She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 263 - Drug Seller~

Chapter 263 - Drug Seller~

Chapter 263 - Drug Seller~

In the laboratory, Nora opened the alchemy furnace. Even though there was a door between them, a strong fragrance of medicine rushed over. It made people feel energized the moment they smelled it.

This fragrance…

He cleared his mind, sweeping away the fatigue he had felt after waiting for a few days. The old pharmacist had once smelled this scent. It was… Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill!

Back then, when Dr. Zabe had refined it, he had been present and had even helped him…

How could it be, though?!

Miss Smith's refinement process was completely different from Silvester Zabe's. Although the ingredients used were the same…

Sheril did not understand this, but when she saw her master saying that she had failed, her heart instantly ached. However, the first thing she wanted to do was to comfort Nora so that she would not feel guilty or sad.

Just as she was about to say something, she saw her master suddenly push open the door and rush in.

Sheril was shocked. She hurriedly followed behind and grabbed the old pharmacist. "Master, what are you doing?"

It was already sad enough that Nora had failed in her refinement. If Master said anything unpleasant, how would Nora endure it!

She then looked at her master's expression and saw that he was indeed agitated and unable to control himself. She immediately said, "Master, um, calm down. Calm down a little…"

The old pharmacist's lips trembled. "Move away. I can't calm down!"

He wanted to witness the birth of Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill!

However, Sheril did not give in. What if Master made a move? She could not let Master hit Nora! She coughed. "Master, although Nora has failed, it's not very uncommon. She might succeed next time!"

The old master: "There won't be a next time!"

Sheril knew that her master was furious. "Yes, yes, there won't be a next time. Our factory doesn't have 500-year-old ginseng anymore. Don't be angry…"

The old master was anxious. "That's not what I meant. Hurry up and move aside. Let me take a look. She succeeded in making a few!"

Sheril: "Master, you can't hit Nora. Let's just say the ginseng was wasted as my… what?"

Stunned, she turned around suddenly. "How many… How many did she succeed in making?"

The old master then pushed her away and rushed in front of Nora. They looked inside the alchemy furnace together…

Previously, Dr. Zabe had succeeded in making one. This time, the fragrance of Nora's medicine was so strong. There should be more successes, right?

At this thought, he looked into the furnace and froze. His eyes widened as he muttered in disbelief, "How could this be? How could this be…"

Sheril also rushed over. "Master, what's wrong? How many did she succeed in making? One? Two?"

The old master's lips trembled. "No, no…"


The old master's eyes were already in a daze.

The pills in the alchemy furnace were so dense that his eyes were blurry. He could not count them at all.

As he continued counting, he heard Nora's clear voice. "256."


The entire alchemy lab was silent.

After a while, Sheril said with a trembling voice, "They were all successfully refined?"

The old pharmacist also looked at Nora in a daze.

Nora looked at the two of them and raised her eyebrows. She smiled in amusement.

She continued to take the refined medicine out of the furnace at a moderate pace and placed it in a paper box she was carrying with her.

At this moment, she heard the old pharmacist roar, "You, stop!"

Nora: "?"

She paused for a moment. The old pharmacist's fingers trembled as he pointed at the ordinary paper box in her hand. "You… you're using this box to store the medicine?"

Nora raised her eyebrows. "What else would I use?"

The old master was furious when he saw her nonchalant look. "Just you wait!"

He ran out and quickly returned with two precious boxes. However, when he looked into the furnace, there were only half the pills left.

Nora hugged two paper boxes and said, "Leave this half to Harmonia Pharmacy. I'll take the rest."

With that, she waved at Sheril and the old master before leaving.

The old master: "…"

Can't she just find a nicer box?!

At the same time, Yvonne had personally arrived at the Zabes'.

Silvester Zabe was already old in age and could not get out of bed. He sat in the wheelchair and received her. "Miss Smith, may I help you?"

Yvonne smiled. "I came here to buy a medicine from you."

Silvester's wrinkles covered his original appearance, making him look unapproachable. His voice was terrifyingly old. "What medicine?"

"Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill."

Yvonne smiled. "I heard that you refined one, three years ago."

Silvester lowered his eyes. "Oh, I already used it at that moment."

Yvonne was stunned.

Silvester's son hurriedly explained beside him, "My father had a sudden stroke two years ago. When he was in a coma, we gave it to him."

Hearing his words, Yvonne sized up Silvester.

He was already very old and must be in his eighties, almost ninety. She'd seen people who'd had a sudden stroke at this age. Most of them had their heads tilted, their mouths drawn back in grins, and drool dripping from their mouths. They wouldn't live long.

However, Silvester was clear-headed. Besides being unable to move, he did not look like he had suffered a stroke at all.

Then Zabe Corporation's Calming Pills were indeed powerful!

She was even more determined to give Mrs. Hunt this medicine.

The Andersons must be thinking to give her precious medicine, but to Mrs. Hunt, no matter how good the medicine was, it could not compare to the Calming Pill.

Just think about it. If Nora gave her a box of Carefree Pill at the banquet, although everyone would be envious, if she could take out a Calming Pill, she would definitely be able to suppress Nora!

She smiled. "I'll pay a million dollars."

Silvester shook his head. "I don't have any pill."

His son smiled as well. "It's not about money. It's about the stock."

Yvonne was still smiling. "Two million dollars."


"Two million dollars."


Silvester's son gulped.

What kind of medicine could be sold for two million dollars? That was enough to buy one's life!

He looked at Silvester and said, "Dad!"

Silvester closed his eyes. "It's useless to ask me. My legs are no longer working well. Even if I have money, I can't make them anymore."

Silvester's son sighed, his family was in need of money lately. He begged, "Father!"

When Silvester saw his son like this, he felt that he had really owed him in his previous life. He could only say, "Ask my disciple."

The son's eyes immediately lit up and he said to Yvonne, "Wait a moment."

He took out Silvester's phone, found his disciple's number, and dialed it.