was sashaying over in a pair of crystal high heels.

The blue gown on her set off her thin and slender waist, which looked as if one could hold her with just one hand.

Her straight hair, casually draped behind her, fluttered in the air along with her movements.

Beside her, a little girl wearing a small mask was also dressed in a similar blue princess dress. She bounced around while holding her hand.

They were an exquisite sight in the Hunts' manor!

The people waiting at the door were stunned, and all of them looked at them in disbelief.

The few women who were clamoring just a moment ago said in surprise:

"That dress… It's the Blue Enchantress!"

"Oh my god, who is she? Doesn't she walk too beautifully? Her movements are obviously so big when she twists and turns her hips as she walks, but how does she still make it look so charming? She's too gorgeous!"

"Which family is she from? Why is the kid she's holding wearing a silver mask? She's so cute! Is she her younger sister?"


Rachel was totally stunned while everyone was singing praises of Nora.

She stared at Nora incredulously, feeling like her eyes must be playing tricks on her. Was she actually that hillbilly and bumpkin of a woman who was always wearing jeans and white T-shirts, and walked as though she was still half-asleep?

Wasn't her gait a little too graceful?!

Even she found it difficult to go against her conscience and say she didn't look good!

All around them, every man's eyes were on her. It was obvious that Nora had become the center of attention!

When did such a big beauty appear in New York?!

That was the thought on everyone's minds.

Even Yvonne was a little stunned. However, because she knew Sheril, she didn't mistake her for anyone else. Instead, she stared at Nora in shock.

She had only heard her name prior to this, but she was the purported hillbilly that Rachel mentioned?

There was practically no need for any comparison! Even with the distance between the two of them, it was obvious who had won—or at least, that was the case in terms of what they were wearing!

She bit her lip in anger and glared at Rachel. For once, she couldn't hold herself back and she said, "So, that's the Nora Smith you were talking about?"

That one line from her was enough to enlighten everyone there.

All of them looked at Nora in unison. The same thought simultaneously formed in everyone's minds in this instant—if she looked anything like her mother, then it was no wonder that her mother was the public enemy of all the wealthy wives of New York back then!

Given her looks, which man would be able to resist her?

Especially with the way her hips twisted when she walked… Although she was doing it on purpose, it simply looked too beautiful!

However, Nora, who was 'twisting her hips on purpose', was actually complaining while she was walking at the moment. "What kind of shoes are these? Aren't they a little too slippery?"

Cherry supported her Mommy carefully to prevent her from tripping and falling down in public. Now, that would be a terrible sight. She piped up in her adorable voice, "Beauty comes at a price, Mommy!"

The crystal heels were a perfect match with the blue gown, but because crystal heels were a little more slippery than ordinary heels, Nora couldn't really walk very well in them. As a result, she could only twist and turn her hips from side to side as she walked!

Nora tried to put up with it, but in the end, she still bent over, intending to take off the heels and hold them instead. What kinda lousy shoes were these?! She wasn't gonna wear them anymore!

But as soon as she bent over, Sheril grabbed her hand. "There are so many eyes on you right now, Nora! You'd better not do anything unsightly! Otherwise, it'll be really embarrassing!"

Nora: "…"

She silently endured the heels for a while longer. In the end, she gritted her teeth and said to Cherry, "Get your father to prepare a normal pair of heels for me! Otherwise, I'm going to go around barefooted later!"

Cherry took out her cell phone at once. "Okay, Mommy! I'll contact Daddy right away!"

Just like that, they swaggered through the crowd and came to the entrance of the hall. They were about to enter the party hall after registering when they suddenly heard a shrill voice.

"Nora Smith!"

Nora and Sheril looked over to see Rachel staring at the former. She looked her gown up and down and demanded, "W-who borrowed that gown for you?"

Nora glanced at her coldly, disinterested in even speaking to her.

She scoffed and said nothing.

Sheril asked, "Oh, you've also come, Rachel? Shall we go in together?"

She didn't want anyone to know that Justin had borrowed it for them. Should the Hunts hear of it, they would surely look down on Nora!

As Nora's family, they must have pride!

Rachel completely ignored Sheril and stared only at Nora. "Say it, how did you manage to borrow that gown? With the Andersons' reputation, there's no way you can borrow it!"

In a brainless move, she then pointed to Yvonne and added, "Even Ms. Smith only managed to borrow that gown she's wearing, so why should you be able to borrow the Blue Enchantress?"

Nora raised her brows. "I went to the store to borrow it, I suppose?"

Rachel: "…"

Of course she knew that she had borrowed it from the store, but was that what she was asking about?

Before she could say anything else, Melissa had already registered at the gift reception table at the door. She said, "Alright, let's go in. Rachel, are you going in with us, or are you going to continue playing here? Or, shall I ask your father here to come over and bring you in?"

Regardless of what was going on at home, they were in public at the moment. Rachel kicking up a fuss like that was an utter embarrassment!

Rachel swallowed. "You guys can go in first, Aunt Melissa. I'm having fun here with Ms. Smith!"

Melissa nodded.

Nora, however, glanced at the 'Ms. Smith' Rachel had mentioned…

She was wearing a blue gown similar in color to the one she was wearing. Strictly speaking, their outfits had clashed with each other's. However, the Blue Enchantress' design was clearly a little more high-end.

She looked rather bright and charming, and she carried herself gracefully. She stood there quietly with a gentle smile.

Nora asked curiously, "Is she Ian Smith's daughter?"

She had once heard that although Ian stayed single his entire life, he had adopted a daughter.

So, she was Ian's adopted daughter?

As soon as the thought formed, Sheril leaned toward her and explained softly, "Yes, her name is Yvonne Smith."

Yv… onne… Smith…

Nora suddenly felt rather awkward when she heard the name.

To be honest, despite everything that had happened, for her mother to have a man who loved her that much, it seemed like that was enough for her whole life.

Sheril couldn't help but say, "Mr. Smith is a devoted man."

The two of them had already entered the hall while they were talking.

However, Yvonne had overheard their conversation.

She bit her lip hard. Then, she took a step forward, went to the gift registration room, and looked around. Sure enough, she saw that the Andersons had given pills as a gift.

As for what kind of pill it was, it was not specified.

But it definitely wasn't as good as the Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill she was giving.

Now that she had lost in terms of dressing, she mustn't lose in terms of gifts!

With that in mind, she looked at the person at the registration counter and asked, "What kind of medicine did the Andersons give?"