She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 264 - Marriage Of The Smiths And Hunts

Chapter 264 - Marriage Of The Smiths And Hunts

Chapter 264 - Marriage Of The Smiths And Hunts

The call was picked up quickly, and a clear female voice greeted him respectfully. "Teacher, is something the matter?"

Silvester's son knew that his father had a direct descendant, who was a woman, but he had never seen her before. However, the two of them had already spoken on the phone many times.

He coughed. "Sister, it's me."

"Oh… Is something wrong?"

Silvester's son said, "I have someone here who wants to buy Zabe's Calming Pills at a high price. Do you have time to help me refine one?"

The other party's voice was lazy. "Master wants to sell it?"

Silvester's son nodded. "Yes, the other party has offered two million dollars."

Nora was speechless.

Among the herbs needed to refine the Calming Pill, only the 500-year-old ginseng was more valuable. The rest added up to a few ten thousand dollars at most. That ginseng alone could be bought at an auction for one million.

Who was this retard, spending two million dollars to buy medicine?

She had completely forgotten that Silvester had only refined one pill in the past. If this matter were to spread, wouldn't the one pill be worth millions?

She yawned. "I just finished a batch. I'll give you one."

Silvester's son immediately said, "I'll split the money with you."

"No need." Nora originally wanted to say nothing, but she suddenly remembered that she had used the 500-year-old ginseng from Harmonia Pharmacy. She simply said, "Give me a 500-year-old ginseng!"

It indeed took such old ginseng to refine the Calming Pill.

His father had only managed to refine one pill.

If he gave her only one, what if she failed?

Therefore, he immediately said, "Alright, I'll give you two!"


Nora said, "I'll get someone to send it to you later."

"No problem."

At this moment, Nora was on the way back to the Andersons. After receiving the call, she called Sheril and told her Dr. Zabe's address, and also the reward for the pills.

When Sheril's master heard this, he volunteered to deliver the medicine without hesitation.

Before leaving, he was still mumbling, "I wonder how much a pill can be sold for. Our 500-year-old ginseng was really precious…"

Sheril smiled. "You'll know when you get there."

An hour later.

A pill wrapped in foil and placed in an exquisite iron box was sent to Silvester's house.

The old master was aged and strictly devoted to the Andersons' pharmaceutical factory, so not many people knew him.

Yvonne took a glance and mistook him for Dr. Zabe's direct disciple.

Silvester's son took the pills and handed the old master a box. "This is the agreed-upon fee."

The old master took it and turned to leave.

After leaving Silvester's house, the old master opened the box. "Such good medicine. I wonder what the cost is…"

Just as he was thinking, he saw two 500-year-old ginseng lying quietly in the box. One of them looked even better than the one Nora had used!

The old master was speechless.

His hands trembled as he carefully hugged the box. At the same time, he muttered in his heart, "Oh my God, I really made a killing this time! I picked up a treasure!"

In the hospital.

After buying the medicine, Yvonne returned to the Smiths.

During dinner, Ian was still hospitalized and did not go home. However, the monthly family dinner continued as usual. 15 to 16 people gathered at a round table.

Quentin was a secret figure in the Smiths. Very few people in the family knew him, so he had never participated in such family gatherings.

Joel hugged Mia and fed her patiently.

When Yvonne saw this, she smiled. "Joel, Mia is too thin. She should eat more."

Mia's arms and legs were thin. She immediately said, "I know how to eat a lot!"

With that, she continued eating.

Joel caressed her head.

Brandon was very dishonest when he ate. He sat beside Mia and kicked her from under the table a few times, and then accidentally turned over a cup.

Brandon's father, Warren, could not help but scold him. The family at the table was harmonious.

Suddenly, Warren said, "Why is Mrs. Hunt suddenly hosting such a grand banquet?"

The moment he said this, everyone at the table looked at Joel.

Joel said calmly, "I haven't heard."

Everyone was relieved.

Warren smiled. "Then let's go. By the way, Yvonne, have you prepared a gift?"

Yvonne smiled. "Yes, I have."

Warren nodded. "Yes. I think this banquet might have been arranged to let you and Justin meet again. Wasn't it just to matchmake the two of you many years ago?"

Yvonne lowered her head with her face red. "Warren, we're eating. Stop talking."

Warren laughed. "Haha, are you still shy? Yvonne, what's wrong with that? Although you're not a biological daughter, we grew up together and everyone treats you as their real sister! You don't have to be afraid. Although the Hunts faintly surpass the Smiths by a little, this is also the reason why Joel didn't compete. Our families are already on equal footing! Besides, Justin has a son. As the only daughter of the Smiths, you're not unworthy of him at all! Don't feel inferior!"

Yvonne was speechless.

He was really rubbing salt into her wound.

Was it appropriate to say such things in public?!

However, she did not dare to lose her temper. She smiled and nodded. "Yes."

Warren asked again, "Have you prepared a gift?"

Yvonne smiled. "Yes."

Warren asked curiously, "What is it? This gift must be presentable! If our families are to be united through marriage, we must be on par."

Yvonne nodded. "I've prepared a Calming Pill."

Warren frowned instantly. "Can a simple pill be presented as a gift? Isn't it common on the streets?"

The others looked at Yvonne.

Being looked at by so many people, Yvonne took a sip of the soup and smiled. "It's the Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill."

Warren was stunned by her words. "Oh my god, you actually bought the Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill? This gift is really enough!"

The others also praised, "Yvonne is indeed worthy of being raised by Uncle Ian. Her taste is really different! This gift is superb! No amount of treasures can compare to this kind intentions!"

Yvonne smiled and did not speak. She looked carefully at Joel, only to see him frowning and looking at her.

For some reason, her heart skipped a beat. She carefully asked, "Joel, is my gift not appropriate?"

Joel retracted his gaze and said calmly, "It's okay."

Yvonne sighed in relief, but she heard him say, "But it seems like Justin already has a girlfriend."

Warren was stunned to hear this. "He has a girlfriend? How can he have a girlfriend? Didn't we agree on a political marriage?"

Joel smiled.. "It can be considered a political marriage."