She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 262 - Medicine Success

Chapter 262 - Medicine Success

Chapter 262 - Medicine Success

Mrs. Lewis was not angry when she saw Rachel interrupting. She continued to smile, and answered, "It's the daughter of the Andersons, Nora."

Rachel: "??"

Her eyes narrowed as she shouted, "Impossible!"

Her intense reaction covered Yvonne's clenched fists. Mrs. Lewis looked at her in confusion. "What's wrong?"

What could they do?

Yvonne seemed to have thought of something and said with a calm expression, "This is the person you were talking about earlier, the one who stole the limelight at the ball, right?"

Rachel: "??"

She felt as if she had been slapped hard as her cheeks heated up.

They had just said that even if she was in the limelight, no one wanted her. Even now, no one had come to propose marriage. But how did she suddenly find such a powerful boyfriend?


Mrs. Lewis was stunned. "What do you mean?"

Obviously, she did not know.

Yvonne didn't want to leave an impression of her saying bad things behind her back, so she smiled helplessly. "It's nothing. I'm just saying that this lady danced well."

After hearing the praise for Nora, Rachel was indeed angered. "What? Miss Smith, even if you don't talk about her behind her back, you can't leave such a wrong impression on the Hunts. Mrs. Lewis, let me tell you. Nora is someone who hates marriage! After she was picked up by the Andersons from a small place, she found an opportunity to sneak into this year's ball. Did you know? In order to show off her dancing skills and surprise everyone, she even danced men's steps! Everyone knows about this! She's simply trying her best to be in the limelight. She's doing this so that she can quickly find a man to marry! Did you misunderstand something? How can Mr. Hunt like someone like her?"

Mrs. Lewis did not expect to hear such words. She immediately said excitedly, "Is that so? Miss Wood, hurry up and tell me the details…"

Rachel began to add fuel to the fire. She told them what had happened that day, omitting her coercion and Sheril's grievances, of course. She created an image of a woman who loved to show off.

Hearing those words, Yvonne slowly picked up her coffee cup and drank with a faint smile.

After Rachel finished speaking, she said, "Alright, Miss Wood. Don't talk about others behind their backs."

Rachel pouted.

Mrs. Lewis seemed to be in deep thought. She did not expect this to happen. Therefore, words like Mr. Hunt had yet to win over Nora, and that Miss Smith didn't take a liking to Mr. Hunt, were all fake! Nora was indeed playing hard to get!

Why did the smart Sir fall for her!

Mrs. Lewis was a little anxious. She had to hurry back and tell this news to her mother-in-law before she told Mrs. Hunt.

However, no matter how anxious she was, she did not forget her mission today. After smiling at Rachel, she looked at Yvonne. "Miss Smith, my mother-in-law asked me to tell you to treasure the opportunity at the birthday banquet."

Her words made Yvonne blush.

She lowered her head and said awkwardly, "But didn't you say earlier that Mr. Hunt already has a girlfriend…"

The Hunts and the Smiths were both interested in a marriage alliance. After all, although the Smiths and the Hunts had competed in the past, the times were different now. A marriage alliance obviously had more benefits.

This was also one of the important reasons why Ian had adopted Yvonne.

The elders of the two families had tacitly agreed.

When Mrs. Lewis heard this, she patted Yvonne's hand. "Sigh, their relationship isn't confirmed yet. Who in New York knows about it? Besides, she's just a girlfriend now… You should prepare yourself properly! This is a rare opportunity. Besides, even if it's not Sir, you should find someone…"

Although there was a ball every year in New York, it was always a gathering of youngsters.

This time, Mrs. Hunt was suddenly holding a big birthday party. The elders of each family would definitely be attending as well. It was the largest party in recent years.

If she could shine at this banquet, she would definitely amaze everyone.

Yvonne lowered her head, her ears turning red. In the end, she nodded.

After Mrs. Lewis left, Rachel leaned over to Yvonne. "Miss Smith, is this the Hunts' intention?"

Yvonne smiled without saying anything.

Rachel immediately shook her arm. "You must work hard. You must not let that Nora really become Mrs. Hunt! Her family background is so bad. How can she compare to you? You're the eldest daughter of the Smiths!"

Yvonne sighed. "I'm not the real Eldest Miss."

"So what?"

Rachel's tone was very aggressive. "Look at New York, who dares to say that you're not the real eldest daughter? Besides, who in the Smiths dares to slight you?"

Yvonne's long eyelashes concealed the coldness in her eyes.

Slight her?

Wasn't she doing exactly that right now?!

If she was the real eldest daughter of the Smiths, why would she interact with people like Rachel?!

However, Yvonne did not say that.

She smiled and asked, "But what can I do?"

Rachel immediately said, "Of course you can impress them with your gift! Other than performing on the talent show, you have to bring out a valuable gift and shock the entire audience!"

She gritted her teeth and said, "The most important thing is that you must beat Nora! Although she has the same surname as you, how is she worthy of the surname Smith? In the end, she's just a niece of the Andersons! Even if she's the eldest daughter of the Andersons, she's just a drug seller! Miss Smith, you must think of a good gift…"

The drug seller…

Yvonne's eyes flashed. "What's good or bad? Whether it's valuable or not isn't important. I'm just worried about Mrs. Hunt's health. I heard that she just underwent an operation on her head a while ago… I'll get my brother to help me find some suitable medicine."

The only thing the Andersons could offer was medicine.

However, the medicine that the Smiths had found was definitely exceptionally good.

When the two compete, the difference in strength would be obvious.


Two days later.

In the laboratory of the Andersons' pharmaceutical factory.

Sheril and her master had been here for two days. For the past two days, the woman in the laboratory had not slept a minute.

During this time, other than Sheril sending in some food, Nora never left the laboratory.


Suddenly, there was a loud sound in the laboratory.

Both of them immediately stood up and looked in through the glass window. They saw white smoke coming out of the alchemy furnace.

Master stomped his feet. "Oh no! She failed!"

Sheril was stunned. "What?"

Master said, "Back then, I saw Dr. Zabe make medicine. At the moment Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill was formed, it emitted black smoke! The white smoke must mean failure!"

He was heartbroken. "You two prodigals! My 500-year-old ginseng! It's really wasted!"

However, just as he finished speaking, he saw…