She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 261 - Mr. Hunt's Girlfriend

Chapter 261 - Mr. Hunt's Girlfriend

Chapter 261 - Mr. Hunt's Girlfriend

Sheril thought about it very clearly. Last time, Nora had helped her slap Rachel's face at the ball. She had to protect her no matter what.

When her master heard this, his expression changed. "You, how can you be so stubborn?!"

He was old, so what was the use even if he had the right to speak at the refining factory? All of his concern was only the Andersons.

Those words earlier were just to make Sheril hesitate, but this girl did not hesitate at all. She was too disappointing!

He reached out in anger, about to say something, but he coughed violently.

Sheril hurriedly took a step forward and held his arm. "Master, I know you despise me for being your superior. If you want the power to speak, I'll return it to you!"

Her master said with heartache, "Why do I need the right to speak? How many years can I stay in the pharmaceutical factory? I should have retired long ago!"

When Sheril heard this, she realized that she had misunderstood her master. Her heart ached even more. "Master, I'm sorry…"

The old pharmacist pounded his chest. "Sheril, you're too naive. Do you think my heart really aches for the 500-year-old ginseng? My heart aches for the Andersons' foundation!"

"Our pharmaceutical factory can work with confidence if this ginseng stays here! You, you guys are such a waste!"

The old pharmacist stomped his feet in anger.

Sheril's eyes turned red as well. "Master, Sister Nora's Carefree Pill can be considered as saving Carefree Pill's life. Even if we lose this ginseng, we'll look for more. In the future, if we have money, we can buy it at a high price at the auction."

When the old pharmacist saw that she was still stubbornly protecting Nora, he instantly waved his hand in anger. "Alright, alright. I'll sit here and see how she wastes the ginseng!"

Sheril looked at his pained expression and sighed.

She knew that some things were very important to the elders. Those concepts had already been ingrained in her bones and could not be changed.

She sighed and sat beside the old pharmacist. "I'll watch with you…"

In the laboratory, Nora did not know about the argument outside. At this moment, she was looking at the medicine. Actually, when she was overseas, it was a little difficult to refine pills. After all, there were fewer traditional medicines available overseas.

She held the 500-year-old ginseng and sighed silently.

This ginseng was too small.

If she had known earlier, she would have gone to her master, Dr. Zabe, to get some more ginseng. As an imperial physician, Dr. Zabe did not have many other things, but he still had some ginseng.

She shook her head slightly and cut the ginseng into pieces.

When they saw her cut it off so casually, Sheril and the old pharmacist outside felt their hearts ache.

The old pharmacist nagged. "Look, how is she cutting the ginseng? It's too wasteful, too wasteful! Sheril, go in and see if you can pick up some ginseng roots. They're still useful!"

Sheril: "…"

At the Smiths.

Ian was still staying in the VIP ward of the hospital. He had already been transferred out of the ICU and was not worried about his life for the time being.

At home, his adopted daughter, Yvonne, who was also the only girl in the Smiths' generation, was playing the violin. After the song ended, Rachel, who was standing beside her, instantly applauded. "Miss Smith's piano skills are really getting better and better!"

Ever since Miranda's maiden family had almost gone bankrupt, her status in the Woods had been even lower. This led to her constantly being reprimanded by her father at home. Furthermore, she was always forced to go to the Andersons and learn from her aunt, Melissa.

But how could she possibly go over there? Therefore, she could only run toward the Smiths now.

Yvonne was a famous daughter of a wealthy family in New York. She was talented, and when she was with Yvonne, her father would not scold her even if he found out.

When Yvonne heard her words, she lowered her eyes and smiled. "Did you fight with your father again?"

Rachel pursed her lips. "Yeah. He keeps criticizing me for everything. He wants me to change this and that. Isn't it because he thinks Sheril is too good? How can Auntie's daughter be better than me? No matter how strong she is, she's only working in the Andersons' pharmaceutical factory. She doesn't behave like a girl at all!"

Yvonne tidied her long hair and smiled. "Fathers love their daughters the most. Can't you just wheedle your way?"

However, Rachel pursed her lips. "That's someone else. I seriously suspect that I'm not my father's biological child. Otherwise, why would he be so strict with me? How can my biological father always pick on me!"

The words "biological" pierced Yvonne's heart like a needle.

She lowered her eyes to hide her displeasure. She still had a friendly smile on her face as a light flashed across her eyes. Suddenly, she said, "Stop talking nonsense. By the way, I heard that the last dance was not very enjoyable?"

At the mention of the dance, Rachel instantly became furious. "Isn't it because of that country bumpkin who came back from the countryside? I didn't expect her to dance well, but unfortunately, no one has come to propose marriage to her yet. Did you know? Her mother fooled around outside and was pregnant before she was even married. She made such a big scene just to attract attention and find a good family. But how could they possibly like her?"

She was about to continue when the butler walked in. "Miss Smith, the Levins are here."

The Levins?

While Rachel was in a daze, Yvonne had already stood up with a smile. "Please come in."

Then, a middle-aged woman in her forties walked in.

She looked ordinary. Her face was fair and tender, and she was chubby. When she smiled, she looked very likable.

Rachel asked, "This is?"

Yvonne explained, "Her mother-in-law is Mrs. Hunt's current housekeeper, Mdm. Lea."

The most famous people in the Hunts, apart from Justin and a few members of the main family, were the Hunts' internal and external butlers.

The butlers of such families were raised with them from a young age. They were very loyal and reliable.

Now, Mdm. Lea's family was also working in a company under Hunt Corporation and was treated very well.

But why was Mdm. Lea's daughter-in-law, whom everyone called Mrs. Lewis, at the Smiths?

While Rachel was in a daze, that person had already walked over. "Miss Smith, I just came over for a little chat today. Please excuse my intrusion."

With that, Mrs. Lewis sized Yvonne up.

Yvonne sat up straight and placed her hands casually on her lap. She looked like a daughter of a wealthy family and was very appropriate. Mrs. Lewis praised her in her heart and said jokingly, "By the way, my mother-in-law said that she heard a joke at home a few days ago. Our Mr. Hunt actually found a girlfriend outside…"

Yvonne's expression froze at those words, but her expression remained calm.

Rachel was stunned. "Who is it?"

Was there really a woman in New York that Justin liked? Did she know her?